LG GBB72SWUCN Fridge with Freezer Owner’s Manual

Learn how to safely install and operate your GBB72SWUCN Fridge with Freezer from LG. This user manual provides essential safety instructions, installation guidelines, operational tips, maintenance advice and troubleshooting techniques for the Fridge&Freezer model. Available in multiple languages and with smart functions that let you control the appliance remotely via the LG ThinQ app, keeping your food fresh has never been more convenient.

LG GBP31DSLZN Fridge and Freezer Owner’s Manual

This user manual for the LG GBP31DSLZN Fridge and Freezer contains important information about installation, operation, smart functions, and maintenance. It includes safety guidelines, notes for operation and maintenance, as well as instructions for accessing Smart Functions using the LG SmartThinQ Application. Keep this essential guide handy for reference at all times.