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Tozo T10 TWS Wireless Earbuds Pairing

Tozo-T10-TWS-Wireless-Earbuds-productTozo T10 TWS Wireless Earbuds

How to Pair

How to pair

* Tips

  1. Take out earbuds from the case, wait till the Right earbud flashes red and blue alternately, And the Left earbud flashes blue slowly. Then you can connect the Bluetooth.
    *If you do not see these indicators, please restart it or reset it.
  2. Please turn off Bluetooth at your phone after using the earbuds.

Wearing Steps

wearing Steps

TOZO T10 TWS Manual


How to pair earbuds with your phone


tozo-t10-tws-wireless-earbuds-pairing-guide- Put earbuds into your ear

Button Control

tozo-t10-tws-wireless-earbuds-pairing-guide- Button Control

Charging Earbuds

tozo-t10-tws-wireless-earbuds-pairing-guide- Charging Earbuds

tozo-t10-tws-wireless-earbuds-pairing-guide- Waterproof


tozo-t10-tws-wireless-earbuds-pairing-guide- Earbuds Warning!


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  1. I can not pair of reset my earbuds. They are both flashing red and blue. What are the steps? Perhaps I’m not turning the off correctly.

  2. My earbuds connect to my Iphone while inside their charging case so their battery is often times dead when I want to use them. I thought they only pair when removed from the charging case.

  3. I lost my right earbud and was sent a replacement. How do I pair them together? They are acting as individual systems currently.

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