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TEKVOX ShareView Wireless Presentation System User Guide

TEKVOX ShareView Wireless Presentation System 

Connecting via Puck1

Step 1: Connect Puck to Laptop

If the laptop has a USB-C port2 , connect the USB-C puck to it, with the logo face-up. If the laptop does not have a USB-C port, connect the HDMI/USB puck’s HDMI plug to the laptop’s HDMI output, and the puck’s USB plug to a USB-A port on the laptop.

Once connected, the puck’s indicator light will flash green, indicating that it is initializing. The puck’s light will switch to solid green (not flashing) once it is connected and ready.

Step 2: Touch to Present

Touch the green logo on the puck to begin presenting wirelessly. The puck will vibrate briefly, then the Share View Wireless will begin sharing the laptop’s screen. This wireless presentation will register as a secondary display to the laptop’s system, and so can be set to extend or mirror as desired.

To stop sharing the laptop’s screen, touch the logo on the puck again.

Connecting via Desktop App:

Step 1: Download App from Web User Interface

In a web browser, enter the IP address displayed in the bottom-left corner of the Share View Wireless’ home screen.
Select the appropriate operating system—Android, Windows, or Portable (temporary installation)—to download app.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the control app, choosing “Yes” if prompted to install a virtual driver and to install “WMMeeting.

  1. Note: Hardware pucks can only be used for wireless screen sharing, not for video conferencing. To host a video conference wireless, see “Connecting via Desktop App”
  2. The USB-C port must support data transfer in order to work properly for wireless presentation. USB-C ports that are charging-only are not compatible with this system.
Step 2: Connect to ShareView Wireless Wi-Fi Network

On the laptop, go to network options and locate the Wi-Fi network named after the room number; the name of the network will also appear in the top-left corner of the ShareView Wireless home screen. Confirm that “Connect automatically” is NOT checked, then click “Connect.”

Enter the password shown in the top left corner of the ShareView Wireless home screen, thn click “Next.”

Step 3: Connect to ShareView Wireless via App

In the WMMeeting app on the laptop, click “Connect” next to the Share View Wireless’ name to link the laptop wirelessly to the Share View system.

Step 4: Share Screen Wirelessly

Press “Ready to share” to share the laptop’s screen.
Press “Sharing” to stop sharing screen.
If a camera and microphone are connected to the Share View Wireless, the camera and mic icons will turn green to indicate those devices are available to select in the laptop’s settings.

Documents / Resources

TEKVOX ShareView Wireless Presentation System [pdf] User Guide
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