SOUND PARTICLES 1.1 Density Granular Harmonizer Plugin Audio Unit Instruction Manual

Learn all about the 1.1 Density Granular Harmonizer Plugin Audio Unit in this comprehensive reference manual. Discover the Basic, Detune, and Multipitch modes, as well as how to manipulate audio signals with grains, pitch, and gain. Perfect for content producers well-versed in SEO practices.

Air Music Tech 1.1 Fabric Piano User Guide

Learn how to install and operate the Fabric Piano virtual plugin with this user guide. Compatible with Windows and macOS, the manual version 1.1 provides step-by-step instructions, system requirements and technical support. Activate your serial key for full plugin features or try the 10-day trial with intermittent audio alerts. Explore the Setup and Perform sections featuring various icons, settings and presets for your keyboard needs.

Air Music Tech 1.1 Flavor Pro Global Controls User Guide

Learn how to use the 1.1 Flavor Pro Global Controls with this user guide. This multi-effect plugin offers pitch shifting, distortion modeling, EQ simulations, and more. Explore its global controls and individual effect controls to change the timbre of your sound. Visit for system requirements and support.

Air Music Tech 1.1 Stage EP Electric Piano User Guide

Learn how to use the Stage EP Electric Piano plugin instrument with this user guide. Discover the five detailed electric piano models, including the Rhodes and Wurli, and how to unlock the full spectrum of modern and classic electronic sounds. Find out about system requirements and compatibility, installation and operation, including details on the Setup, Model, Sound and Effects Controls. Get the most out of your AIR Stage EP plugin instrument with this comprehensive manual.

BRT Sys 1.1 LDSU IR Blaster Application User Guide

Learn how to set up and use the LDSU IR Blaster Application with the user manual. This device allows you to transmit any remote button signal and control your device using the IR. Follow the instructions to set up the device, capture remote-control codes, and run sample applications with Python code. Use of BRTSYS devices in life support and/or safety applications is at the user's risk. Indemnify and hold BRTSYS harmless from damages resulting from such use.