Traulux Indoor Powered On-wall Speaker WAS215BT


  • Please read the instructions carefully before installation and use. Keep the manual safe for future reference.
  • Prior to installing the speakers into any wall, check the structure for weight bearing ability and avoid contact with any wiring or plumbing that might be behind the surface area. Installing on soft materials or in areas incapable of supporting the speakers’ weight may cause personal injury or damage to the speaker
  • Make sure the speaker is properly secured to the wall. Please use the proper screws, bolts, or anchors. Failure to do so may cause the speaker to become unsecured and cause potential damages/injuries.
  • Use only approved and certified wiring in your installation, do not stretch or place the wire in contact with sharp objects
  • Prior to removing cables, ensure all power to your amplifier and other components is turned off
  • Damage to the woofer and tweeter may occur if the speaker is dropped or hit-resulting in no sound or distorted sound
  • Never overdrive your speakers to the point of distortion and always reduce volume prior to switching input sources.


Wire Strippers Screwdriver Tape Measure
Stud Finder (For Wood Stud Wall) Ladder Screw x4


Ensure that you have received all parts according to the component checklist prior to installation. If any parts are missing or faulty, contact your place of purchase for a replacement.

Speaker Power Cord User Manual


Front View

  1. Grill
  2. Tweeter
  3. Knob
  4. Mounting Bracket
  5. Woofer
Rear View

  1. Aux Input
  2. RCA Input
  3. 5-Pin European-Style Terminal Block Connects to a balanced stereo audio input.
  4. Loop A signal output for connecting to the other active speaker or amplifier
  5. SUB Bass output for connecting to subwoofer.
  6. Speaker Output 2-Pin terminal block for connecting to the passive speaker.
  7. LED Indicator
  8. Treble Increase or decrease the high frequency response. The 0 position produces a flat response. Control range: -12 dB to +12 dB
  9. Bass Increase or decrease the low frequency response. The 0 position produces a flat response. Control range: -12 dB to +12 dB
  10. Volume Control
  11. Power Switch When this switch is on Auto position, the amplifier will automatically turn on when a signal is present and it will go standby when there is no signal input in about 15 seconds.
  12. AC Power Input


  • Ensure that the speaker is unplugged from the mains before making any connections.
  • Connect active and passive speakers as shown. Always check to ensure polarity is correct: “+” to “+”, and “-” to “-“.

Note: Anytime you note distortion, reduce the volume to a lower setting. Never allow your amplifier to be driven into “clipping”. Otherwise the speakers may be damaged. Damage caused by operating the speakers at distorted volume levels is not covered by the warranty.


Ensure the speaker is connected to the power supply and turned on.
Any Bluetooth device (such as phones, tablets, laptops etc.) is available for pairing.


  • There will be a prompt sound when Bluetooth is connected/disconnected.
  • Bluetooth Input has the priority when Bluetooth input and RCA input are connected simultaneously. To listen to RCA input audio, disconnect from Bluetooth before using a RCA input device.
  • One device can only connects or control one Bluetooth speaker at a time.
  • If device A connects and controls Bluetooth, device B cannot search or control the Bluetooth speaker. Device A MUST no longer be connected,then device B can connect and control.
  • If pairing fails the first time, restart all the equipment and then follow the above instructions.
  • If you are unable to reconnect a previously connected device, remove the “BT Speaker” from the list of paired devices, and then follow the above  instructions again.
  • The Bluetooth connection will be lost if the distance between the speaker and the Bluetooth device exceeds 10m(32.8 ft.).


  • Turn off the power to the speaker when unused for long periods of time.
  • Ensure all equipment is turned off prior to cleaning. Surfaces and cabinet need only occasional dusting/cleaning. Never use chemicals or solvents as they may damage the surface. Always clean using a dry cloth.
  • Never touch the speaker drivers.


WAS215BT Bluetooth On-Wall Speaker Pair (Active + Passive)

Speaker Active Speaker (Master Passive Speaker (Slave)
Woofer 5.25″ Paper Cone Passive Speaker (Slave)
Tweeter 0.5″ Mylar Dome 5.25″ Paper Cone
Frequency Response 70Hz-16kHz 0.5″ Mylar Dome
Nominal Impedance 70Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity(1M/1W) 8 86dB
Amplifier Power 2x15W/8Ω 86dB
RMS Power / /
Bluetooth Version V5.0 30W
Bluetooth Distance 10m(32.8ft) /
Power Supply AC100-240V /
Cabinet Size 183x164x245mm (7.2″x6.5″x9.6″) 183x164x245mm (7.2″x6.5″x9.6″)

Documents / Resources

Traulux Indoor Powered On-wall Speaker WAS215BT [pdf] User Manual
Traulux, Indoor, Powered, On-wall, Speaker, WAS215BT

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