MEEC TOOLS 018722 Дастури дастури маҷмӯаи таъмири ришта


Wear safety glasses when drilling – risk of eye damage


Дастурҳоро хонед.
Мувофики директивахои дахлдор тасдик карда шудааст.
Айнаки бехатарӣ пӯшед.
Маҳсулоти партофташударо мувофиқи қоидаҳои маҳаллӣ дубора коркард кунед.

Маълумоти муфассал

Ворид кардани ришта                                              Дарозӣ.

018722 M6 x 1.0                                           6.3 mm
018723 M8 x 1.25                                         8.3 mm
018724 M10 x 1.5                                         10.4 mm
018725 M12 x 1.75                                       12.4 mm


Complete thread repair kit with taps, installation tool and inserts.
Tool and drill made of HSS steel. The inserts are made of stainless steel 304. Supplied in sheet metal box.

  1. Гӯшаи танзими амиқ
  2. Асбоби насб
  3.  машщ
  4. Нишон диҳед
  5. Воридоти ришта
   АНҶИР. 1


After drilling or threading operations all metal shavings must be carefully removed with compressed air or a magnet.

  1. Drill out the damaged thread or screw with the spiral drill (3).
  2. Cut new thread in the drilled hole with the tap. Use a suitable cutting fluid for best results.
  3. Put the thread insert on the installation tool. The driving tap on the thread insert must be put in the tap groove on the installation tool. Adjust the depth stop ring. Fit the thread insert in the newly cut thread and screw it carefully in place. 4. Snap off the installation tap with pliers.


    Depending on the application a magnet may be need to remove the snapped installation tap. For larger sizes of thread, especially spark plug thread, the installation tap should be
    snapped and removed with snipe nose pliers.


    Моеъи буридани мувофиқро истифода баред ва кранро барои ҳар як гардиши пурра бо ақрабаки соат ба ақиб кашед, то самаранокии риштаро таъмин кунед.
    – For blind holes, set the position for the depth adjustment collar (1) on the installation tool (2) so that the tap does not seat and stick out over the upper surface of the thread hole. Make sure that the thread insert tang (A) comes in the slot in the installation tool (2). FIG. 2

  4. Twist the insert in the hole to the requisite depth and remove the installation tool (2).
  5. Барои тоза кардани танг аз шкату болғаи мувофиқ истифода баред.

Тоза кардани нигоҳдорӣ

Wipe the tools and thread inserts after use to clean them from
oil, dirt and shavings. Do not wash with degreaser.


Қисмҳоро дар қуттии металлӣ нигоҳ доред.


Муфассалтар дар бораи ин дастур ва зеркашии PDF:

Ҳуҷҷатҳо / Сарчашмаҳо

MEEC TOOLS 018722 Маҷмӯаи таъмири ришта [pdf] Дастури дастурӣ
018722, 018723, 018724, Thread Repair Kit, Repair Kit, 018722, Thread Repair

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