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Transmitter User Manual
Навсозии март 22, 2021

AJAX 10306 Transmitter Wired to Wireless Detector Converter - cover

мефиристад is a module for connecting third-party detectors to Ajax security system. It transmits alarms and warns about the activation of the external detector tamper and it is equipped with own accelerometer, which protects it from dismounting. It runs on batteries and can supply power to the connected detector.
Transmitter operates within the Ajax security system, by connecting via the protected Jeweller protocol to the hub. It is not intended to use the device in third-party systems.
Not compatible with the uartBridge or ocBridge Plus
The communication range can be up to 1,600 meters provided that there are no obstacles and the case is removed.

Transmitter is set up via a mobile application for iOS and Android based smartphones.

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Унсурҳои функсионалӣ

AJAX 10306 Transmitter Wired to Wireless Detector Converter - Functional Elements

  1. QR code with the device registration key.
  2. Batteries contacts.
  3. Нишондиҳандаи LED.
  4. Тугмаи ON / OFF.
  5. Terminals for detector power supply, alarm and tamper signals.

Тартиби амалиёт

Transmitter is designed to connect third-party wired sensors and devices to the Ajax security system. The integration module receives information about alarms and tamper activation through the wires connected to the clamps.
Transmitter can be used to connect panic and medical buttons, indoor and outdoor motion detectors, as well as opening, vibration, breaking, re, gas, leakage and others wired detectors.
The type of alarm is indicated in the settings of the Transmitter. The text of noti cations about alarms and events of the connected device, as well as event codes transmitted to the central monitoring panel of the security company (CMS) depend on the selected type.

Ҳамагӣ 5 намуди дастгоҳҳо мавҷуданд:

Намуди Icon
Огоҳӣ дар бораи ҳамла
Ҳушдори оташ
Бонги хатари тиббӣ
Тугмаи ваҳм
Огоҳӣ оид ба консентратсияи газ

Transmitter has 2 pairs of wired zones: alarm and tampтЌЌ.
A separate pair of terminals ensures power supply to the external detector from the module batteries with 3.3 V.

Пайвастшавӣ ба марказ

Пеш аз оғози пайвастшавӣ:

  1. Following the hub instruction recommendations, install the Ajax application on your smartphone. Create an account, add the hub to the application, and create at least one room.
  2. Ба барномаи Ajax гузаред.
  3. Шабакаро фурӯзон кунед ва пайвастшавӣ ба интернетро санҷед (тавассути сими Ethernet ва / ё шабакаи GSM).
  4. Боварӣ ҳосил намоед, ки марказ безарар карда шудааст ва навсозиро бо санҷиши мақоми он дар замимаи мобилӣ оғоз намекунад.

Танҳо корбароне, ки имтиёзҳои маъмурӣ доранд, метавонанд дастгоҳро ба марказ илова кунанд

How to connect the Transmitter to the hub:

  1. Дар замимаи Ajax варианти Илова кардани дастгоҳро интихоб кунед.
  2. Name the device, scan/write manually the QR Code (located on the body and packaging) and select the location room.
  3. Илова -ро интихоб кунед - ҳисобкунӣ оғоз меёбад.
  4. Switch on the device (by pressing on/off button for 3 seconds).

AJAX 10306 Transmitter Wired to Wireless Detector Converter - How to connect the Transmitter to the hub

For the detection and interfacing to occur, the device should be located within the coverage area of the wireless network of the hub (at a single protected object).
Дархост барои пайвастшавӣ ба хаб дар вақти фурӯзон кардани дастгоҳ ба муддати кӯтоҳ ирсол карда мешавад.
If the connection to the Ajax hub failed, the Transmitter will switch off after 6 seconds. You may repeat the connection attempt then.
The Transmitter connected to the hub will appear in the list of devices of the hub in the application. Update of device statuses in the list depends on the device inquiry time set in the hub settings, with the default value ­ 36 seconds.


