Peace Target Bluetooth Speaker User Manual 022-001

Manual for BT speaker

Small, compact size gives your audio powerful sound. The clear sound is powered by new generation amplifiers, that you can take with your enjoy anywhere.

1.Portable speaker for your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or MP3 Player.
2.Light-weight, small in size, but incredible sound.
3.Plastic housing provides protection and great sound.
4.Up to 2-3 hours playback time, one a full charge

1.Mini speaker
2.Audio cable
3.Micro USB charging cable
4.User Manual

Power supplier: DC5V
Output power: 3W(1KHz,THD10%)
Frequency: 200Hz – 20KHZ
Signal&noise ratio:≥ 85dB
Impedance: 4 OHM(Ω)
Li-ion Output: 3.7V~4.2V+0.05V
Li-ion Input: 5V Lithium battery
capacity: 300mAh
Speaker Unit: 40mm

Button Description:

Long press for volume decrease

Long press for volume decrease; short press for last song.

answer / off the phone

Short press for pause or answer / off the phone.

Long press for volume increase; short press for next song.

Long press for volume increase; short press for next song.

Long press for switch on/off.

Long press for switch on/off.

hort press for radio /bluetooth play/line in model change

hort press for radio /bluetooth play/line in model change

hort press for radio /bluetooth play/line in model change

hort press for radio /bluetooth play/line in model change

Under BT Model:
Long press

hort press for radio /bluetooth play/line in model change

to turn on, at the same time, the blue light flashes. Search name of the speaker is “BT Speaker” Make your device and speaker bluetooth pairing. After a successful connection, light slow flash, sound will be issued “dong dong dong” tones

Under Line-in Model:

AUX audio playback: appendix provides the 3.5mm audio line.Can play music by link to mobile phone、MP3、MP4、PC、IPOD and other audio devices. Reminder: When it’s on AUX model, above buttons keeps on the same function.

Under radio Model:

Under radio Model

The interface description:

The interface description:


1.Please read the instructions carefully before using.
2.Avoid contact with liquids; keep away from water, and high moisture conditions.
3.Do not locate the speaker or cord near heat sources such as radiators, heaters, air ducts. or
direct sunlight.
4.Do not place a naked flame source such as candles on the Mini Speaker.
5.Recharge the battery with suitable voltage output(5V/500mA)
6.Do not hit the product severely, or insert any conductive objects into the speaker, or charging
7.Do not block the speaker grill when the speaker is running.
8.Stop using at once if high temperature, smoke, burning smell, nor-normal noise, or fire are
noticed coming from product.
9.Do not repair on your own, seek the help of a professional.
10.To avoid getting shocked, do not touch product with wet hands.
11.Keep out of reach of children.

No Sound
1.Audio cable is not fully plugged into the 3.5mm audio port on speaker or device.
2.Audio cable is damaged.
3.Source of audio is not working.
4.No LED indication when audio cable is plugged-in.
5.Mini speaker is out power.

Not charging:
1.Input power source is not normal(5V/500mA)
2.Micro USB adaptor of charging cable is not fully plugged into the mini speaker charging port.
3.Charging cable is damaged.

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Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Manual and Pairing Instructions

Charging the headset

You must charge the headset fully(more than 6 hours) before using the headset for the first time.

1.Connect the USB charging cable to the USB chargeport of the headphone.
2.The indicator light will turn into red when charging.
3.The full charge takes about 2 hours.
4.The red indicator light goes out and turn into bluewhen charging completed.

Low-Voltage alert:

When the indicator turns into red and alert tone “battery low” sounds indicate that the battery has run out, need to charge as soon as possible.

Power on/off the headset

Power on: Press the “MPOW” button about 3 seconds until the blue indicator flash. You will also hear the indication voice “Power On”.
Power off: Press the “MPOW” button for about 3 seconds until the red indicator light flash and then goes off. You will also hear the indication voice “Power Off”.

Pair to your Smartphone

1. Press the “MPOW” button for about 5 seconds until the red and blue lights start flashing alternately.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone. Search for the Bluetooth devices and select “MPOW SWIFT”

3.Enter the code “0000” if needed.

