Colorbox Marquee Light User Manual

Colorbox Led Marquee User Manual



  • Do not attempt to pierce, strike, or apply strong pressure to your tzumi ColorBox with sharp or heavy objects. Strong impact or shocks could cause irreversible damage to the unit.
  • The tzumi ColorBox Is not waterproof or water-resistant. Do not attempt to operate In the rain or met environments/conditions.
  • The tzumi ColorBox is detachable and contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children.
  • If your tzumi ColorSox malfunctions, do not attempt to repair it by yourself. Doing so will void the tzumi warranty and may cause physical injury or permanent damage. Instead, contact the Customer Support team at [email protected] or 1 -855-GO-TZUMI.


Wireless Romote Control

Buttons 1 and 2 can be used to control the brightness for buttons 5, change the speed for buttons 6,7,8,9.

  1. Brightness (Up)
  2. Brightness (Down)
  3. Power OFF
  4. Power ON
  5. LED Color Buttons -16 colors
  6. Flash Transition Effect
  7. Strobe Transition Effect
  8. Fade Transition Effect
  9. Smooth Transition Effect

When remote control operation becomes slow, it is time to change the battery. Replace with a new cell battery *Compatible with CR2025-CR2032 battery types.


  • Color-Changing ColorBox LCD Marquee
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • 144 Pc. Letter, Symbol, Number & Emoji Set
  • 9.84 ft. USB Power Cable


Product Diagram

Using Your ColorBox LED Marquee

  1. Arrange your own unique message by sliding the included letters/numbers/etc. into each row on the front of the ColorBox.
  2. To turn your ColorBox on…
    1. Using Battery Power: Open the battery cover on the back of your ColorBox. Insert 6 AA batteries as instructed in the battery compartment and close the cover.
    2. Using USB Power: Connect the ColorBox with the USB cable supplied with the unit. Connect the cable to a USB 5V power source.
  3. Remove the battery insulation sheet on your remote control before using it.
  4. Press the ON button on your remote and the Colorfiox will begin to Fade through its seven colors. From here you may select an LCD color or pattern of your choice to customize your lightbox display.


ColorBox Batteries: 6 AA batteries (Not Included)

Remote Batteries: 1 CR2032 battery (Included)

Input Voltage: DC 5V /1A

Interface: DC to USB Cable

Working Current: 300 mA

Remote Working Distance: 3.5-11.5 ft. (1-3.5 meters


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