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P/N 06.205.683                                                                             v1.0 – 10/2021

ОГОҲӢ: prior to diving it is necessary that you read and understand the instructions of this manual along with the User Manual for your specific model of dive computer.

This manual describes the features and functions of the Smart+ PRO wireless tank pressure transmitter. The transmitter is mounted onto a high pressure port of the first stage regulator, and its function is to transmit tank pressure data via wireless communication to your SCUBAPRO dive computer. The dive computer then displays the tank pressure and also calculates gas consumption rate as well as true remaining bottom time (RBT) which is the time you can spend at the current depth and still have enough gas supply to make a safe ascent and reach the surface with the tank reserve. For this to happen, the transmitter and the dive computer have to be paired.

Important notice to individuals with pacemakers, defibrillators or other implanted electronic devices
Individuals who have a pacemaker, defibrillators or other implanted electronic devices use the transmitter at their own risk. Before use, we recommend a maximal exercise stress test under a doctor’s supervision. The test is to ensure the safety and reliability of the simultaneous use of the pacemaker and the transmitter.

Тартиби васлкунӣ

Before mounting the transmitter to your first stage, please check its O-ring. Remove the high-pressure port plug from the first stage regulator and screw the transmitter in place.


  • Do not hold the transmitter by the plastic lid.
  • Use an appropriate wrench to tighten the transmitter.
  • Аз ҳад зиёд кашед.

The transmitter communicates with your dive computer via wireless communication. The best link between your transmitter and your dive computer is achieved when the antenna of your transmitter is parallel to the antenna of your dive computer (see Fig. 1). For best transmission we recommend:

  1. The side of the first stage, to which the transmitter is fitted, should be the same side as your arm wearing the dive computer (Fig. 1).
  2. Mount the transmitter so that it is oriented parallel to your dive computer whilst diving.
Тартиби ҷуфт

ШАРҲ: Pairing is permanent and does not require repeating, even after a battery replacement. The two devices remain paired until the pairing is deleted from the dive computer. The Transmitter is compatible with the Scubapro Galileo 2, Galileo HUD and the Aladin A2 dive computer.
To pair your dive computer with a transmitter proceed as follows:

  1. Mount the first stage regulator with the transmitter on a full tank.
  2. Set your dive computer to pairing mode and place it near the transmitter
  3. Open the tank valve.
  4. After successful pairing check that the tank pressure is properly displayed on the computer (Dive ready mode on the dive computer).


  • While performing the pairing procedure, ensure that other transmitters, if present, are at least 3m/10ft away from the wrist unit.
  • The transmitter must have been unpressurized for at least 40 seconds prior to the pairing operation, otherwise it will not transmit the pairing sequence.
  • It can take up to 30 seconds until your dive computer is properly paired with the transmitter and displays the tank pressure values.

If you have not been able to successfully complete the pairing procedure, close the tank valve, depressurize completely the first stage, exit the dive computer’s pairing menu, wait for at least 20 seconds then repeat the process.

Upon successful pairing, your dive computer will display the tank pressure in either BAR or PSI, depending on your dive computer‘s settings. If for any reason your dive computer does not receive a valid transmitter signal it will display “—” instead of a pressure value.


  • The transmitter has a range of approximately 1.5m / 5ft.
  • To maximize battery life, the transmitter turns itself off when the pressure drops to 8bar / 115 psi.
  • Your dive computer alerts you when the transmitter battery is weak.

The transmitter also features an LED on the top of the housing body. During a dive the color of the blinking LED indicates the current tank pressure level and can thus alert your dive buddy or dive guide. The signaling of the LED shall be interpreted as follows:

  • Green – tank pressure level is above 100bar
  • Orange – tank pressure level is between 50bar and 100bar
  • Red – tank pressure level is below 50bar
Мутобиқати CE

The transmitter / dive computer combination has been tested and CE certified by RINA, notified body 0474, RINA Services S.p.A. – Via Corsica, 12 – 16128 Genova – Italia. The transmitter / dive computer combination is a personal protective equipment of Category III as defined under European Regulation 2016/425, and complies with the requirements set out in the harmonized European Standard EN250:2014 for use with air, compliant with Standard EN12021:2014 (oxygen content of 21%). The EC certification process and verification of the operating performance under standard EN250:2014 are understood to be applicable to a maximum depth of 50m below the surface. The CE relevant markings are located on the instrument’s plastic housing, and consist of the following:

  • maximum operating pressure rating: 300bar / 4,350 psi
  • reference standard: EN 250:2014
  • reference marking: CE 0474

Матни пурраи эъломияи мутобиқати Иттиҳоди Аврупо дар инҷо дастрас аст www.scubapro.com/declarations-conformity.