4. If paring is successful, the blue light indicator starts flashing. You will also hear the indication voice “connected.”


1. Please make sure the headphone is off before pair.
2. It will connect to the pre-set phone automaticallywhen turns on. (Please make sure the Bluetooth function of your phone is on.)

Connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time

1. Pair the Bluetooth headphone to the first phone.
2. After pair successfully, turn off the headset, and also disable the Bluetooth function of the first phone.
3. Pair the Bluetooth headphone to the second phone.
4. After pair successfully, turn on the Bluetooth function of the first phone. Select the “MPOW SWIFT” and click “connect”.
5. Two phones will both connect the headphone at the same time.

Answering a call

For iPhone users:
Selection 1. Press the “MPOW” button.
Selection 2. Press the “Answer” button of your iPhone and check your iPhone call menu. Look for the audio source and select the headphone “MPOW SWIFT”.

For Android User (such as Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. ):
Selection 1. Press the “MPOW” button.
Selection 2. Press the “Answer” button of your phone.

Ending a call

Press the “MPOW” button.

Rejecting a call

Double press the “MPOW” button to reject call when the call is ringing.

Redialing the last called number

Double press the “MPOW” button

Muting the call

1.Double press the “MPOW” button to activate mute function when talking.
2.Double press the “MPOW” button to cancel the mute function when muting.

Playing music

When you are listening to the music, you can press the buttons “Play, Pause, Previous Song, Next song” to select your optimal performance and control the volume.
1. Play/Pause: Short press the MPOW button.
2. Next Song: Long press the button “ – ”.
3. Previous Song: Long press the button “ + ”.
4. Volume Up: Short press the button “ + ”.
5. Volume Down: Short press the button “ – ” 

Promark VR Drone User Manual

P70-VR Image




VR Drone Quadcopter

VR 3D Glasses

VR Remote Control Console


1. Charge drone battery up to 5 hours (red light will turn off when fully charged).
2. Open battery compartment and slide battery in. Plug 3 color battery cable into port. No need to remove battery when charging!

Open battery


3. Connect black and red power cables to each other:

Connect black and red power cables

4. Connect USB power cord to drone and to power source.

Connect USB power cord

5. Connect protective rings:

Connect protective rings

6. Add 4AA batteries to remote control console:

Add 4AA batteries to remote

7. Slide camera onto bottom of drone and attach black power cord:

Slide camera


8. Attach head strap to VR 3D Glasses.

9.   Download the Promark Download the Promark VR aerial-photography app to stream real-time video direct from your Promark VR Drone to your smartphone. The Promark VR app works as both a 2D FPV (First Person Viewer) and 3D virtual reality device (VR glasses required, included).


10. Press the power button.

11. Once the drone lights up, go to your smartphone and access your “SETTINGS” and then “WIFI” and search for the “P70-VR” wireless signal. Once connected to the drone, exit your settings and open the “PROMARK VR” app and click “PLAY” to access the control interface and real-time video.

12. For Live viewing: Open app and place in phone holder on remote. For Live 3D virtual reality viewing: open app and place phone in goggles compartment.

Live viewing

13. Connecting to the Drone: 1. Power on the drone (all lights will be blinking slowly). 2. Place the drone on a FLAT surface. 3. Power on the remote (all lights will be blinking rapidly). 4. Press Up/Down on the left joystick (you will hear a beep). 5. Drone is ready to fly (all lights pulsing slowly). 6. Press the One-button Takeoff (drone will automatically take off).


