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Setup instructions for Ubibot Remote Data Logger
The unit comes with instruction however here is a quick rundown of what is involved:

  1. A mobile phone sim card is required for the unit to work outside of a wifi network and is the best option for stand-alone usability. Not much data is required so any prepaid sim card with 1gb per month or even less is fine. There are plenty for around $15 per month or $120 per year eg Aldi, Catch, Coles, Woolworths.
  2. Activate the card using a mobile phone and then insert it into the Ubibot device
  3. Create an account here https://www.ubibot.com/big-data-platform/
  4. Download the Ubibot app on your smart device
  5. Login to the app on your smart device
  6. Turn on the ubibot device and follow the instructions on the app to add the device to your account
  7. Hold the menu button until a voice says “setup active”
  8. Voice says “Data synchronizing”
  9. Voice says “Setup completed”

You can then place the unit on a job, both the unit and the external sensor will take readings, you could place the unit away from equipment and the external sensor near the output of a dehumidifier, Drymatic II, under a Drymatic mat or outside the chamber.

Documents / Resources

UBIBOT GS1-AL4G1RS Wireless Environmental Sensing Solution Kit [pdf] Instructions
GS1-AL4G1RS, Wireless Environmental Sensing Solution Kit, GS1-AL4G1RS Wireless Environmental Sensing Solution Kit, Environmental Sensing Solution Kit, Sensing Solution Kit

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