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Forehead Thermometer
GZ-02A 03187

Please read this manual completely before operation.


Please read this instruction completely and carefully to ensure longer product life. This device offers fast response and high accuracy to read the body temperature by scanning forehead in a non-contact manner. This product is applicable for use in households. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease and should not be used as a substitute for the consultation and advice of a physician or other medical professional. The product consists of ABS plastics, temperature sensor, Infrared temperature measuring element, microcomputer controlled circuit, LCD, backlight and buzzer.

General specifications

General specifications

2. Meter Description

Meter Description
  1. IR sensor: Used to measure temperature on the forehead
  2. Display Screen
  3. Tone button: Turn on/off the buzzer. A tone icon is present in the display screen when its on.
  4. °C/°F switch button: Press and release to switch Between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The default setting is Celsius and a “°C” icon appears in the display screen. A”°F” icon is shown while Fahrenheit is used.
  5. Mode switch button: Press and release to switch between “Body temperature” ode and “Surface temperature mode.
  6. The” Body temp” icon appears When ” Body temperature” mode is on. Backlight on/off button: Press and release to turn on/off the backlight. The previous status will be set as the default setting. The icon will be shown When the backlight is on.
  7. Trigger: Pull and release to tum the thermometer on when the device is off. Press and release to measure temperature.
  8. Battery cover

3. Display Layout

Display Layout
  1. Body measurement mode
  2. Tone icon
  3. Backlight on icon
  4. Data hold icon ©
  5. Temperature readout
  6. Temperature unit symbol <1>
  7. Low battery Icon
  8. Data records

4. Battery installation and replacement

4.1 Battery Installation

(Complimentary with 2 DC 1.5V batteries)Open the battery cover and put the 2X AAA batteries into battery compartment in correct polarities. Push the battery cover beck to close.

42. Battery replacement

When the low battery Icon• Q • appear on the display, replace the battery as soon as possible. Replacing step is similar to the installation.

The batteries used in the infrared Thermometer are 2X AAA batteries. Either rechargeable or rechargeable batteries can be used In the thermometer.

Dispose of the expired batteries in accordance with your local environmental pellicles Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries.

5. Operation

5.1 Measurement Operation

Please read this user’s manual carefully before use, and make sure the battery is properly installed.

Pull and release trigger to turn the thermometer on. The device will run a self-test and all symbols on the display will shortly appear. The device will by default be in the last mode used.

To measure the body temperature, make sure the “Body Temp” icon is on. If not, press mode switch button to tum it on. Then aim the infrared lens at the individual’s forehead, holding the thermometer approximately 1-6 inches away. After pulling and releasing the trigger, the temperature reading will be displayed with a beep when the tone mode is on.

If the temperature measurement is below 89.6″F, a “Lo” symbol will be appearing. If the reading is above 109.2″F, a “Hi” symbol will be displayed. Meanwhile, the buzzer will send out a Di-Di-Di alarm when the tone mode is on. The screen will change from green to red at the same time, if the backlight is on. One more test would be applicable in both conditions. If the reading is above 99.5″F the buzzer will send out a Di-Di-Di alarm when the tone mode is on and the screen will change from green to red when the backlight is on.

In the “surface temperature” mode, no “Body Temp” icon is show on the screen. This mode can be used to display the true values of measure results which is either higher than 109.2″F or lower than 89.6°F. The thermometer will automatically shut off after standby for 20-sconds.

It should only be used under the supervision of an adult.

It is prohibited to immerse the thermometer in any liquid or to be exposed to excessive or low temperatures for long periods (see the suggestive operating environment in the manual). It is prohibited use in strong electromagnetic interference environment, such as microwave ovens, mobile phones, induction cookers, etc.

52. Memory mode

This model is only valid in body temperature mode.

Press the “C/”F switch button for 2 seconds to enter into memory mode. Maximum 10 records in Fahrenheit and Celsius series respectively can be stored. After 10 measurements have been stored, the oldest reading will be automatically replaced by the new one. Press ‘Mode’ switch to toggle the different records from newest to oldest. To quit, press the trigger or leave it on standby for 8 seconds.

6. Maintenance, storage and calibration

Improper care or use of the thermometer may result in damage to the device or inaccurate readings, leading to a misdiagnosed fever. Please follow these instructions to ensure the thermometer’s accuracy and long life operation.


The body of the thermometer can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use water to wash the thermometer. Do not use cleaning agents other than alcohol, such as abrasives, thinners or gasoline. The lens should be cleaned before and after each use. An alcohol swab, or a soft cotton cloth moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol, could be used to gently clean the lens. Never use a paper towel to clean the probe tip, as it may scratch the lens.


Do not expose the device directly to sunlight, dust, high temperature, fire, flames, shocks and humidity. Remove the batteries if you do not plan to use the thermometer for long time. Avoid collisions, falls and mixing with sharp objects.

Place the thermometer out of the reach of kids. Replace with a new infrared thermometer after the service life (2 years). Dispose of waste in accordance with local laws and regulations.


The thermometer is factory-calibrated and the accuracy has been strictly tested. To ensure the precision and accuracy, 1 year’s periodic calibration is recommended. Do not try to modify or reassemble the device by yourself. If any problems, contact with the dealers or the manufacturers.

7. Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

8. Specifications

Use period: 2 Years
Manual version: V1 .0
Manual perpetration date: 29.04.2020
Owner/Operator Number: 1006066466
Model No.: GZ-02A (03187)

©TV Direct LLC
Item No: 03187
Made in China

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