ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs


  1. Fully engage end hooks so that a secure tie-down point rests against the base (Bearing Point) of the hook.
    Never load the tip of the hook.
    ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - HAND NOTENOTE: Handle must always be in line with the direction of pull to achieve Working Load Limit. (See Figure 1)
    ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - FIG1
  2. Insert the free end of the strap through the mandrel slot in the ratchet and pull through until the strap is snug around the load. (See Figure 2)
    ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - FIG2.
  3. If the handle is closed and locked, pull on the Lock Release Handle to disengage. (See Figure 3)
    Then tighten the strap by pumping the handle until the strap is tight. (See Figure 4)
    ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - HAND NOTENOTE: A minimum of two wraps of webbing around the mandrel is required
    ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - FIG3 ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - FIG4
  4. Lock ratchet assembly by pulling on the Lock Release Handle and pushing the main handle until fully closed.
  5. To release tension or remove tiedown, pull on Lock Release Handle and rotate main handle 180° to lock in the open position.
    The mandrel will be free to turn and release webbing. (See Figure 5)
    ULINE Ratchet Tie-Downs - FIG6

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