TOMADO TEO6000S Freestanding Convection Oven 60 Liters Instruction Manual


  • Carefully read the entire instruction manual prior to using the appliance and store it carefully for future reference.
  •  Only use this appliance for the purposes described in the instruction manual. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents in this appliance. The appliance is not suitable for industrial or laboratory use.
    WARNING: the appliance and accessible parts get hot during use. Do not touch hot parts. Always use the handles and buttons.
  •  Always use oven gloves when placing food in or removing food from the hot oven and use the provided handles.
  •  Keep the appliance out of reach of children. Children do not see the dangers associated with handling electrical appliances. Therefore, never allow children to operate electrical appliances without supervision. Keep the appliance and cord out of reach of children younger than 8 years of age.
  •  The appliance can be used by children of 8 years and older and by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental capacities or lack of experience or knowledge, provided they use the appliance   under supervision or have been instructed about its safe use and understand the hazards it may involve.
  •  Children must not play with the appliance.
  •  The appliance may not be cleaned or maintained by children, unless this is done under supervision.
  •  Never submerge the appliance, cord or plug in water.
  •  Never bend the power cord sharply or allow it to run across hot parts.
  •  Do not use the appliance if the plug, cord or appliance are damaged, or if the appliance no longer functions properly or if it is damaged in any other way. If this is the case, consult the retailer or our maintenance service. Never replace the plug or cord yourself.
  • Never use the appliance with parts that are not recommended or supplied by the manufacturer.
  •  In order to guarantee good air circulation, a free space of 10 cm is required around the oven.
  •  Never cover the ventilation holes.
  •  Always remove the plug from the socket when the appliance is not being used or when you want to clean it. Allow the appliance to cool down properly, before cleaning it.
  •  The following materials are not suitable for use in the oven: cardboard, paper, plastic or similar materials.
  •  If the oven is covered or comes in contact with combustible material, there is a fire hazard.
  •  Do not use the interior of the oven as storage space. Do not store any biscuits, bread, etc. in the appliance.
  •  The maximum bearing capacity of the grille/ baking tray is 2.5 kg.
  •  The door of the oven has been provided with tempered safety glass. This is stronger than ordinary glass and is also better resistant to breaking.
  •  When there are scratches on the glass pane of the oven door, it could break. Do not use scrapers or sharp or abrasive cleaning agents.
  •  Do not place accessories or oven dishes on the opened oven door.
  •  Never cover the bottom with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil could lead to overheating of the oven.
  •  Only use and store the appliance indoors.
  •  The oven cannot be used with a timer or a separate remote control.
  •  Always make sure the appliance is placed on a sturdy, flat surface.
  •  Only connect the appliance to alternate current, to an earthed wall socket, with a mains voltage that corresponds with the information provided on the information plate of the appliance.
  •  Do not leave the appliance unsupervised if the appliance is operational.
  • If you want to move the appliance, make sure the appliance is switched off. Use both hands when moving the appliance
  •  Do not pull the cord and/or appliance to remove the plug from the wall socket. Never touch the appliance with wet or damp hands.
  •  If the appliance does not function after it has been switched on, it is possible that the fuse or earth leakage circuit breaker has been activated in the electrical distribution box. The group may be overloaded or an earth leakage current may have occurred.
  •  In case of a breakdown, never make repairs yourself; a tripped safety device inA the appliance could indicate a defect that cannot be remedied by removing or replacing this safety device. Only original parts should be used.
  •  This appliance is only suitable for household use. If the appliance is not used as intended, no compensation can be claimed in case of defects or accidents and the warranty will be invalidated.


Base unit

  1.  Handle
  2.  Oven door
  3.  Operating panel
    Temperature knob
    Oven position knob
    Timer knob
    Thermostat led
  4.  Oven lamp
  5.  Handle for grille and baking tray
  6.  Grille
  7.  Baking tray


Before using the microwave oven for the first time, please proceed as follows: carefully unpack the oven and remove all packaging material and any promotional stickers. Keep the packaging (plastic bags and cardboard) out of reach of children. After unpacking the appliance, carefully check it for external damage that may have occurred during transport. Place the appliance on a sturdy, flat surface and make sure there is enough space all around for sufficient ventilation. At least 10 cm is required between the oven and the walls. Do not remove the feet from the oven. Do not cover the ventilation holes.