FCC & IC compliance

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Industry Canada’s license-exempt RSSs. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. Ин дастгоҳ метавонад халалҳои зарароварро ба бор наорад ва
  2. Ин дастгоҳ бояд ҳама гуна халалҳоро, аз ҷумла халалҳоеро, ки метавонад кори номатлубро ба вуҷуд орад, қабул кунад.

Repairs should be made by authorized SCUBAPRO service personnel.
Unauthorized repairs will void warranty.
This product has been tested to comply with FCC standards and is intended for recreational use only.

ҲУШДОРИ FCC: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by SCUBAPRO could void your authority to operate this device under FCC regulations.

мушаххасоти техникӣ
  • Maximum operating depth: 300m / 984ft
  • Maximum operating pressure: 300bar / 4350psi
  • Вазн: 100g / 3.5 oz
  • Battery type: user-replaceable CR2
  • Battery life: approximately 300 dive hours or 2 years
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C / 14°F to 122°F
  • Ҳарорати нигоҳдорӣ: -20°C то +60°C / -4°F то 140°F
  • Transmission range: approximately 1.5m / 5ft

The transmitter and the parts of this product used to measure tank pressure should be serviced by an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer every other year or after 200 dives (whichever comes first). Aside from that, the transmitter is virtually maintenance free. All you need to do is rinse it carefully with fresh water after each dive (avoid any chemical products) and replace the battery when needed. To avoid possible problems, the following recommendations will help assure years of trouble free service:

  • avoid dropping or jarring the transmitter;
  • do not expose the transmitter to intense, direct sunlight;
  • do not store the transmitter in a sealed container, always ensure free ventilation.
Иваз кардани батарея

We recommend having the battery of the transmitter replaced by an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer. The change must be made with particular care in order to prevent water from seeping in. The warranty does not cover damages due to improper replacement of the battery.

  • Remove the transmitter from the HP port of the first stagтанзимгари электронӣ.
  • Dry the transmitter with a soft towel.
  • Remove the lock ring with a pair of ring pliers. (Fig. 2-f)
  • Slide the outer sleeve downwards. (Fig. 2-e)
  • Remove the transmitter lower and upper O-Ring. (Fig. 2-b & d)
  • Slide the lid to the side (Fig. 2-c)
  • Remove the battery. (Fig. 2-a)
  • Insert new battery and new O-rings.
  • Санҷед, 30.
  • Carefully slide back the lid onto the housing. Make sure that the lid is slid exactly up to the stop on the core part. Check the fits of the two O-rings. Then slide back the outer sleeve towards the stop of the lid.
  • Install the lock ring. Carefully check the fit of the lock ring. It must be located perfectly inside the groove.


  • Never touch the metal surface of the battery with bare fingers. The two battery poles must never be short circuited.
  • A leaking lid may lead to the destruction of the transmitter by water seeping in or cause the transmitter to switch off without prior notice.
  • Always open the transmitter in a dry and clean environment.
  • Only open the transmitter to replace the battery.
  • If you notice traces of leakage, damages or other defects on the O-ring, do not use the transmitter for further dives! Take it to an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer to be checked.

ШАРҲ: For best results use the transmitter battery set available at your authorized SCUBAPRO dealer.

The transmitter is covered by a two-year warranty for any fault arising from defective workmanship.
The warranty only covers devices purchased from authorized SCUBAPRO dealers. Repairs or replacements made during the warranty period do not extend beyond the warranty period itself.
Excluded from warranty coverage are faults or defects arising from:

  • Excessive wear and tear.
  • Exterior influences, e.g. transport damage, damage due to bumping and hitting, influences of weather or other natural phenomena.
  • Servicing, repairs or the opening of the dive instrument by anybody not authorized to do so by the manufacturer.
  • Pressure tests which do not take place in water.
  • Diving accidents.
  • Damage caused by water leakage resulting from improper use (e.g. dirty seal, battery compartment closed incorrectly, etc.).
  • Damage resulting from excessive exposure to elevated or low temperatures.
  • Commercial use.
  • Exposing the unit to chemicals which include but are not limited to mosquito repellents and sunscreen.
  • Repairing with unauthorized spare parts.
  • Using any software or accessory which is not supplied by the manufacturer.

For European Union markets, the warranty of this product is governed by European legislation in force in each EU member state.

All warranty claims must be returned with dated proof-of-purchase to an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer. Visit www.scubapro.com to locate your nearest dealer.

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Нобудкунӣ АYour dive instrument is manufactured with high-quality components that can be recycled and reused. Nevertheless these components, if not properly managed in accordance with the regulations on waste electrical and electronic equipment, are likely to cause harm to the environment and/or to human health. Customers living in the European Union can contribute to protecting the environment and health by returning old products to an appropriate collection point in their neighborhood in accordance with EU Directive 2012/19/EU. Collection points are in particular provided by some distributors of the products and local authorities. Products marked with the recycling symbol on the left must not be disposed of in normal household waste.

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