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  1. Turn flame control knob fully clockwise to ensure it is OFF
  2. With the cylinder in an upright position, place torch valve on top of cylinder BOM fitting
  3. Gently screw the valve clockwise onto the cylinder, firmly hand tighten
To Ignite:
  1. Ensure the burner is facing away from yourself, others, and any flammable or combustible materials
  2. Turn the flame control knob anti-clockwise
  3. Press the ignition start button
  4. If burner does not ignite, press button again
Adjusting The Flame Level:
  1. Turn the flame control knob anti-clockwise to increase (+)
  2. Turn the flame control knob clockwise to decrease (-)
To Extinguish:

Turn the flame control knob clockwise until stop to extinguish the flame (-)

To Disassemble:
  1. Extinguish flame completely (see To Extinguish)
  2. Allow burner to cool completely (may take up to 10 minutes)
  3. Gently screw weed burner anti-clockwise from the gas clinder
  4. Replace cap on the gas cylinder to keep the valve clean
  1. Ensure torch is detached from the cylinder when not in use (see `To Disassemble)
  2. Store cylinder out of reach of children in a well-ventilated area that is away from direct sunlight, heat and ignition sources. If indoors, ensure location complies with Standard AS/NZS 1596
  3. Do not store chemicals, flammable materials, or spray aerosols near this appliance
  4. Store burner away from moisture, direct sunlight and exposure to weather
    BOSSWELD GAT1010 Weed Burner - Burner
Maintenance & Servicing:

If symptoms such as flaring burner, issues with lighting, leaks from seals or problems with gas control are identified, do not attempt to repair, return to your authorised stockist for service and maintenance. This appliance must only be serviced by an authorised person.

Fire Safety:

Always keep a hose or water nearby when using this product.
Extreme caution must be exercised when working around dry grass or leaf litter. Fires can start and spread very easily, becoming out of control very quickly. Check with the RFS recommendations in your state regarding use during a total fire ban and for more information regarding fire safe practices.

How To Use Your Bossweld Weed Burner:
Ignite the weed burner following the instructions. Hold burner 5cm above the weed and slowly heat the weed until it begins to turn a darker shade of green. This will cause the weed to wilt and die over 3-5 days. Do not burn or set fire to the weeds.

To check if the weed is heated correctly, press a leaf between your fingertips. The weed has been heated correctly when a dark green fingerprint appears on the leaf.
The Bossweld Weed Burner is best used in spring, particularly against small or young weeds. Small weeds often require only one treatment, while large weeds, grass, dandelion and other perennial weeks require repeated treatment.

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