BODEGA BCD35 AW Car Refrigerator




  • Агар дастгоҳ ба таври возеҳ осеб дида бошад, онро истифода набаред.
  • Do not block the gaps of the fridge with things like pins, wire, etc.
  • Do not expose the appliance to rain or soak it in water.
  • Do not place the appliance near naked flames or other heat sources (heaters, direct sunlight, gas ovens, etc.)
  • Do not store any explosive substances like spray cans with a flammable propellant.
  • Ensure the supply cord is dry and not trapped or damaged. Do not locate multiple portable socket outlets or portable power supplies at the rear of the appliance.
  • Ҳаҷмро тафтиш кунедtage specification on the type plate corresponds to that of the energy supply. The appliance is only to be used with the power supply unit provided with the appliance.
  • Асбобҳои барқиро дар дохили қуттиҳои нигоҳдории хӯрок истифода набаред, агар онҳо аз рӯи истеҳсолкунанда тавсия дода нашуда бошанд.
  • Once unpacked and before turning on, the appliance must be placed on a level surface for more than 6 hours.
  • Make sure that the appliance stays horizontally when it is running. The tilt angle must be less than 5° for a long time running and less than 45° for short time running.
  • Keep the ventilation openings in the unit casing or in the built-in structure free of obstacles.
  • Keep the appliance stable on the ground or in the car; Do not drain upside down.
  • Тағирот ё тағиротҳо ба ин дастгоҳ, ки аз ҷониби ҷониби масъул барои риояи он ба таври возеҳ тасдиқ нашудааст, метавонад ваколати корбарро барои истифодаи таҷҳизот маҳрум кунад.


  • Repairs may only be carried out by qualified personnel. Incorrect repair may cause danger. The lamp and supply cord must be replaced by the manufacturer or qualified persons.
  • Насби нерӯи доимӣ дар киштӣ бояд аз ҷониби электрикҳои соҳибихтисос анҷом дода шавад.
  • Кӯдакон набояд бо ин дастгоҳ бозӣ кунанд. Тозакунӣ ва нигоҳубини корбарон аз ҷониби кӯдакон бе назорат анҷом дода намешавад.
  • The appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they’ve been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the device in a safe way and understand the hazards.


  • Disconnect the power supply before each cleaning and maintenance and after every
  • Do not use sharp tools to defrost; Do not damage the refrigerant
  • Risk of child entrapment. Before you throw away your old refrigerator or freezer: take off the doors: and leave the shelves in place so that children may not easily climb inside.
  • Check if the cooling capacity of the appliance is suitable for storing the food or Food may only be stored in its original packaging or in suitable containers.
  • If the appliance is left empty for long periods, switch off, defrost, clean, dry, and leave the door open to prevent mould from developing within the appliance.
  • Таҷҳизот барои истифода дар хона ва барномаҳои шабеҳ пешбинӣ шудааст, ба монанди:
    • Кормандони ошхонаҳо дар мағозаҳо, офисҳо ва дигар муҳити корӣ;
    • Camping, Farmhouses, and by clients in hotels, motels, and other residential environments;
    • Муҳитҳои навъи хоб ва наҳорӣ;
    • Catering and similar non-retail applications. Js:: Please according to local regulations regarding disposal of the appliance for its flammable
    • refrigerant and blowing gas.
  • Ин таҷҳизот мутобиқи қисми 15 Қоидаҳои FCC санҷида шудааст ва мувофиқи меъёрҳои дастгоҳи рақамии класси B мувофиқ аст. Ин ҳудудҳо барои ҳимояи оқилона аз дахолати зараровар дар як манзили истиқоматӣ пешбинӣ шудаанд. Ин таҷҳизот энергияи басомади радиоро тавлид мекунад, истифода мебарад ва метавонад нур диҳад ва агар мувофиқи дастурҳо насб ва истифода нашавад, метавонад ба алоқаи радио халал расонад. Аммо, ҳеҷ кафолате вуҷуд надорад, ки халал дар насби мушаххас рух надиҳад. Агар ин таҷҳизот ба қабули радио ва телевизион халал ворид кунад, ки онро бо хомӯш кардан ва кушодани таҷҳизот муайян кардан мумкин аст, корбар тавсия дода мешавад, ки халалро тавассути як ё якчанд тадбирҳои зерин ислоҳ кунад:
    • Антеннаи қабулкунандаро ба ҷои дигар равона кунед ё ба ҷои дигар кӯчонед.
    • Ҷудоии байни таҷҳизот ва қабулкунандаро зиёд кунед.
    •  Таҷҳизотро ба васлаки ноҳиявии аз схемае, ки қабулкунанда қабул мекунад, фарқ кунед.
    • Барои кӯмак бо дилер ё мутахассиси ботаҷрибаи радио / ТВ муроҷиат кунед.
  • Барои риояи риояи дастурҳои таъсири РБ-и FCC, масофа бояд на камтар аз 20 см байни радиатор ва бадани шумо бошад ва конфигуратсияҳои корӣ ва насби интиқолдиҳанда ва мавҷгири(ҳо)-и он пурра дастгирӣ карда шаванд.