• Follow community-based safety guidelines, as developed by organizations such as the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).
• Fly no higher than 400 feet and remain below any surrounding obstacles when possible.
• Keep your sUAS in eyesight at all times, and use an observer to assist if needed.
• Remain well clear of and do not interfere with manned aircraft operations, and you must see and avoid other aircraft and obstacles at all times.
• Do not intentionally fly over unprotected persons or moving vehicles, and remain at least 25 feet away from individuals and
vulnerable property.
• Contact the airport or control tower before flying within five miles of an airport.
• Do not fly in adverse weather conditions such as in high winds or reduced visibility.
• Do not fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Ensure the operating environment is safe and that the operator is competent and proficient in the operation of the sUAS.
• Do not fly near or over sensitive infrastructure or property such as power stations, water treatment facilities, correctional facilities, heavily traveled roadways, government facilities, etc.
• Check and follow all local laws and ordinances before flying over private property.
• Do not conduct surveillance or photograph persons in areas where there is an expectation of privacy without the individual’s permission

FOR AGES 14 AND UP ONLY – WARNING! Choking Hazard – Small Parts – Not Suitable For Children Under 3.








1) Turn power on. Lights will blink
2) Place drone on flat surface.
3) Turn on remote.
4) Push left throttle lever all the way forward and then all the way back twice to connect to drone. You will hear a beep on remote and the drone lights will flash. Press one button take off.


HOVER UP AND DOWN: Push the throttle up or down,the quadcopter flies upward or downward.


FORWARD AND BACKWARD: Push the direction lever up or down, the quadcopter flies forward or backward.

TURN LEFT AND RIGHT: Pull the throttle left or right, the quadcopter turns to left or right.


SIDEWARD FLY: Pull the direction lever left or right, the quadcopter flies to left side or right side.

LEFT/RIGHT-TUNING FLY FINE-TUNING: You can adjust left/right flight by pressing the fine-tuning button right/left.

FORWARD/BACKWARD FLY FINE-TUNING: You can adjust forward/backward flight by pressing the fine-tuning button up or down.




Normal flight mode is turned on by default,and conventional flying quadcopter fly.

Press the Camera Key to access the Pressure Height-setting Mode. This will keep the height of the quadcoptor at it’s current height. Push throttle lever upward and the quadcoptor will begin ascending. Push downward on the throttle lever and the quadcoptor will begin descending. When the throttle lever is returned back to the neutral position the quadcoptor will automatically set the height. Press the Camera Key to exit the Pressure Height-setting Mode.

Place the quadcoptor in the front forward. After finish decoding and taking off, press shortly the Headless Mode Key on the transmitter to access into the Headless Mode. Press shortly once again to exit the Headless Mode.

Thanks of the 6 axis gyroscope, you can throw the quadcopter and push the throttle right up, it will automatically level out and hover smoothly in the sky, this can also be done when the quadcopter is rolling.


Fly to about 30 feet. and hit the 360 degree one touch flip button. Flip and push right controller to highest position.


1) Use soft clean cloth to wipe clean
2) Avoid excessive heat
3) Do not get wet
4) Check plug and other accessories regularly. If damage has occurred, stop using quadcopter immediately until repaired.

