V-TAC VT-4914 LED Floodlight Instruction Manual

This user manual provides technical data and usage instructions for V-TAC's LED floodlights, including model numbers VT-49104, VT-4924, and VT-4954. With an IP65 rating and 120-degree beam angle, these floodlights are suitable for outdoor use. The manual also includes warranty information and dimensions of the products.

SEALEY LED1200E Rechargeable Emergency Floodlight Instruction Manual

Learn how to safely and effectively use the LED1200E Rechargeable Emergency Floodlight from Sealey with this informative product manual. Discover important operational requirements, safety tips, and usage instructions for this reliable and long-lasting 5W SMD LED floodlight.

SEALEY LED18WFL Rechargeable Flexible Floodlight Instruction Manual

This LED18WFL Rechargeable Flexible Floodlight user manual provides operational instructions and maintenance guidelines for Sealey's high-quality 18W COB & SMD LED product. Follow the safety instructions and enjoy trouble-free performance. Contact Sealey Group for warranty information.

V-TAC VT-40W LED Solar Floodlight Instruction Manual

This instruction manual provides technical data and operating instructions for V-TAC's LED Solar Floodlights, including the VT-40W, VT-80W, VT-120W, VT-180W, and VT-240W models. The manual also includes a time switch and wireless remote control. Warranty information is provided, and a QR code links to a multi-language version of the manual.

NightSearcher 550 Lumens Dual Purpose Rechargeable Compact Twin LED Spotlight and Floodlight Owner’s Manual

Discover the NightSearcher 550 Lumens Dual Purpose Rechargeable Compact Twin LED Spotlight and Floodlight - a versatile and highly powerful LED work light that offers 3 beam options and a runtime of 4.5-9 hours. With a swivel head, hanging hook, and magnetic base, this Duo Star model is perfect for outdoor use and comes with a Type C fast charging USB charger.

NightSearcher Duo Star Compact Twin LED Spotlight and Floodlight User Manual

Learn how to operate the Duo Star Compact Twin LED Spotlight and Floodlight with ease. This versatile flashlight offers three different beam modes and comes with a Fast Charging Type C USB Cable. It features a magnetic base, hanging hooks, and is tripod mountable. Follow the product usage instructions for optimal use and disposal. Get a 3-year standard warranty on all manufacturing defects and 1-year warranty on all rechargeable batteries.

HANECO PANORAMA10W Floodlight Installation Guide

Discover the HANECO LED Security Light, a high-quality outdoor lighting solution for residential and commercial use. This user manual contains step-by-step instructions for installing and using the PANORAMA10W, PANORAMA10WS, PANORAMA20W, and PANORAMA20WS models, with sensor and manual override functions and two color options. Ensure secure installation by a professional electrician to enjoy the benefits of this reliable floodlight.

VISTA 1051YM Architectural Series Linear LED Floodlight Installation Guide

This user manual provides installation and maintenance instructions for the 1051YM, 1052YM, and 1054YM Architectural Series Linear LED Floodlights. Ensure proper grounding and use approved wiring methods for safe installation. Regular maintenance is recommended for optimal performance. Keep these instructions for future reference.