Диққати FCC
Ин дастгоҳ ба Қисми 15-и Қоидаҳои FCC мувофиқат мекунад. Амалиёт бояд ду шарти зеринро иҷро кунад:

  1. ин дастгоҳ метавонад халалҳои зарароварро ба бор наорад ва
  2. ин дастгоҳ бояд ҳама гуна халалҳои гирифташударо, аз ҷумла халалҳоеро, ки метавонад боиси фаъолияти номатлуб гардад, қабул кунад.


  • High-efficiency compressor and conversion module.
  • CFC-free and great heat insulation.
  • Lowest cooling to -20°C /-4°F (based on 25°C/77°F room temperature).
  • Intelligent battery protection system prevents your vehicle from running out of battery.
  • Touch screen control panel for temperature setting.
  • Dual fridge and freezer zone.
  • Optional car/home use.
  • Detailed design: interior light, shelf, handle.



  1. Идора
  2. freezer Compartment
  3. ridge Compartment
  4. шл
  5. Machine compartment



  • Таъмини нерӯ: connected to DC 12/24V or AC100~240V(using the adapter).
  • Оғоз / хомӯш: пахш кунед BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-3switch ON, long press BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-3 барои се сония барои хомӯш кардан.
  • Муқаррар кардани ҳарорат: under running, press BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-4to switch the refrigerator or freezer temperature setting. Press+or -to adjust the temperature. The setting will be saved automatically after stopping operating for 4 seconds
    (Шарҳ: the temperature displayed is the current temperature of the compartment, it’ II takes a while to reach the set temperature.)
    Диапазони ҳарорат: Fridge(rE) :0-8°C/32°F-46.4°F; Freezer(Fr) :-12~-20°C/10.4~-4°F.
  • Battery Protection Mode (for car use type): under running, long press BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-4 for three seconds until the display screen flashes, then select three battery protection modes H(High), M(Medium), and L(Low) by clicking BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-4 again. The factory setting is High battery protection mode the voltage is a theoretical value, and there may be a deviation in different sceneries.BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-6
  • H should be set when the product is connected to car power, and M or L should be set when it is connected to a portable battery or other backup battery.
  • Муқаррар кардани воҳиди ҳарорат: Switch off the fridge then long press BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-4 until displays El, keep pressing BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-4 until displays ES, then press BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-5 to select Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Аз нав танзим кардан: switch off the fridge, press until El displays, then press button+ and- at the same time to reset.

Ҳарорати тавсияшаванда барои хӯроки умумӣ:BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-8

Нигоҳубин ва таъмир


  • Unplug the fridge first to avoid electric shock.
  • Do not soak the fridge in water and do not wash it directly.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents during cleaning as these can damage the fridge.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the fridge and dry it.

If the device will not be in use for a long time, please follow the instruction:

  • Барқро хомӯш кунед ва симро хориҷ кунед.
  • Чизҳои дар яхдон нигоҳ дошташударо хориҷ кунед.
  • Wipe off excess water from the fridge with a rag.
  • Put the fridge in a cool and dry place.