1. There is important information contained in this package and instruction manual, please well keep it for future reference.
2. You have the responsibility to make sure that this model of aircraft won’t cause injury to others’ body or cause any loss to the property.
3. Please operate strictly as the instruction shown on the instruction manual when debugging or assembling this aircraft. During the process of flying or landing, please pay more attention to keep 1-2 meters away between the user and the aircraft so as to avoid colliding to the head or face or body, etc. or even cause injury.
4. Our company and distributors or sale agent won’t be responsible for any loss due to incorrect operation,which may cause any loss or damage or injury to the body.
5. Children should use this product under the guidance of the adult. This product is FORBIDDEN to be used by children under 14 years old.
6. Please correctly assemble it or use this product as the correct instruction shown on the instruction manual or packing instruction. Some parts should be assembled by the adult.
7. Small parts are contained in this product. Please place it beyond the reach of the children so as to avoid CHOKING HAZARD or mistakenly swallowed.
8. Playing on the road or water place is highly FORBIDDEN so as not to cause accident.
9. Please collect the packing material timely so as not to cause injury to the children.
10. Please DO NOT disassemble or re-equip the aircraft as it may cause the breakdown of the aircraft during flying.
11. Batteries in the battery compartment of the charger should be inserted into the designated power which has the same logo with the product.
12. Please use the screwdriver to loosen the screws in counter-clockwise direction on the battery compartment of the transmitter; please also load the batteries into the transmitter as per the correct polarity of the battery. Close the battery cover and wrench tightly the screws in clockwise direction.
13. Only the original charger made from our factory can be used.
14. Charger is not a toy.
15. Please pay more attention to the battery polarity when loading or removing the batteries.
16. “AA” non-chargeable batteries or “AA” chargeable battery can be used in the transmitter.
17. Non-chargeable battery can not be charged. Only the battery of the same brand or the battery the same as recommended can be used.
18. When charging the chargeable battery, please conduct it under the surveillance of the adult. Please also keep it far away from the combustible object when charging. Please keep this aircraft within the eyes scope of the guardian when charging.
19. Please DO NOT make it short-circuited or squeeze the battery so as not to cause explosion.
20. New batteries are NOT to be mixed with batteries of different types.
21. Exhausted batteries should be removed timely. Please DO NOT litter around the exhausted batteries.
22. The connecting end of the power is NOT to be removed from this model. The connecting port is NOT to be short-circuited.
23. Please DO NOT make the battery short-circuited or decompose the battery or throw the battery into the fire; Please DO NOT place the batteries near the high temperature or heated area (such as near the fire or near the electric heating device).
24. Please remove the batteries if it is not used for a long time so as not to cause damaged to this product due to battery leakage.
25. Aircraft should be kept far away from any other electric compliance or equipment as far as possible or kept far away from the place where having the magnetic object nearby as they may cause interference with each other.
26. Please keep the safe distance from the high-speed rotating rotor so as not to cause twisted or danger of being wounded or being cut.
27. The Light Emitting Diode can send out laser radiation, please DO NOT shoot the light beam directly.
28. Please DO NOT close this product to your ear as it may cause injury to your hearing.
29. Mini USB 5V.
30. In order to comply with the command of the magnetic environment requirement formulated by the Aviation Radio Bureau and the related authority, during the regulated period in certain area, please stop using the transmitter of this model when such regulation command is issued.
31. Drone operator should have a clear line-of-site to the drone at all times.
32. Always stay 2-3 meters away from the drone while blades are spinning to avoid injury.
33. Outdoor use only — do not fly drone indoors or near buildings.

WARNING: Changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception,which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
• Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
• Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

CAUTION: To maintain compliance with the FCC’s RF exposure guidelines, place the product (P70-VR Drone) at least 20cm from nearby persons.
NOTE: The 2.4GHz remote signal is meant to control the P70-VR drone ONLY and should not be used for any other purpose.


Made In China


After receiving the certificate of registration, you must mark your unique FAA registration number on the Drone by any means, such as permanent marker, label, engraving. This number must be readily accessible and maintained in a condition that is readable and legible upon close visual inspection.

WARNING: Do NOT fly drone near airports or any other un-authorized areas. Follow all rules for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation summary for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).

Read: Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Know Before You Fly important information brochure.

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Huawei Band 2 Pro

Quick Start Guide
1. Powering on or restarting automatically after charging
Insert the protruding part of the charging cradle into the positioning hole of the band strap, then fasten the buckle. The battery level will be displayed on the screen.
Wipe the charging port dry before charging to avoid getting dirt and
water on the metal contacts, which could result in a short circuit or other
safety risks.
If the band’s screen stutters or goes black, attach the band to the
charger to restart it.
2. Downloading Huawei Wear
To download and install the Huawei Wear app, scan the QR code, or search for Huawei Wear in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
3. Pairing your band with your phone
To pair the band with your phone, follow the onscreen instructions in the Huawei Wear app and touch the touch-sensitive button on your band to pair.
4. Getting help
View the user guide in the Huawei Wear app for more information about connection and functions as well as usage tips.

