sycamoreLED SY9049SPEAKER Tunable LED Bathroom Mirror

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Thank you for purchasing this product.
Please make sure instructions are followed carefully prior to and during installation and product is not altered, otherwise warranty may not be valid. For technical support or warranty information please visit, or call our dedicated technical helpline +44 (0) 113 2866686.

IMPORTANT—Please read prior to installation

  1. Please read these instructions carefully before commencing any work
  2. Please retain these instructions for future reference
  3. This unit must be installed by a qualified electrician in accordance with the IEE wiring regulations and building regulations
  4. To prevent electrocution switch the power off at the mains supply before installing or maintaining this fitting


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This product is IP44 rated and is suitable for installation in

Zone 2 & Outside Zones

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Bluetooth Operation
To activate speaker function:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device.
  • Ensure Light is turned on.
  • Find the name ‘Mirror Multimedia’ and touch to pair devices.

Colour Temperature (CCT) Change and Dimming

  • To select the preferred CCT, press the power button to turn the light on/off until the correct CCT is achieved. (2700K/4000K/6500K)
  • The mirror will remember the chosen CCT next time the mirror is switched on. (as long as the setting was on longer than 8 seconds when last on).
  • To dim the light, hold down the power button until the desired brightness is achieved.

Demister Function

  • Touch the demister switch to turn the demister on/off.
  • Demister will switch off automatically after 30 minutes.


  • Please note this fitting has non replaceable parts
  • Always switch off or disconnect from the mains when cleaning the product.
  • We recommend cleaning with a soft dry cloth. Do not use scourers, abrasives or chemical cleaners.
  • Do not allow moisture to come into contact with electrical parts
  • This luminaire should not be disposed of with normal household rubbish. When a replacement is purchased, this luminaire should be returned to the retailer to safely dispose of (WEEE Directive effective July 2006—Waste from Electrical & Electronic Equip-ment)

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sycamoreLED SY9049SPEAKER Tunable LED Bathroom Mirror [pdf] Instruction Manual
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