TICA Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater User Guide
TICA Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater



Integrated Intelligent Control, More Energy Efficient

The intelligent centralized control mechanism manages all components of the water-heating system. Through intelligent analysis and calculation, it achieves real-time and precise control over each water heater unit and adjusts the working status of the system accessories correspondingly. In this case, unit efficiency is improved and energy consumption for the operation of the system accessories is reduced, saving users considerable operating costs.

Control over heat pump unit


Control over heat pump unit
One-key startup, automatic judgment on operating mode of heat pump unit, and power-off memory function.

Control over auxiliary energy source
Auxiliary energy source is required when the unit operates at temperatures under –10°C. The unit provides the control signals for auxiliary energy source.

Control over water pump
Controls the startup and shutdown of water pumps to adapt to the current operating condition and to reduce power consumption of water pumps.

Control over water tank
Directly sets and controls the temperature of the water tank and monitors the water level and temperature of the water tank in real time.

Continuous hot water supply keeps you worry-free during winter time

Adjustment Dual inflow water adjustment, rapid heating, and constant-temperature outflow water

Innovative technology of dual water flow adjustment can achieve accurate adjustment according to water inlet temperature and flow rate, to provide high-temperature water rapidly, thus effectively solving the problem of slow-speed water heating that usually occurs to common heat pumps in winters; rapid charge of constant-temperature hot water during peak usage periods can be guaranteed. Furthermore, the water output and temperature are displayed in real time for convenient operation.

Slow frosting Slow frosting and fast defrosting ensuring continuous hot water supply

Poor design of heat pump units tends to cause repeated defrosting in winter, seriously affecting normal operation and leading to intermittent hot water supply. The improved evaporator can automatically adjust the refrigerant flow to slow frosting. Moreover, the 4-way valve reversing defrosting technology is employed to achieve more rapid and thorough defrosting, thereby increasing the efficient heating time of heat pump units in winter and ensuring continuous hot water supply

Excellent low Excellent low temperature tolerance

The R410A refrigerant that features excellent performance under low temperature can effectively alleviate the problem of performance deterioration of the heat pump unit. The heat pump unit can works at a temperature as low as –10°C, perfect enough to provide sufficient hot water during extreme weathers in winter in the south of China.

Stable and reliable Stable and reliable performance in winter

Quintuple anti-freezing protection – auto switching to anti-freezing mode in case of low temperature to effectively prevent the water system components from being frozen and cracked.

Pressure fluctuation Free from the impact of water pressure fluctuation

During winter, the water flow in heat pump units is relatively low and the water pressure fluctuation will cause sharp fluctuation in water temperature, or even trigger high pressure protection and stop the unit. Therefore, we use a thermostatic water valve to monitor and timely and accurately adjust the water flow and temperature, considerably improving the operating stability of the unit.

Professional integration Professional integration capacity, stable system

We provide optimal custom-made solutions of water heating system and full-pack services covering installation and commissioning, ensuring project quality to provide customers with stable water systems.

Branded and quality components




Excellent Performance, Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly

Stable Operation
 Stable Operation

  • Lower operating temperature – uses R410A refrigerant and can operate at temperatures as low as –10°C.
  • Efficient defrosting – 4-way valve reversing defrosting, quick and without residue.
  • Quick response – innovative thermostatic water valve performs multilevel adjustments according to water temperature and flow, enabling quick raise in water temperature.
  • Stable water supply – very adaptable water supply pressure allows water supplement without shutdown of unit.

High Energy Efficiency
 High Energy Efficiency

  • Internationally renowned and highly efficient compressor to ensure efficient, stable and reliable operation of the heat pump unit.
  • Heat in the air is fully utilized to heat water based on the reversed Carnot cycle; direct-heating circulating technology facilitates efficient heat exchange between refrigerant and water, and complies with national energy-saving standards.


  • Centralized control – intelligent control over the modular operation of multiple units concurrently, and includes the water pump, water tank and other system components in the monitoring coverage, so that the entire water heating system runs accurately and coordinately.
  • Intelligent adjustment – automatically adjusts water temperature in winter and summer, and operates energy-efficiently.
  • Automatic operation – can provide E-heater control signals, operates automatically and energy-efficiently.

Safe and Reliable
 Safe and Reliable

  • Water and electricity isolated from each other, safer for use.
  • Branded and quality components
  • Extreme operating conditions, reliable operation
  • Multiple protection, stable and durable
Ambient Temperature   Water Inlet Temperature(℃)                             (℃) Water Outlet Temperature(℃) 3HP Heating Capacity(kW) 5HP Heating Capacity(kW) 10HP Heating Capacity(kW)
-10                                   9 45 0.543 0.547 0.594
-7                                    9 47 0.594 0.573 0.649
2                                    9 50 0.730 0.741 0.767
7                                    9 51 0.833 0.842 0.868
20                                   15 55 1.000 1.000 1.000
27                                   15 55 1.081 1.085 1.159
35                                   29 55 1.161 1.129 1.249
43                                   29 55 1.226 1.173 1.305
48                                   34 55 1.277 1.270 1.293
3HP 35 0.560 0.677 0.804 0.894 1.143 1.185 1.242 1.213 1.387
40 0.490 0.593 0.704 0.782 1.000 1.037 1.086 1.062 1.214
5HP 30 0.729 0.833 1.009 1.161 1.333 1.477 1.081 1.562 1.682
35 0.625 0.714 0.865 0.995 1.143 1.266 0.927 1.338 1.441
40 0.547 0.625 0.757 0.871 1.000 1.108 0.811 1.171 1.261
10HP 30 0.757 0.897 1.009 1.141 1.333 1.532 1.598 1.683 1.651
35 0.649 0.769 0.865 0.978 1.143 1.313 1.369 1.443 1.416
40 0.568 0.673 0.757 0.856 1.000 1.149 1.198 1.262 1.239

Custom-made, Perfect Integration

TICA has distinguished experience in commercial water heating, from system design and equipment matching, to pipeline installation and operation debugging, and is capable of providing stable, energy-saving and efficient water-heating systems.

  1. Designs the optimal system solutions based on customers’ water heating demand and environmental conditions
  2. Helps customers with accurate selection of water heating device
  3. Determines the specifications and models of pipeline, water pump, water tank and other components and reasonably lay out the pipelines according to the field situation
  4. Debugs system components carefully to ensure stable and efficient operation of the system

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