agent AW80 Binaural DECT Wireless Headset Instruction Manual

This user manual provides instructions for the AW80 Binaural DECT Wireless Headset, designed to work with the AW70 & AW80 models only. Learn how to connect the headset to your PC, adjust the volume, and ensure compatibility with communication applications. Complies with safety and EMC standards.

Yealink WH66 Mono Dual DECT Wireless Headset User Guide

Discover the industry-leading Yealink WH66 DECT Wireless Headset, equipped with Acoustic Shield Technology and busylight feature for clear communication. Available in Mono and Dual models, the headset connects to multiple devices for a multifunctional workstation. Follow the usage instructions and download the Yealink USB Connect client for personalized management. Purchase additional accessories such as BT50, Busylight BLT60, and Wireless Charger WHC60 for added convenience.

LEITNER LH370 Wireless Headset User Guide

Learn how to set up your LH370 Wireless Headset with this quick start guide from LEITNER. Includes instructions for Bluetooth pairing and customer support information. Perfect for optimizing your headset experience.

HUMANTECHNIK earis xs Digital Wireless Headset User Manual

This user manual provides instructions on how to use the earis xs Digital Wireless Headset from HUMANTECHNIK. Learn how to connect the transmitter to various audio sources, power the device, and adjust volume and balance. Safety notes on the lithium-polymer rechargeable battery are also included.