IKEA як гурӯҳи сермиллати ширкатҳост, ки дар Шветсия таъсис ёфтааст, мебел, зарфҳои ошхона ва лавозимоти хонаро мефурӯшад. IKEA бузургтарин ширкати мебел дар ҷаҳон буда, дар саросари ҷаҳон зиёда аз 400 мағоза дорад ва ба миллионҳо муштариён ашёи рӯзгорро бо нархи дастрас мефурӯшад. Шахси расмии онхо webсайт аст ikea.com

Дар зер феҳристи дастурҳои корбар ва дастурҳо оид ба маҳсулоти IKEA пайдо кардан мумкин аст. Маҳсулоти IKEA патент ва тамғаи тиҷорӣ таҳти тамғаҳо доранд Ширкати Inter IKEA Systems BV

маълумот барои тамос

Идораи корпоративии Ikea

Ikea Амрикои Шимолӣ, ҶДММ

420 Алан Вуд Роуд
Коншохокен, Пенсилвания 19428
Бо Ikea тамос гиред

Рақами телефон: (610) 834-0180
Рақами факс: (610) 834-0439
Webсомона: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/
Email: Ikea почтаи электронӣ фиристед

Далелҳои Ikea

Муассис: Ингвар Кampрадио
Санаи таъсисёбӣ: 1943
Ҷойгоҳи таъсис: Гетеборг, Шветсия
Шумораи кормандон: 220000

Роҳбарони Ikea

РАИСИ УМУРИ МОЛИ: Ингвар Кampрадио
COO: Пернил Спирс-Лопес

IKEA AA-2385053-2-2 VAPPEBY Bluetooth Speaker Black Gen 3 Instruction Manual

Learn how to set up and use the AA-2385053-2-2 VAPPEBY Bluetooth Speaker Black Gen 3 with this comprehensive user manual. Includes product information, package contents, compatible components, and step-by-step instructions.

IKEA 903.057.04 Childrens Sleep Bed Instruction Manual

Discover the perfect children's sleep bed with adjustable length and non-toxic materials. Suitable for ages 3 and up, this bed, model number 903.057.04, offers a comfortable and safe sleeping space. Complete with a slatted bed base for optimal air circulation and available in various colors. Enhance the bed with canopy accessories for a cozy atmosphere. Find detailed usage instructions and more on the product variant at IKEA.

IKEA HEMNES Sink Cabinet with 2 Drawers Instruction Manual

Ensure safety and stability with the HEMNES Sink Cabinet with 2 Drawers. Follow the user manual instructions for proper wall attachment using the provided wall attachment device(s), screws, and plugs. Prevent tip-over accidents by securely attaching the furniture to solid or hollow walls. Seek professional advice if unsure about wall suitability.

IKEA BAGGEBO Storage Cabinet with Door Instruction Manual

Ensure safe usage of the BAGGEBO Storage Cabinet with Door (Models: 100006, 100229, 10036248, 10062514, 100823, 101068, 101313, 101345, 103651, 105493, 106989, 109041, 109558, 119976, 122628, 133127, 139477, 319503) with these usage instructions. Prevent tip-over accidents by securely attaching the cabinet to the wall using suitable screws and plugs. Follow the step-by-step manual for stable and safe furniture placement. Regularly check stability to avoid serious injuries.

IKEA HALVDAN 2 Seat Dining Sofa with Cushions Instruction Manual

Discover how to use the HALVDAN 2 Seat Dining Sofa with Cushions (Model: AA-2392401-2) with ease. Follow step-by-step instructions, adjust settings, and enjoy its features. Keep your product clean for optimal performance. Read the user manual for in-depth guidance on all functions.

IKEA ENHET Kitchen Storage Cabinet Instruction Manual

Ensure safe and secure installation of the ENHET Kitchen Storage Cabinet (model AA-2172280-5) with these step-by-step instructions. Learn how to assess wall suitability, use wall attachment devices, and check furniture stability. Follow guidelines to prevent accidents and maintain a sturdy storage solution.

IKEA SBE8596Z1I_9001781932 KALLBODA Integrated Dishwasher Instruction Manual

Discover the features and usage instructions for the SBE8596Z1I_9001781932 KALLBODA Integrated Dishwasher. Learn about its adjustable top basket, cutlery drawer, and filter system. Set up the appliance, add special salt and detergent, and start the cleaning program. Find detailed product information and descriptions in this user manual.

IKEA SBE6496E1I_9001781931 TORSBODA Integrated Dishwasher Instruction Manual

Discover how to use the SBE6496E1I_9001781931 TORSBODA Integrated Dishwasher with our comprehensive step-by-step user manual. Learn how to add special salt, configure the appliance, and optimize settings for optimal performance. Download the full product manual on the official Ikea webсомона.