Tzumi Sound Mates User Manual [BE4001]



Wireless Stereo Earbuds In-Ear Design

To CONNECT-Note San: Males are pre-paired to each other.
FIRST – Choose he PRIMARY SOUNDMATE you would Like to use answer/End Calls.

SECOND – Pruss and hold the power button on the PRIMARY SOUNDMATE to enter Bluetooth paring mode. You will then hear Power ON To pair to device select TZUMI Sound Mate In the Device List displayed.

THIRD – Power on he second ,SOUNOMATE until and enjoy!

Ear Bud Function

EAR Bud Function

These are the Function of your Chosen Primary SOUNDMATE.


Paring Instruction

Make sure he Bluetooth function Is available on your cell phone Specific pairing procedures will be different depending on different cell phone For detailed Information please refer In your cell phone’s User Guide

if no device connection Is made within 5 minutes of he earbuds being s Withed on he earbuds will hallucinatory be switched off In save power After glassful pairing device S will memorize each. Therefore. no pairing will be needed next Time.

1. Keep the distance between the cell phone and TZUMI SOULMATES within 3 feet I for Paring only.

2. Choose he PRIMARY SOLINDMATE you would Like to use to answer/end cols Press and hold the multiplication button until you me ?owe On prompt.

Active Bluetooth



FCC Warning
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

NOTE 1: Any changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the
user’s authority to operate the equipment.

NOTE 2: The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device can be used in portable exposure condition without restriction.

Questions about your Tzumi Sound Mates? Post in the comments!
User-Manual-3871779 [PDF]

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  1. My right earbud won’t turn on but when I put it in the case, the light turns on as if it were charging which it is. Soon as I take the right earbud out of the charging case then the light disappears and won’t come back on until the earbud are back in the case. The left earbud is working fine. I’ve done everything I can think of also looking online and using every strategy/trick even from other brands I’ll would still try to revive the right side earbud but nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zhit. If you guys are able to create this devices then it shouldn’t be that more of difficulties to get one back to working if it no longer does. Thank you guys for your time I hope to be HEARING from you soon

  2. my right earphone does not turn on … it was working fine i turned it on … i pressed the power button for a long time it immediately told me off … and since then i can’t turn it on again
    mi auricular derecho no enciende … estaba trabajando bien lo encendi …. presione mucho tiempo el boton de encendido inmediatamente me dijo apagado …. y desde entonces no lo puedo volver a encender

  3. My both earbuds are not charging. What can I do about this? Is there anywhere I can send them for repair?

  4. Both my ear buds are working and charging grand. Right is perfect working fulltime but the left one only stays on for about a minute then turns itself off every time. What can I do or is a dud?

  5. My right earphone does not turn on and when I put it on the charger the left one does not turn on either, if it works, you can help
    Mi auricular derecho no prende y cuando lo meto al cargador no prende tampoco el izquierdo si funciona me pueden ayudar

  6. My right earbud works great however my left will not pair or stay on. How do I get this fixed. Would like to have both working.

    1. My soundmates that I purchased from Home Depot will not pair together please help.. Watched YouTube videos of pairing process and no success..

  7. My right earbud won’t turn on, but when I put it in the case, the red light comes on like it’s charging.
    When I take the right earbud out of the charging case, the light disappears and does not come on either by pressing, nor by pressing permanently, until the earbud is back in the case.

    Mi auricular derecho no se enciende, pero cuando lo pongo en el estuche, la luz roja se enciende como si se estuviera cargando.
    Cuando saco el auricular derecho del estuche de carga, la luz desaparece y no se enciende ni al presionar, ni con presionar permanentemente, hasta que el auricular vuelva a estar en el estuche.

  8. my left ear bud works really nicely but the right one is stuck on charging mode in and out of the case the red light is staying on and i dont know how to fix it

  9. I bought a tzumi audio pack, I have two Samsung cell phones, if one pair connects to one cell phone the other pair does not work on the second cell phone, but listen to everything that rings on the other. they are not supposed to be individual and with individual maskaddress.
    compre un pack de audio tzumi, tengo dos celulares Samsung, si un par se conecta a un celular el otro par no funciona en el segundo celular, pero escucha todo los que suena en el otro. no se supone que son individual y con maskaddress individual.

  10. My earbuds won’t pair with my phone anymore. Three days ago it did, but now it won’t. I’ve restarted my phone and turned it off and on again. Nothing. How do I fix this? I’ve only been using them since January.

  11. I have feed back but not on my end, its on the the person I called end. not sure how to fix it. can some one please help?

  12. The right earbud does not charge, does not turn on, I do not know how to pair and the charging case stays on always. Only a couple of days worked. They are Sound Mates.
    El auricular derecho no carga, no enciende, no sé emparejan y el estuche de carga permanece encendida siempre. Solo un par de días funcionaron. Son Sound Mates.

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