PORTA PHONE ULP16-RD Dual Speaker User Guide

Discover the ULP16-RD Dual Speaker user manual with comprehensive product information and instructions. Adjust volume, experience optimal sound quality, and clear communication. Ensure FCC compliance and prevent interference for desired operation. Safeguard your hearing with responsible device usage. Find answers to FAQs about volume adjustment, interference troubleshooting, and more. Download the user manual for detailed instructions.

PORTA PHONE ULP16-MDW Dual Speaker with Switch Button User Guide

Discover the ULP16-MDW dual speaker with switch button - a versatile and FCC compliant device. Easily toggle between conference mode and separate groups for enhanced communication. Swivel up the mic boom for automatic muting. Find all the specifications and instructions you need.

PORTA PHONE ULP16-MS Single Speaker User Guide

Learn how to pair, adjust volume, and use the microphone on the ULP16-MS Single Speaker headset with this user manual. FCC compliant and Bluetooth enabled, this single speaker headset offers convenience and functionality. Discover conference mode and microphone muting features. Maximize your understanding of this product with the provided instructions.

PORTA PHONE ULP16-MSW Single Speaker with Switch Button User Manual

The ULP16-MSW Single Speaker with Switch Button user manual provides instructions for conference mode, microphone muting, and FCC compliance. Learn how to operate and pair the ULP16-MSW headset for optimal performance. Prevent hearing damage by following recommended volume levels.

PORTA PHONE 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Base Station Conference Module User Manual

Learn how to use the B4H-DBXCBS Base Station Conference Module with our comprehensive user manual. This versatile device can function on 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz bands, and can be paired with other DBX Conference Modules for capacity expansion. Follow our instructions for safe and effective use.

Porta Phone DBXM Full Duplex 900 MHz/2.4 GHz Transceiver User Manual

Learn how to operate Porta Phone DBXM Full-Duplex 900 MHz/2.4 GHz Transceiver with this user manual. Follow the instructions to power on/off, pair, talk and listen using DBXM Full Duplex 2.4 GHz Transceiver and DBXM Full Duplex 900 MHz Transceiver. Get better sound volume with volume up and down button and switch band between 2.4G and 900MHz by pressing the button under the ear pad. FCC compliant, this device can register up to 8 remotes with a total of over 250 headsets available on listening mode.