  1. Дастгоҳҳо
  2. мефиристад
параметри арзиши
ҳарорат Ҳарорати дастгоҳ. Дар протсессор чен карда шудааст ва тадриҷан тағир меёбад
Қувваи сигнали заргарӣ Signal strength between the hub and the device
Пуркунии батарея Сатҳи батареяи дастгоҳ. Ҳамчун фоиз нишон дода шудаастtage
Чӣ гуна заряди батарея дар барномаҳои Ajax нишон дода мешавад
Лид Тamper terminal state
Таъхир ҳангоми ворид шудан, сония Ҳангоми ворид шудан вақти таъхир
Таъхир ҳангоми баромадан, сония Ҳангоми баромадан вақтро ба таъхир андозед
Пайвастшавӣ Connection status between the hub and the Transmitter
Ҳамеша фаъол f active, the device is always in an armed mode
Ҳушдор дар ҳолати кӯчонида шудааст It turns on the Transmitter accelerometer, detecting device movement
Ғайрифаъолсозии муваққатӣ Ҳолати функсияи муваққатан хомӯш кардани дастгоҳро нишон медиҳад:
Не - дастгоҳ муътадил кор мекунад ва ҳамаи рӯйдодҳоро интиқол медиҳад.
Танҳо сарпӯш — the hub administrator has disabled noti the device body.
Тамоман — the device is completely excludedfrom the system operation by the hub administrator. The device does not follow system commands and does not report alarms or other events.
Аз рӯи шумораи ҳушдорҳо — the device is automatically disabled by the system when the number of alarms is exceeded (speci in the settings for Devices Auto Deactivation). The feature is coned in the Ajax PRO app.
Бо вақтсанҷ — the device is automatically disabled by the system when the recovery timer expires (speci Devices Auto Deactivation). The feature is
coned in the Ajax PRO app.
насбкардашуда Нусхаи детектор
Шиносаи дастгоҳ Шиносаи дастгоҳ


  1. Дастгоҳҳо
  2. мефиристад
  3. Танзимот
Параметри арзиши
аввал Номи дастгоҳ, метавонад таҳрир карда шавад
хона Интихоби ҳуҷраи маҷозӣ, ки дастгоҳ ба он таъин шудааст
Ҳолати тамос детектори беруна Selection of the external detector normal status:
• Normally closed (NC)
• Normally opened (NO)
External Detector Type Selection of the external detector type:
• Pulse
• Bistable
Tampвазъ Selection of the normal tamper mod for an external detector:
• Normally closed (NC)
• Normally opened (NO)
Навъи ҳушдор Select alarm type of connected device:
• Intrusion
• оташ
• Medical help
• Panic button
• Gas
The text of SMS and notivents feed, as well as the code transmitted to the security company’s console, depends on the selected type of alarms
Ҳамеша фаъол When the mode is active, the Transmitter transmits alarms even when the system is disarmed
Таъхир ҳангоми ворид шудан, сония Интихоби вақти таъхир ҳангоми ворид шудан
Таъхир ҳангоми баромадан, сония Интихоби вақти таъхир ҳангоми баромадан
Таъхири режими шабона Ҳангоми истифодаи режими шабона таъхир фаъол шуд
Ҳушдор дар ҳолати кӯчонида шудааст The accelerometer turning on the Transmitter to provide an alarm in the event of device movement
Таъмини қувваи детектор Turning the power on in 3.3 V external detector:
• Disabled if disarmed
• Always disabled
• Always enabled
Даст дар ҳолати шабона Агар фаъол бошад, дастгоҳ ҳангоми истифодаи режими шабона ба ҳолати мусаллаҳ мегузарад
Alert with a siren if an alarm is detected If active, Sirens added to the system are sirens activated if an alarm is detected
Санҷиши қувваи сигнали заргарӣ Дастгоҳро ба ҳолати санҷиши қувваи сигнал мегузаронад
Санҷиши камшавӣ Switches the device to the signal fade test mode (available in detectors with firmware version 3.50 and later)
Дастури корбар Opens the device User Guide
Ғайрифаъолсозии муваққатӣ Ду имконот мавҷуданд:
Тамоман — the device will not execute system commands or run automation
scenarios. The system will ignore device alarms and not
Танҳо сарпӯш — messages about triggering the tamper button of the device are ignored
Дар бораи ғайрифаъолкунии муваққатии дастгоҳ маълумоти бештар гиред
Система инчунин метавонад дастгоҳҳоро ба таври худкор ҳангоми хомӯш кардани шумораи муқарраршудаи ҳушдорҳо ё ба итмом расидани вақти таймер барқарор кунад.
Дар бораи худкор хомӯш кардани дастгоҳҳо маълумоти бештар гиред 
Дастгоҳро ҷудо кунед Дастгоҳро аз марказ ҷудо мекунад ва танзимоти онро нест мекунад

Set the following parameters in the Transmitter settings:

  • The state of the external detector contact, which can be normally closed or normally open.
  • The type (mode) of the external detector that can be bistable or pulse.
  • Тamper mode, which can be normally closed or normally open.
  • The accelerometer-triggered alarm — you can turn this signal off or on.

Select the power mode for the external detector:

  • Turned off when the hub is disarmed — the module stops powering the external detector upon disarming and does not process signals from the
    ALARM terminal. When arming the detector, the power supply resumes, but the alarm signals are ignored for the
  • Always disabled — the Transmitter saves energy by turning off the power of the external detector. The signals from the ALARM terminal are processed both in the pulse and bistable modes.
  • Always active — this mode should be used if there are any problems in the “Turned off when the hub is disarmed”. When the security system is armed, signals from the ALARM terminal are processed no more than once in three minutes in the pulse mode. If the bistable mode is selected, such signals are processed instantly.

