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Tozo TWS Earbuds TOZO-T5

Tozo TWS Earbuds TOZO-T5

FIG 1 TWS Earbuds


FIG 2 TWS Earbuds

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TWS Pairing

Dual mode (enjoy music from two earphones)

Press the Multi-function button(MFB) for 2 seconds (blue indicator on) to power on, after 1 second, blue and red indicators flashing on R earbuds with prompt voice” connected”, L & R earbuds are paring.

Open Bluetooth in mobile phone, then search device “TOZO-T5-R”, click it to connect and will hear prompt voice “second device connected”

Single mode (enjoy music from only one earphones)

Choose one earphone to power on, and press MFB for 4 seconds to blue and red indicators flashing, with the prompt voice “POWER ON”, open Bluetooth in mobile phone then search; Bluetooth device show”TOZO-T5-R” /or “TOZO-T5-L”, click it to connect and will hear prompt voice “pairing successful”.

FIG 3 TWS Pairing


Button Definition

FIG 4 Button Definition


FIG 5 Button Definition


Display light description

FIG 6 Display light description


Overview of Headset

FIG 7 Overview of Headset


  1. If the phone claims”Connection Unsuccessful”, Please delete the (TOZO-T5-R) records on your phone, Then click to research and select the (TOZO-T5-R again. Once connected, both earbuds will flash blue slowly.
  2. The Bluetooth headphone will remember previously paired device And will attempt to pair with last connected device automatically.
  3. TWS (Dual mode), Rearbud is off for low power, Learbud is pairing automatically (red and blue indicator flashing) bluetooth device shows “TOZO-T5-L”, then click it to connect. Learbud is no power, and R earbud is still working.
  4. When playing music, earbuds will automatically power off after five minutes of low power prompt voice.


Earbuds reset function

Reset function is to restore factory defaults. This function is only working on two earbuds are not synchronized. Power off, Press both MFB for 10 seconds, pink indicators flashing 3 times, then earbuds automatically power off, reset is finished.


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Never miss a call

You will hear an incoming call alert while listening to stored or streaming audio. When you take the call, you stored audio (downloaded tunes, video or podcats) will pause.

If you are listening to live streaming audio (Internet radio) then it will mute, not pause, during your call. Once you end your call, your playback or streaming will resume.


Bluetooth Earphone Specifications

Bluetooth Specifications

  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth v5.0
  • Bluetooth Protocol:  HFP, HSP, A2DP AVRCP
  • Output Power: 6mw
  • Workable Distance: 10m (Barrier-free Space)
  • Working Hours: about 4 hours for talking time, about 3 hours for playing music
  • Stand-by Time: 200 hours
  • Charging Time: about 100 minutes
  • Charging Voltage: DC5V


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Tozo TWS Earbuds TOZO-T5 User Manual – Download [optimized]
Tozo TWS Earbuds TOZO-T5 User Manual – Download

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