TOURATECH Yamaha 700 Ténéré Rear ABS Sensor Protection


Original motorcycle part

  • These instructions are written based on our current state of knowledge. Information is provided without any guarantee as to its accuracy. Subject to technical modifications.
  • The order of assembly steps must be followed.
  • Touratech accepts no liability for incorrectly fitted parts and resulting material damage or personal injury!
  • Please observe applicable road vehicle (construction and use) regulations as well as EC/ECE Directives and applicable laws in your country. If parts are fitted which require inspection and/or
  • approval after fitting, take your vehicle to a testing station immediately and have the vehicle papers updated.
  • Check and if necessary tighten all bolted connections after 50 km.
  • Standard tightening torques in Nm for bolted connections with strength class 8.8.
  • For special tightening torques refer to your specialist workshop!
  • Please take into account that fitting panniers, crash bars, foot peg lowering kits (rider and pillion),Kickstand enlargmentplate, front spoilers and engine guards may restrict the bike’s lean angle!
  • If modifications are made to the fairing, stem, handlebar, fairing parts, etc., ensure that electrical wiring, brake lines, accelerator and clutch cables are refitted correctly. Check clearance, both sides
  • with full steering lock .
  • Always disconnect the battery when working on the electrics!
  • We recommend cutting protective film to size and applying it to impact areas that are likely to be chipped by stones.
  • Work on the brake system and suspension should always be carried out by a
  • specialist workshop.
  • The maximum load on luggage racks is 5 kg! Luggage racks Zega Pro TC is 10 kg!
  • If other original accessories or aftermarket accessories are used, ensure clearance1 fitment and do not come into contact with other parts!
  • Apply conventional lubricant to stainless steel bolts prior to assembly.
  • PDF fitting instructions also can be downloaded from the Touratech webshop.

Mounting instructionsYamaha-700-Ténéré-Rear-ABS-Sensor-Protection-FIG-1

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TOURATECH Yamaha 700 Ténéré Rear ABS Sensor Protection [pdf] Instruction Manual
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