If the “Always active” operating mode is selected for the module, the external detector is powered only in the “Always active” or the “Turned off when the hub disarmed” mode, regardless of the security system status.


ҳодиса Нишондиҳанда
The Module is switched on and registered The LED lights up when the ON button is brie pressed.
Бақайдгирӣ ноком шуд LED blinks for 4 seconds with an interval of 1 second, then blinks 3 times rapidly (and automatically switches OFF).
The Module is deleted from the list of hub devices LED blinks for 1 minute with an interval of 1 second, then blinks 3 times rapidly (and automatically switches OFF).
The Module has received alarm/tamper signal The LED lights up for 1 second.
Батареяҳо холӣ мешаванд Smoothly lights up and goes out when the detector or tamper фаъол карда мешавад.

Озмоиши кор

Системаи амнияти Ajax имкон медиҳад, ки санҷишҳо барои санҷиши фаъолияти дастгоҳҳои васлшуда гузаронида шаванд.
Санҷишҳо мустақиман оғоз намешаванд, балки дар муддати 36 сония ҳангоми истифодаи танзимоти стандартӣ. Оғози вақти санҷиш аз танзимоти давраи сканкунии детектор вобаста аст (сархат дар.) "Заргар" settings in hub settings).

Санҷиши қувваи сигнали заргарӣ
Санҷиши камшавӣ

Connection of the Module to the wired detectorа

Location of the Transmitter determines its remoteness from the hub and presence of any obstacles between the devices hindering the radio signal transmission: walls, inserted ge-size objects located within the room.

Check the signal strength level at the installation location

If the signal level is one division, we cannot guarantee stable operation of the security system. Take possible measures to improve the quality of the signal! As a minimum, move the device — even 20 cm shift can signiove the quality of reception.
If, after moving, the device still has a low or unstable signal strength, use a . radio signal range extender ReX
The Transmitter should be encased inside the wired detector case. The Module requires a space with the following minimum dimensions: 110 × 41 × 24 mm. If the installation of the Transmitter within the detector case is impossible, then any available radiotransparent case could be used.

  1. Connect the Transmitter to the detector through the NC/NO contacts (choose the relevant setting in the application) and COM.

The maximum cable length for connecting the sensor is 150 m (24 AWG twisted pair). The value may vary when using different type of cable.

The function of the Transmitter’s terminals

AJAX 10306 Transmitter Wired to Wireless Detector Converter - The function of the Transmitter’s terminals

+ — — power supply output (3.3 V)
Огоҳӣ — alarm terminals
TAMP - tamper terminals

IMPORTANT! Do not connect external power to the Transmitter’s power outputs.
This may damage the device
2. Secure the Transmitter in the case. Plastic bars are included in the installation kit. It is recommendable to install the Transmitter on them.

Do not install the Transmitter:

  • Near metal objects and mirrors (they can shield the radio signal and lead to its attenuation).
  • Closer than 1 meter to a hub.

Maintenance and Battery Replacement

The device does not require maintenance when mounted in the housing of a wired sensor.

Чӣ муддат дастгоҳҳои Ajax бо батареяҳо кор мекунанд ва ин чӣ таъсир мерасонад
Иваз кардани батарея

Хусусиятҳои Tech

Connecting a detector ALARM and TAMPER (NO/NC) terminals
Mode for processing alarm signals from the detector Pulse or Bistable
ҳокимият 3 × CR123A, 3V batteries
Capability to power the connected detector Yes, 3.3V
Protection from dismounting Accelerometer
Басомади басомад 868.0–868.6 MHz or 868.7 – 869.2 MHz,
depends on sales region
мутобиқати Operates only with all Ajax , hubs and range extenders
Қувваи ниҳоии баромади ФР То 20 мВт
Modulation ГФСК
Доираи коммуникатсия То 1,600 м (ягон монеа вуҷуд надорад)
Ping interval for the connection with the receiver 12-300 сония
ҳарорати амалиётӣ Аз -25°С то +50°С
намӣ амалиётӣ То ба 75%
Андоза 100 × 39 × 22 мм
тарозу 74 г

Маҷмӯи пурра

  1. мефиристад
  2. Battery CR123A — 3 pcs
  3. Маҷмӯи насб
  4. Дастурҳои фаврӣ


Кафолати маҳсулоти Ширкати масъулияти маҳдуд ба "AJAX SYSTEMS MANUFACTURING" барои 2 сол пас аз харид эътибор дорад ва ба батареяи қаблан насбшуда дахл надорад.
If the device does not work correctly, you should t service — in half of the cases, technical issues can be solved remotely!

Матни пурраи кафолат
Созишномаи корбар
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AJAX 10306 Transmitter Wired to Wireless Detector Converter [pdf] Дастури корбар
10306, Transmitter Wired to Wireless Detector Converter

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