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LHBD3 Series

LHBD3 Series LED Linear High Bay Light

Important: Read all instructions prior to installation.
LED Linear High Bay Light


Safety and Notes

  • Product should be installed and serviced by a certified electrician in accordance with applicable national, state, and local building and electrical codes.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock, ensure that the main power source and circuit breakers are switched off before performing any installation or wiring procedures.
  • Avoid looking directly into the lamp when illuminated.
  • Ensure all mounts are securely attached and will support the weight of the fixture. Failure to properly support fixture may result in damage or injury, for which the manufacturer does not assume responsibility.

Check product label for specific electrical specifications related to installation. Improper installation will void warranty. Line Black

Wiring Diagram

Suspension Chain Installation

  1. Switch off the breaker to remove supply power.
  2. Measure and attach chains to a pipe or mounting hooks (not included) that can support the weight of the fixture.
  3. Attach hangers to light and hang light on chains. Adjust height as needed.
  4. Connect wiring and conduit to fixture.
  5. Switch on supply power.

Rev Date: V1 05/26/2022
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