Намӣ метавонад дар дохили дастгоҳи хунуккунӣ ё бухоркунанда шабнамро ба вуҷуд орад. Ин қобилияти хунуккуниро коҳиш медиҳад. Барои пешгирӣ кардани ин, дастгоҳро сари вақт ях кунед.

  • Дастгоҳро хомӯш кунед
  • Take out all the contents of the device.
  • Keep the door open.
  • Оби яхкардашударо тоза кунед.

Never use hard or pointed tools to remove ice or to loosen objects which A have frozen in place.


  • Қадами аввал: Turn on the Bluetooth on your smart device; start the APP and click “Search” to find nearby fridges.
  • Қадамҳои дуюм: Click the fridge icon for Bluetooth pairing (the APP will prompt you to pair the fridge by pressing the set button O on the fridge’s control panel when connecting the fridge for the first time). After pairing, the APP will switch to the main interface allowing you to control the fridge.



  1. Ҳарорати ҷорӣ
  2. Ҷилди ҷорӣtage
  3. Ҳарорати мақсаднок
  4. Switch Left/Right compartment
  5. Set
  6. ON / OFF
  7. Назорати гармидиҳӣ
  8. ECO(Energy-saving) / MAX(Fast-cooling)
  9. Қулф / Қулфкш
  10. Celsius/ Fahrenheit
  11. Unpairing the device and return to search
  12. Battery protection mode: High/Medium/Low

Тасвири қулфро пахш кунед BODEGA-BCD35-AW-Car-Refrigerator-FIG-10 on the APP to lock/unlock the control panel on the fridge, if locked, the fridge can only be controlled by the APP.

Downloading the “CAR FRIDGE FREEZER” Application


Scan the QR code on the left or search for the “CAR FRIDGE FREEZER” APP in the APP Store (for Apple devices) or Google Store (for Android devices).


Масъалаҳои Cause/Suggestions


Яхдон кор намекунад

• Check if the switch is on.

• Check if the plug and socket are connected well.

• Check if the fuse has been burnt.

• Check if the power supply has malfunctioned.

• Switch on/off the fridge frequently may cause start delay of the compressor.

Қуттиҳои яхдон хеле гарм мебошанд • The door is opened frequently.

• A large amount of warm or hot food was stored recently.

• The refrigerator has been disconnected for a long time.

Хӯрок ях карда шудааст • The temperature was set too low.
There is “water flow” noise from inside the refrigerator  

• It’s a normal phenomenon, caused by the flow of refrigerant.

Дар атрофи яхдон қатраҳои обӣ мавҷуданд

корпус ё холигии дар

• It’s a normal phenomenon, the moisture will condense to water when it touches a cold surface of the refrigerator.
Компрессор ҳангоми ба кор андохтан каме садо медиҳад • It’s a normal phenomenon, the noise will be reduced after the compressor works stably.

Code Fl нишон дода шудааст

•  Possible cause: low voltagд ба яхдон.

Adjust the battery protection from High to Medium or from Medium to Low.


Рамзи F2 нишон дода мешавад

• Possible cause: condenser fan is overloaded. Disconnect power to fridge for 5 minutes & re-start.

If the code shows again, contact manufacturer for service.


Рамзи F3 нишон дода мешавад

• Possible cause: the compressor starts too frequently. Disconnect power to fridge for 5 minutes & re-start.

If the code shows again, contact manufacturer for service.


Рамзи F4 нишон дода мешавад

• Possible cause: compressor not kicking in. Disconnect power to fridge for 5 minutes & re-start.

If the code shows again, contact manufacturer for service.


Рамзи FS нишон дода шудааст

• Possible cause: overheating of the compressor & electronics. Disconnect power to fridge for 5 minutes & re-start.

If the code shows again, contact manufacturer for service.


Рамзи F6 нишон дода мешавад

• Possible cause: no parameter can be detected by the controller. Disconnect power to fridge for 5 minutes & re-start.

If the code shows again, contact manufacturer for service.


Рамзи F7 ё FS нишон дода мешавад

• Possible cause: temperature sensor is faulty. Contact manufacturer for service.

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