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SURFOLA SF530 Action Camera User Manual

SURFOLA SF530 Action Camera User Manual

Download the app iSmart Dv2

Wi-Fi App  available on:

Press the Wi-Fi Button

Connect to Wi-Fi with your phone

Granting App ALL Permissions

Go to App


  1. Please grant permission when installing the app iSmart DV2 on your Android phone.
  2. Please connect to Wi-Fi on your phone before entering the app.
  3. Please note that a memory card must be inserted in the camera when using Wi-Fi.
  4. Please turn off mobile data network when connecting to Wi-Fi.
  5. If the phone prompts wifi no network, whether to switch to the Internet, please click reject.
  6. If the video file is too large, please use the data cable to transfer.

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SURFOLA SF530 Action Camera [pdf] User Manual
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