INSIGNIA PC Headset/ Stereo PC Headset Quick Setup Guide NS-PAH5101, NS-PAH5101-C, NS-PAH5201, NS-PAH5205, NS-PAH5201-C, NS-PAH5205-C

Quick Setup Guide NS-PAH5101/NS-PAH5101-C/NS-PAH5201/ NS-PAH5205/NS-PAH5201-C/NS-PAH5205-C PC Headset/Stereo PC Headset PACKAGE CONTENTS Mono PC Headset, Stereo PC Headset, or Deluxe Stereo PC Headset Y adapter Quick Setup Guide INSTALLING YOUR HEADSET Plug the connectors into the corresponding ports on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. ADJUSTING THE VOLUME You can adjust the volume by: • Turning […]