TOKK Wireless Earbuds User Guide

TOKK Wireless Earbuds User Guide

Bluetooth 5.0 More Compatible

Compatible With Apple iOS And Android Smartphone

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Bluetooth 5.0 More Compatible

Product Specifications



  • Bluetooth connection name: TOKK W Earbuds
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Input: DC 5V
  • Earbuds battery capacity: 3.7V/ 70 mAh
  • Call time: about 5.5 hours
  • Charging case battery capacity: 3.7V /500 mAh
  • Backup power capacity: 3.7V /110 mAh
  • Charging current: 5V 500mA
  • Support audio format: H SP/HFP/A2DP/ A VRCP /TWS
  • BT profiles support: SBC/AAC
  • Sensitivity: 101.8±3Db
  • Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
  • Impedance: 32Ω

Secure Simple Pairing

  1. Take out the earbuds from charging case, the red indicator flashes twice. Then left flashing two blue and red , means TWS paired ready to connect the mobile. TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Take out the earbuds from charging case
  2. Open the bluetooth of smartphone, search bluetooth name : TOKK W Earbuds click to pair TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Open the bluetooth of smartphoneNote: If earbuds do not connect the phone Bluetooth within 1 min, it would enter the standby mode. If necessary, please turn off the headphone , then follow the above steps to connect.
  3. Put the earbuds into the charging case after finishing using, it will turn off and charge automatically
  4. Use the earbuds again, simply take it out, it could automatically done the pairing and connect the phone

Rich Functions, One-button Control

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Rich Functions

Charging Illustration

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Charging Illustration

Product Diagram

Charging box

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Charging box


TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Earbuds

Backup power

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Backup power

Earbuds extension line

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Earbuds extension line

Battery Backup Mode & Wired Headphone Mode

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Battery Backup Mode & Wired Headphone Mode

Note: Main /subsidiary earbuds change to the wired mode by conneced with 2.5mm audio cable. Bluetooth function will switch off if above 3 minutes no connect to mobile, then earbuds button failures, using the cable button for instead.


The phone can not search the Bluetooth headset device:

  • Cancel all bluetooth connection in your mobile phone, and then re-open and seach the Bluetooth

The headset has interrupt or disconnection during the call or the music time:

  • Bluetooth headset power shortage.
  • The distance between cell phone and Bluetooth headset more than 10m.
  • There is a large area of signal blocking objects between the phone and

Monaural stereo

  • Activated the single earphone model
  • Reset only one single earphone. Please reset two earphone at the same time, then power on, the two earphone will pair each other
  • One earphone run out of battery, please changing then try it again.

Single Earphone Mode

Activate single earphone mode: in the off mode, long press one earphone (L/R) for 4 seconds.
Prompt tone: Power on-Pairing mode
Bluetooth name: TOKK W Earbuds, TOKK W Earbuds-R

TOKK Wireless Earbuds - Single Earphone Mode

In the single earphone mode, needed two earphone connect different mobile phone, please switch on individually, power on another after one earphone connected the mobile successfully.

About factory settings

When your product need reset to the factory settings

  • Reset one earphone, so that TWS can’t pairing each other
  • TWS can’t pairing each other for unknown reason

Restore the factory settings:
In the off state, long press left and right earphone for 20 seconds at the same time
Prompt tone: Power on—Pairing mode– DuDuDu– DuDuDu

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