truke Fit Pro Earbuds User Manual

truke Fit Pro Earbuds User Manual

Product Description

Welcome to use truke Fit pro – True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds!
This product adopts the industry’s advanced single-chip solution, with excellent sound quality and simple operation, which will bring different surprises to your life, work and journey.
You can split it into a single ear (mono) to make a call or listen to the mobile phone navigation tone when you are driving or riding, so that the journey is safe and worry-free. It can also be used in pairs (stereo) to enter the wonderful world of music.

Product Overview :

  1. Multifunction button.
  2. Led indicator Red/Blue.
  3. Charging pins.

Charging Box

  1. Charging thimble
  2. Battery indicator
  3. Type-C charging pore

truke Fit Pro Earbuds User Manual - Product Overview

Instructions for First Time Use

  1. Remove the protective plastic film from charging pins of the earbuds if present.
  2. Place earbuds back in charging case to charge for 1 hour.

Pairing procedure:

  1. Take out the earbuds form case at same time, both earbuds will start blinking with red and blue led. In few seconds one of the earbud’s red/blue led will stop blinking and other will keep blinking.
  2. Turn on mobile’s Bluetooth and search for new device. Then select trüke Fit pro, now your Fit pro earbuds will be paired with mobile and ready to use.

General Functions & Operations

truke Fit Pro Earbuds User Manual - General Functions & Operationstruke Fit Pro Earbuds User Manual - General Functions & Operations


  1. Unable to start
    Charge the earbuds for 30 minutes and then turn it on;
  2. Earbuds Cannot Pair
    Go to the mobile’s Bluetooth menu and forget/unpair the trüke Fit pro. Pair the device again.
  3. Cannot Connect to Mobile Device
    Turn off the earbuds by putting them in charging case. Turn off Mobile Device Bluetooth function then turn it on again. Take out the earbuds from case and connect.
  4. The earbuds can’t be charged
    Press the button on the case if no led is lit or only one is blinking charge the case first. Make sure earbud are placed in case with right orientation, gently press them in place.

Performance Parameters

truke Fit Pro Earbuds User Manual - Performance Parameters


  1. Do not use this product under high temperature, high humidity, high cold, high dust, high electromagnetic radiation and lightning environment;
  2. Do not use non-original charging accessories to charge;
  3. Charging time should not exceed 3 hours;
  4. Recharge every 30 days when not in use for a long time;
  5. Do not exceed 60 decibels when used for a long time to avoid hearing damage;
  6. Do not disassemble by any unauthorized personnel, otherwise warranty will be void;
  7. After the product has expired, it can be sent to a professional recycling agency. Do not discard it at will, so as not to pollute the environment;

Customer Care:

For any queries/complaints, please feel free to WhatsApp us on +91-9354170767
Write to us at [email protected].

Mandatory Registration is required at within 10days of purchase.

Thank You

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