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WO2 Wi-Fi Smart Wall-uttag

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Wi-Fi smart vägguttag

·Product Overview

Ncte:Press theOnObcttoo tc restorn tte fac c y SPttiM yoo waot to erMe the cc s ccrrnct settiogs
lnout 120V50 OOH,15AMa,. Rahsd Pov.e1800WMax. USB o,.t,ct 5V 3.1AMa,.Sicc e port3.1A
W BC?.11 be,,2.4GH,(ooo)
Pc Sc.ppoMede Nmttal, Li,eWire BEFORE YOU INSTALL WARNINGSKOFELECTCSf-.OCK lccorrnct lcst,11,tloc cc Id be dacge,ocs o Illegal,

mcltlpla braakars may caad t ba da acargl,ad lo safe installatnease call a profess local
electrician ii y u are unfamiliar or unc mfo table with electricwork. “‘InsII the Wi-Fi Smart WallOotlet
Step 1S, h,IOFFthe powe d the circ1It beaer fortoeocg yoc are reolaclcg.Yoo mayceec tc sct OFF 10re thein oe circ1.it breBker to miike Jre te
_, oco Y””r,wclcgoopo,aradOFF

DETECTOR OR FLIP YOUR PLUGA FEWMES TOMAKE SU RE THATTHE POWE R IS OFF. Step 2, Ucscrew acd dlsccccect the wires !com the o ci cslcg a screw dl,e Slap 3, IdefytheIceurWi HrtWallOutlet. L iVflWirEOri tisg,the 11,e wire Is Sack wire. NeutralwireTheGcs1CIWaa..eqc,slswlca, but isn’tNayspresect lo yoor electcCal ,.;,1,, at e lf presect,the cec,We ls oormally f within the wl bo, with a wlra eel oc top ol 11 ocod wire It’s cmallygreec aocylow in coor. ·install the Gosund App 1. Search forGosocdApp'”App store /Google
PayoctQR cbelwnmid.
PS: You can also add thisWiFlSWallOuet t Gosocd app dlrnctly lfyoc, alceacy ha,e It oc yo,, phcae, It ls ccmpatlble acd wcr<.s the same way. 2. Reclstar ao accct aod marrmlas tho passrd
ecter yooremall address o yrnn phcce msrrbe thee
btainverilication cooe to c metethe rglsy

lConnect with Your C e llphone Reqolremeots 2.4GH,WI Fl cocdltloc at hem, A, FEasyModeccecilocB cffilcc·ca1ocL1glt B lckO,,lck y
>Ccr1 that theWi-FiSmartWelOotIs well installed ecGos odAop >Choosethe mbol, Socket ”
-5 -

c rfirrTthe lhtstatus or ycplcg acdfo ow
teeApp gelds. f yoc doc t see bl Ilght qclckly bllcklog,press
vcbuttonforsscoras to ret) Set a cclq,.eoame fmthls smart plcg ccoose the room location


B:APMode > Pleil.Se sAtrh t “AFlode”ifthe clilin
“Fasy Mode Firstgo backto theAdd ” intertace choose toherMe oothecprlgctc
“” I

> L ocg press oo elf bcHcc cctll the ledIcater light

fla>sMhae s slowlyt;he lccilcator Ilght Is flashlog slowly

and confirmit inAFP:

>Choose yc,,r2.4GWI Fl ace ecter the pass·d

and confirmit inAFP:

>Tap “Connect new” acd chooseWI Fl hetspct

camec Smartllfe-m thee gc back toGosccci

appllcatloI<···· ..

… I lo-M··. zCl

– >Walttlll sc mssfcl mflgcratloa acd tcec tap “Ccrrpleteci” Note, If the mcectloc falls le “AP Mode please check lf you rm ter Is deal bacdWI FL If It Is
deal bacdWI Fl, please ectert’erocte
macaoemect lcterface t spllt2.4G acd 5GWI-Fl, and then connect2.4GWi Fi. llCreate Scenes/Groups You c1in create cPtalc sceces acd gmcps cc Go.sccciApp, It allows ycc to cocttol dlffe,ect smart dev ces in different rocrrs at te same time

“·Device Sharing

lfyrn waottogl,e otcers pernlssmtc cccd your

Scgcecacthorl,eatbyde Ce

shaclcg I cctloc. Ge tc teeGos cdApp > Choo.se

the de,lce ycc wacttostace >CheeseEdit Bcttoo
->Cnoo,;eshare deIces – >Ade sharlcc >Eater
hls>erG sund acc cot >Search acd comp ,ta

How To Connect with Amaz n Alexa



Ama,ooA TheSmart


3. GosccdApp cse ID aod passwod

AddGos1.1nd as a Skill” forAlexa OpecAle,aappacdch<seSkJlls&Gies > Searc forGosunc >ENABLE TO USE >Enter theGosunc acrr1.nt >Authoize!OUSP >ChoOSPGosunrl Acd tlec, the de,esyoo,deed o,; wlll sycc
toAlexaApp. Yoo cao also askAle,a to disc””
new devices for y u in this m ment






en 4







H w to askAle,a to'”‘” oc/offSmart p cg

Flrst y to sexact nafor theU!:;on

GoseccApp. If cc<,A e,aay tlsycc Sorry,

I c1,n’tfinr. the dev r.F. narTedxxx. .
y u ca·saytoAle,a A e,a tcmoc/offbatl0 m .g ” thls ccrrmacd wlll hPY u to dnthework



Er …· c



M …


m… …




…… …… …t……



-1 0 –

-1 1 –

‘HtoNfoOdunTdE:toTchoismepqlyuiwpmithenthtehalims bitseefonrtaesCteladsasnBd
digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are

designed to provide reasonable protection

against harmful interference in a

residential installation. This equipment

generates uses and can radiate radio

frekvensenergi och, om den inte installeras och används

i enlighet med instruktionerna kan orsaka

skadlig störning av radiokommunikation.

Det finns dock ingen garanti för det

störningar kommer inte att inträffa i en viss

installation. If this equipment does cause

harmful interference to radio or television

reception, which can be determined by turning

the equipment off and on, the user is

encouraged to try to correct the interference by

en eller flera av följande åtgärder:

- Omorientera eller flytta mottagarantennen.

– Increase the separation between the

utrustning och mottagare.

-Connect the equipment into an outlet on a

circuit different from that to which the receiver

är ansluten.

-Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV

tekniker för hjälp

-12 -

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. RF Exposure Warning Statements: This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment shall be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm
between the radiator & body.
-13 -



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