Clean the oven and accessories with a slightly damp cloth. The oven is ready for use. The oven can smell “new” when used for the first time. This is entirely normal, will do no harm and the smell will disappear automatically.
Check that the voltage corresponds with what is stated on the information plate and insert the plug in the socket. Make sure the timer knob is on [ 0 ].
Prior to first use, switch on the oven for 15 minutes at maximum temperature and the position for heat from above and below to remove the production odours.
The heating elements will turn red slowly when the oven gains temperature. The thermostat led indicates that the oven is on. Once the oven has reached the set temperature, the thermostat led switches off.


Food such as bread, pizza and meat, that is being roasted in the oven for too long, could burn. This can be prevented
by regularly checking the food in the oven and not leaving it in the switched on oven for too long. Never heat food in jars or cans directly in the oven. These jars or cans could explode due to the heat and cause injury. Always use oven resistant oven dishes and plates.
The oven has the following modes:


  •  Turn the oven position knob to the required position and set the correct temperature with the temperature knob.
  • Turn the timer knob to the required time (minimum 5 minutes and maximum 120 minutes) and the oven switches on.The thermostat led indicates that the oven is on. Once the oven has reached the set temperature, the thermostat led switches off.
  •  Open the oven door. Place the food that you want to prepare on the baking tray or grille and place it on the runners in the oven. Caution: the maximum bearing capacity of the grille/ baking tray is 2.5 kg.
  •  Close the door.
  •  A beep sounds when the set time has expired and the oven will switch off.
  •  Always place the baking tray at the bottom of the oven when using the grille. In that case, the baking tray serves as a receptacle for dripping fat, etc.
  • When the food is cooked, while the set time has not yet expired, you can manually switch off the oven by turning the timer knob back to [ 0 ].
    Caution: use oven gloves to remove the food from the hot oven.
  •  Open the oven door with the handle.
  •  Remove the baking tray from the oven using the provided handle.
  •  Close the oven door and check that the timer knob is on [ 0 ].

Turn the timer knob clockwise to the required time. If, for instance, you want to roast large pieces of meat for a longer time, you can also use the CONSTANT position. In that case, the oven remains on constantly, without a timer. To switch off the oven, turn the timer knob to [ 0 ].



Clean the interior of the oven after each use to prevent accumulation of grease and food residues.
Preferably clean the oven after each use while it is still moderately warm. Caked food residues will still be soft and can be removed easily by means of a soft cloth and warm water to which some washing-up liquid has been added. Thoroughly dry the interior with a cloth after cleaning.
Do not use abrasives or metal scrapers. These will damage the oven.

Clean loose accessories such as grille, baking tray and handle with warm water and a mild washing-up liquid or put them in the dishwasher. Properly dry everything before using it again.

Clean the exterior of the appliance with a damp cloth or sponge. If necessary, you can clean the exterior of the appliance by means of a mild washing-up liquid. Also thoroughly clean the door.


Soort voedsel Hoeveelheid of dikte Temperatuur (°C) Tijd (minuten)
Kip halve kip 175-200°C 30-40 Plaats de kip in de oven. Draai de kip na 20-25 minuten om.
Worstjes 3-4 200-220°C 8-10 Draai de worstjes regelmatig zodat ze gelijkmatig gaar worden.
Hamburger 2-3 200°C 3-5 Draai de hamburgers halverwege de bereidingstijd om zodat ze gelijkmatig gaar worden.
Steak 1-2 cm 220°C 10-15 Draai de steak na 8 minuten om en bak deze verder naar uw eigen smaak.
Vis 200°C 7-10 Stel de timer op 10 minuten in en laat de vis daarna verder garen op een lagere temperatuur totdat de vis bijna uit elkaar valt.
Brood/tosti 2-3 200°C 3-5 Plaats de tosti’s op de bovenste laag. Houd het brood in de gaten, want op de grillstand kan het snel verbranden. Draai de tosti’s halverwege de bereidingstijd om zodat het brood aan beide zijden geroosterd wordt.
Cake 150°C 60-75 Plaats het cakeblik op het ovenrooster.

The table above provides an indication. Adjust the times to your personal preferences. Regularly check the food that is placed in the oven to prevent it from burning.


Type number                                      TEO6000B

  • Voltage                                          220-240 V~50/60H
  • Connected load                              2000 Watt
  • Timer                                             120 minutes
  • Capacity                                         60 litres
  • Exterior dimensions – wxdxh        625 x 535 x 490 mm
  • Interior dimensions – wxdxh         450 x 372 x 355 mm
  • Nett weight                                    13.0 kg

This symbol means that this product should not be disposed of with regular household waste (2012/19/EU). Observe the rules that apply in your country for the separated collection of electric and electronic products. Correct disposal of the product prevents negative consequences for the environment and for public health. The packaging material of this product can be recycled 100%, return packaging material separately.


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