JBL E25BT Bluetooth Headphone User Manual [Pairing, Reset, Instructions]



Quick Start Guide
Guide de démarrage rapide

Este equipamento opera em caráter secundário, isto é, não tem direito a proteção contra interferência prejudicial, mesmo de estações do mesmo tipo, e não pode causar interferência a sistemas operando em carater primario” Este produto está homologado pela ANATEL, de acordo com os procedimentos regulamentados pela Resolução 242/2000, e atende aos requisitos técnicos aplicados. Para maiores informações, consulte o site da ANATEL –

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

LPT660 User Manual

This instruction manual applies to the LPT660 headphones sold under the brands: Zapet, Moonliness, Iceray, Haoba, Rockwin, Wpaier, Popova, Uonipow, E-Home, JKR, and others

Indicator light:

Pairing: the blue light blinking fast and voice remind BT mode.

Connecting: the blue light still blinking fast .

Charging: the LED light red while the battery is being charged, and will switch off when the power is charged enough


III. Package content:

  • Wireless headphone
  • USB charge cable
  • Manual book


  1. Charge power
  2. Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, DC: 3.7V/400mAh
  3. Charging power: Through computer USB OR DC5V port.
  4. Charging time: Before the first usage please put to charge at least 4 hours continuously. For subsequent Charging 2-2.5 hours is sufficient for 10 hours of usage at average volume. The LED light red while the battery is being charged, and will switch off when the power is charged enough. NEVER leave it to over-charge.


  1. Usage instruction

Pairing the headphone with cell phone:

  • Keep the headphone next to the cell phone within 1m, the closer the better.
  • Turn on the headphone, the voice remind: BT mode and ready for pair
  • Open the “search ” or “add new device” following the manual of cell phone, choose the headphone model name, pair successfully

Choose music:

When listening to the BT music,press “ pause” key, also press “Volume+” and “Volume-” key quickly to choose songs.

Adjust volume:

Long press “Volume+” and “Volume-” to adjust the volume

MP3 mode switch:

Long press button”MEQ” to switch the BT mode to MP3 mode, and just insert SD card, MP3 will pay music


Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headset User Manual

 Important safety information

  • Do not listen at high volume levels for long periods of time to prevent hearing damage.
  • Do not use the product if there is any potential danger.
  • Do not turn the volume too high to hear sounds around you, turn down the volume if you feel a tinnitus or the volume is too high.
  • Do not use the product in an environment that requires your special attention (e.g. in traffic).
  • Keep the product, accessories and packaging parts out of reach of children, to prevent accidents and choking hazards.
  • Always keep the product dry to avoid corrosion.
  • Do not use the product if you feelobvious discomfort, irritationor haveotheradverse reactions.
  • Do not expose the product to extreme temperatures below -15℃ (5℉) or above 55℃ (131℉), to maintain the lifespan of headset or battery.


Delivery includes

T2S Bluetooth headset

USB charging cable

Audio cable

User manual


Headset Overview


Charging and battery

Only use charging cable supplied by Bluedio, or may cause damage to the headset.


The DC voltage should be 5V and current should exceed 400mA.


The headset built-in battery is rechargeable and non-detachable. Do not replace the battery.

  1. Switch off the headset before charging.
  2. Connect the smaller plug of the charging cable to the USB socket of the headset; connect the other plug to the USB socket of your computer or other charging device; the LED lights up red and the headset is being charged.
  3. When the headset is fully charged (about 1.5~2hrs), the LED lights up blue or LED goes out.

Pairing mode

Keep the MF button pressed until the LED lights up blue.

Reconnection mode

Keep the MF button pressed until the LED flashes blue. 

Switching the headset off

Keep the MF Button pressed until the LED flashes blue then goes off. 

Pairing the headset with your mobile phone

  1. Keep the distance between the headset and your mobile phone (or other Bluetooth device) within 1 meter. The closer, the better.
  2. Keep the MF button pressed until the LED lights up blue. The headset is in pairing mode.
  3. Switch on the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone, on which start a search for Bluetooth devices.
  4. Select “T2S” from the found Bluetooth devices to establish a Bluetooth connection to the headset. If necessary, enter the default PIN code “0000”.
  5. Once the headset is paired with the mobile phone, the LED flashes blue.

