TOUGH LIGHT i26w 26800mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Charger

TOUGH LIGHT i26w 26800mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Charger product

Thank you for purchasing our product. In order for you to use this product safely, please read the instructions carefully before use, and keep this manual for future use.

Product Structure

Product Structure

  1. Output(USB-A1)
  2. Output(USB-A2)
  3. Input/Output(Type-c)
  4. Input(Micro)
  5. Waterproof cover
  6. Solar panel
  7. Solar charging indicator
  8. battery indicators
  9. ON/OFF
  10. Camping light
  11. Lanyard hole
  12. Camping light heat sink
  13. Wireless charging
  14. Wireless charging indicator

Product Specification

  • Product Model: i26w
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Solar Charging:150.8×71.3mm (5.5V/300mA)
  • Input(Type-c): 5.0V/3.0A
  • Input(Micro): 5.0V/2.0A
  • Output(USB-A1): 5.0V/3.1A
  • Output(USB-A2): 5.0V/3.1A
  • Output(Type-c): 5.0V/3.1A
  • Wireless Charger Output: 5W(Max)
  • Charging Time: About 8 hours(Use 5V/3A adapter)
  • Working Temperature: 0°C-50°C
  • Product Size: L176 x W95 x H29 (mm )
  • Product weight:≈565g

Instructions for use

LED lights on / off operation method
First press and hold the power switch button to turn on the LED light (lighting mode); click the switch button again to dim the LED light (atmosphere light mode); click the switch button again, the LED light flashes three times and three times slowly, that is, the SOS distress signal Mode; click the power switch button again, the LED light turns on the flash warning function; that is, the danger
warning mode; finally click the switch button to turn off the LED light.
In any mode, long press the power button to turn off the LED functions.

Instructions for use

Please Note:
The output power of a solar panel depends on factors such as solar irradiance and solar panel temperature, and is limited by natural conditions such as day and night, season, geographic latitude and altitude, and random factors such as sunny, cloudy, cloud, and rain. The irradiance of the sun reaching a certain ground is both intermittent and unstable. When the solar panel is facing the sun, the time
is between 10 am and 3 pm, the atmospheric mass is AM1.5, and the light intensity is 1000W / m2 The temperature is 25°C. Under this condition, the maximum power output by the solar panel is also called the peak power.

LED lighting function
This solar mobile power supply adopts a unique lighting LED lamp design style. 18 LED lamp beads are distributed to make the light more uniform. Whole lamp power 3.6W, 360 lumens, Designed with 2 levels of lighting brightness adjustment to meet the needs of multi-environment close-range lighting. When the power supply is fully charged, it can be continuously illuminated for 37 hours in highlight mode and 50 hours in soft light mode. It also has SOS international distress signal and flash warning function mode. Widely used in outdoor camping, outdoor adventure, car repair, maintenance, machine tool, warehouse, room, construction, emergency response and other occasions daily.

LED lighting function

LED light status display
Shortly press the power switch to show the power status the four LED power indicators indicate the battery status:

LED light status display

Product charging
  1. Use the adapter to charge this product
    Using the power adapter, can achieve the product charge, the current product level indicator flashes marquees, until the full charge four LED lights lit. At the same time, this product is compatible with mainstream fast charge adapters for fast charging. The time required to fully charge this product depends on the charging power.Product charging
  2. Use sunlight to charge this product
    Place the product’s solar panel in the direction of vertical sunlight (to avoid high temperature, the high temperature is easy to damage battery), or in an environment with sufficient light. You can use the sunlight to charge itself without any key operation. The indicator light is always green, and the four LED power indicator lights are always on after the battery is fully charged.

Product charging 1

Product discharge

Charging mobile phone devices with wireless charging function
Put the mobile phone device with wireless charging function in the wireless charging area, and then short press the “switch button”. Wireless charging indicator lights red, its charging can be realized. For your safe use, this product has a foreign object detection function. When there is metal debris in the sensing area between the mobile phone and the wireless transmitting board, the wireless charging indicator lights up and flashes in red. Metal foreign objects can be charged normally.

Product discharge

Charging digital products such as smartphones and tablets
This product has 2 USB-A output ports, 1 Type-C output port, and any one of the output ports. Connect the mobile phone with a USB data cable. The LED battery indicator lights up and the mobile phone device is charging. When the phone device is fully charged, the product identification intelligent automatic power-off, mobile devices stop the charging, when charge indicator turns off.

Product discharge 1


  • For the first use, please fully charge the product.
  • If the product has abnormalities such as battery expansion, leakage, deformation, water immersion, or short circuit, stop using it immediately.
  • Do not drop or use this product in high temperature, humid, strong magnetic environment.
  • Keep this product out of the reach of children.
  • Do not place foreign objects such as metal onto the wireless charging area to avoid danger.
  • To avoid abnormal use of this product, please use accessories such as charging cables and power adapters produced by the original factory.
  • When charging is completed, please unplug the connection line in time to avoid loss.
  • When the product enters the protection state due to short circuit, over-discharge, etc. (the performance is that the product has no output), it can be reactivated by shortly pressing the switch button. If it is invalid, please connect to the external power adapter for charging to recover .
  • Do not use an all-in-one data cable to charge multiple devices at the same time to prevent damage to the devices.
  • This product has a built-in over-temperature protection function. When the ambient temperature exceeds the normal use temperature range, over-temperature protection may occur. At this time, just move the product to the normal use temperature environment and click the button to restore the output.
  • If the mobile power supply is not used for a long time, over discharge may occur. In order not to affect the performance of the mobile power supply, please fully charge and discharge the mobile power supply at least every 3 months.


  • This product contains lithium-ion batteries, the unauthorized open shell product, to avoid possible damage caused by cell or other hazards.
  • Never disassemble, crush, puncture, short product, or fire or exposed to temperatures above 60 °C environment, to avoid fire hazard.


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TOUGH LIGHT i26w 26800mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Charger [pdf] User Manual
i26w, 26800mAh Solar Power Bank Portable Charger


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