59S UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer User Manual

USER MANUAL INTRODUCTION This is a portable and rechargeable handheld sterilizer, It’s super easy to use. The sterilization rate is 99.9%. It’s a green partner to take care of your health in daily life. Flip Panel Children Safety Lock LED Indicator Sterilizing Button Input Interface UV LED Beads HOW TO USE 1. Please get it […]

59S UVC LED Sterilizing Lid User Manual

USER MANUAL 59S UVC LED Sterilizing Lid Sharper Image PACKING LIST Stylizing LidĀ  *1 User Manual *1 USE CableĀ  *1 Sterilization Teat Report *1 INTRODUCTION This is a sterilizing lid with features of extremely convenience, portable, easy to use and high sterilization rate. It’s compatible with two modes: 59 seconds fast sterilize and 180 seconds […]