Attention: If pairing is not successful within 60 seconds, the LED goes off and the Bluetooth pairing ends. Repeat the pairing procedure.

Disconnecting the headset with your mobile phone

  1. Switch the headset off.
  2. Or switch off the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone.
  3. Or take the headset from your mobile phone 20m (60ft) away or even farther.

Reconnecting the paired headset to your mobile phone

  1. Keep the distance between the headset and your mobile phone (or other Bluetooth device) within 1 meter. The closer, the better.
  2. Keep the MF button pressed until the LED flashes blue. The headset is in reconnection mode.
  3. Switch on the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone. The headset will automatically reconnect to it.

Answering a call

When there comes a call, the LED flashes blue; press the MF button once, or use your mobile phone to answer it.

Ending a call

Press the MF button once. Or use your mobile phone to end it.

Rejecting a call

After hearing a beep, keep the MF button pressed for around 2 seconds or use your mobile phone to reject it.

Call waiting (need to be supported by your mobile phone)

When you are on call 1, there comes call 2; to answer call 2 and keep call 1: keep the MF button pressed for around 2 seconds.

When call 2 ends, to switch back to call 1: keep the MF button pressed for around 2 seconds

Redialing the last call

Press the MF button twice

Voice dialing (need to be supported by your mobile phone)

Keep the MF button pressed for around 2 seconds

Voice prompt selection

Switch the headset on, press the MF button and Vol- button once at the same time to select English/Chinese/French/Spanish. 


When you are on call, keep the Vol- button pressed to mute the Microphone; keep the Vol+ button pressed to cancel the muting.

Audio sharing

Connect the headset with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, then connect the headset to another headphone via audio cable.

Being a Bluetooth receiver

Connect the headset with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, then connect the headset to amplifier via audio cable.

Line-in connection

Connect the headset with your mobile phone via audio cable. (In this mode, the headset cannot be used for communication) 

EQ adjustment (only in Bluetooth mode)

When the headset is playing music, press the Vol+ button and Vol- button once at the same time.

Track play/pause

Pause the track: press the Wheel switch once

Resume the track: press the Wheel switch once again.

Track selection/ Volume adjustment

Skip to the next track: push the Wheel switch down

Skip to the previous track: push the Wheel switch up

Turn the volume up: press the Vol (+) button once (to the maximum, there is a beep)

Turn the volume down: press the Vol (-) button once (to the minimum, there is a beep)


Technical specifications:

Driver units: 2 speakers (57mm)

Transducer type: dynamic

Bluetooth version: V4.1

Frequency response: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz

Operating distance: up to 10m (free space)

Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

Speaker impendence: 16Ω

Frequency response: 20-20KHz

Sensitivity: 110dB

THD: <0.1%

Music time: about 40hrs

Talk time: about 45hrs

Standby time: about 1625hrs (around 50days)

Fully charged time: about 2hrs

Operating environment: -10 to 50℃

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice, we apologize for any inconvenience.


Headset cannot be paired to your mobile phone.

Solution: Check if your mobile phone supports the HS or HF profile. Check if the Bluetooth search function of your phone is switched on. Check if your mobile phone is switched off. Check if the distance between the headset and your phone exceeds 10m.

Headset cannot be switched on.

Solution: The battery is flat. Recharge the battery.

Can the battery be replaced?

Answer: The battery is non-detachable and cannot be replaced.

Can the headset be used while driving?

Answer: Do not use the headset in an environment that requires your special attention. If necessary, use it for communication.

Bluetooth connection is suddenly interrupted within 10 meter.

Solution: Check if there is metal or other material interfering with the transmission.

No audio signal

Solution: Check if the headset is switched off. Check if the headset is paired. If necessary, pair the headset with the audio source again. Check the connection to your audio source. The volume may be adjusted too low, increase the volume.

Can the headset be used to control the APPs on your mobile phone.

Answer: Software settings of APPs may be varied, thus some APPs may not controlled by the headset.

The headset cannot be recharged.

Solution: Check the connection of USB plugs. If necessary, remove the USB cable and reconnect again. Switch the headset on then turn it off.