ULINE S-17128 Siphon Drum Pump User Guide
ULINE S-17128 Siphon Drum Pump

Assembly Instructions

  • Assembly Instructions
    1 Vent Cap 1
    2 Handle 1
    3 Bellows 1
    4 Storage Clip 1
    5 Discharge Tube 1
    6 Suction Tube 1

General Safety

WARNING! It is the responsibility of the user to operate the pump in conformance with OSHA rules for dispensing liquids. Failure to follow all warnings and general safety information can result in a fatality, personal injury and/or property damage!

  1. Never pump flammable or explosive chemicals.
  2. Never pump hot liquids.
  3. Wear safety glasses at all times when working with pumps.
  4. Wear a face shield, proper apparel, and respiratory protective equipment when pumping hazardous chemicals as set forth in the United States OSHA Safety Data Sheet.
  5. Neutralize and/or clean up spills immediately.
  6. Rinse thoroughly after use.


Warning Icon WARNING! In order to properly use this product, familiarize yourself with the pump and liquid to be siphoned. Not suitable for all liquids.

  1. Prior to use read operating instructions
  2. Determine the depth of the container in which pump is to be inserted. If the length of suction tube is greater than container depth, cut tube at a 30° angle to fit container. Use caution when cutting tube.


  1. Close vent cap at top of pump.
    Note Icon NOTE: Pump will not siphon with cap not fully tightened to handle.
  2. Place suction tube in container from which liquid is to be siphoned.
  3. Place discharge tube in container into which liquid is to be transferred.
  4. Grip handle and operate bellows with up and down motion until liquid flows continuously.
  5. Liquid flow will be automatically maintained by gravity through discharge tube when the liquid level at discharge is lower then the liquid level in pail.
  6. When siphon action stops or slows due to low liquid level in drum, elevate the drum, or operate hand grip to manually maintain flow. When discharging thick liquids you may need to operate hand grip to speed up discharge of liquid.
  7. To stop liquid flow: open vent cap at top of pump.
  8. To resume flow: Close cap, grip handle and operate bellows with up and down motion until liquid flows continuously.
  9. When finished pumping, place discharge tube in storage clip to prevent liquids from dripping.
  10. If pump is removed from drum, rinse thoroughly in liquid compatible with both the pump and fluid.
    Note Icon NOTE: For any questions about chemical compatibility, contact your chemical supplier.


Flow rate per stroke 7 GPM
Inlet 3/4″ OD
Outlet 3/4″ OD
Bung Adapter 2″ PE
Suction Tube (Length & Material) 34″ PE
Packing Gland PE
Wetted Parts PE
Viscosity 90 cps
Max. Temp. 140°

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S-17128, Siphon Drum Pump

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