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Super Antenna MP1LXMAX Deluxe Tripod 80m-10m HF +2m VHF Portable Antenna

Super-Antenna-MP1LXMAX-Deluxe-Tripod-80m-10m-H-2m VH-Portable-Antenna-imgg


  • Product Dimensions 
    36 x 36 x 144 inches
  • Item Weight
    9.5 pounds
  • Antenna 
    HF VHF Radio
  • Impedance 
    50 Ohm
  • Maximum Range 
    80 Meters
  • Brand 
    Super Antenna


The MP1LXMAX Super Antenna is the model. It’s Super Antenna’s maximum HF-VHF top-of-the-line setup, with everything ready to go in two Super Go Bags. ANTENNA With repeatable precision, the MP1C Antenna is at the heart of this high-performance system. While operating on HF, the MC2 SuperPlexer 2 metre band adaptor covers 144 MHz at all times. Set the SuperSlider to the desired HF frequency and start transmitting. TUNING: On all HF bands and 2 metres, a good SWR can be dialled in without the need for an autotuner. Enjoy the flexibility of all bands on the same antenna, including 80m, 75m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m, and 6m metres. Cover all HF frequencies between 3.5 and 30 MHz.

Everything in between, as well as VHF 144148 MHz on the same antenna. SUPERWHIP: The included SW1 SuperWhip ruggedized Titanium whip elevates the Super Antenna above and beyond any other ham antenna in terms of durability. TRIPOD: The folding TM4 Large Deluxe Tripod allows the antenna to be set up on any flat surface, whether outdoors or indoors. MOUNT: For any portable or base scenario, the UM3 Mount attaches to the Tripod or SuperSpike ground mounting stake. RADIALS: Pre-tuned multi-length quarter-wave SuperWire Stealth Radial Sets with inherent push-on connectors make it simple to cover the whole frequency range without having to adjust the radials every time. 80 metres, 75 metres, and 60 metres (5 MHz) bands are covered by the supplied MC80 and MC60 SuperCoils. BAG IT.

The Super Antenna carry case is a high-quality briefcase with velcro slots for storing Super Antenna accessories. When top operators require a robust, reliable, powerful, and portable equipment, they turn to their Super Antenna. The operator must tune the antenna’s HF manual SWR using the supplied SuperSlider. Get The Power Of A Super Antenna, whether you require an expedition, carry-on, a balcony, a weekend get-away, or EmComm disaster relief. In a small container, there’s a powerful signal.


ALL BANDS (3.5MHz to 30MHz tuning) with simultaneous 2 metres (144 to 148 MHz) with a decent SWR 80m, 75m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m, 6m) Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, Shortwave, CB, and everything in between are all continuously tuned. TUNING METHOD: The antenna is tuned using a calibrated manual slip of the SuperSlider Coil handle; no external power, antenna tuner, or analyzer are required.

Antenna Set up Procedure Tor HF Bands

  • Unpack the contents of the MP1C SuperStick
    Antenna@ package and lay all items out horizontally
    on a clean tiat surtace.
  • YOur MP1C Superstock Antenna and one of the following Mounts
    • a model Superount (optional or –
    • a mode UM3 SuperMount (optional-or
    • a model UM2 SuperMount (optional-or another Type of mount that has a female thing with 3/8-24 compatible threads (available separately).
  • Clamp or place your Mount@ at the desired antenna position. t should be solidly secured so that it will not
     For stationary base or portable operation, only hand-tighten; DO NOT USE pliers, wrench, or spanner to tighten any fitting of the antenna.
  • Screw the Lower Extension Rode into the bright metal threaded female nut (3/8″- 24 thread) of the Mount Fitting. Screw the Upper Extension RodO into the Coupling Nut.
  • Screw your Top Whip Antenna Element@ (or optional SuperWhip) into the Superslider Top Fitting.
  • Screw your Superslider Coil@ onto the top of the Paper Extension Rodo.
  • Extend your Top Whip Antenna Elemente Telescopic Whip to full size.
  • Attach your Coaxial Cable and Radial Set (not shown, available separately) to your Mount@. See another side of this sheet for more details on the system setup.
  • Move the Superslider@ by grasping the black outer sleeve with your hand and slipping it upwards in a slightly clockwise rotating motion. Use the FG1

SuperSlider Self-Lock and Locking Screw

  • The SuperSlidere is equipped with a new self-locking mechanism. It works like an auto-clutch, holding the SuperSlider securely on your selected frequency.
  • Do Not Install the included Locking Screw if you are using the antenna for stationary base or portable operation.
  • Only if you are installing the MP1C Antenna on a moving vehicle: remove the Locking Screw Label® and insert the Locking Screw with a rubber Washer into the threaded hole under the label. Gently turn it clockwise. Finger-tighten the Locking Screw after setting the frequency. Do Not Use Pliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it work on an attic and also the radials or counterpoise wires? 
    Yes. Your MP1LXMAX works great in an attic, and many operators have achieved DXCC with attic-mounted Super Antenna MP1 series setups. You can use the included pre-tuned radial sets, which will work fine when laid on wood flooring or other surfaces. They can be zig-zagged or loosely spiraled around to fit in the area you have available.
  • Can this be mounted on an 80-ft tower in addition to a yagi? 
    It is not recommended for mounting high on a tower, because you would need manual access to it to change frequency.
  • Does this unit support the 70cm band? i see the current radial mr642 supports 6m,4m,2m, and UHF 23cm but no mention of 70cm. 
    MP1LXMAX is designed and rated for the following frequencies: All ham bands 80m, 75m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 11m, 10m, 6m (3.5MHz to 30MHz manual tuning) plus simultaneous 2 meters (144 to 148 MHz) with a good SWR. Continuously tunes all frequencies Marine, Government, NGO, CAP, MARS, EmComm, Shortwave, CB, and everything in between. 70cm is not currently in the designed and rated list.
  • Are the radials actual elements or precut wire? How big are the radials and is there a picture or diagram, please? 
    The Super Antenna MP1LXMAX package includes all the radial sets for all bands. Radials: Pre-tuned multi-length quarter-wave SuperWire Stealth Radial Sets with integral push-on connectors make it easy to cover the complete frequency range every time, without tweaking the radials. The longest radial is 66 feet, and it may be spiraled or zig-zagged to fit within a smaller area. See download Application Note for more details and images.
  • Are the radials necessary for the portable operation? 
    They only improve reception. And improve transmissions. but can be operated without.
  • Can it be connected to two radios (hf, VHF) at the same time? or 1 radio with 2 rf jacks (Yaesu ft-991a)? i.e., does it have two coaxial connectors? 
    The MP1LXMAX has only 1 coaxial connector on the antenna. If you need VHF separate, please use a coaxial switch at the radio end of the coaxial cable.
  • Will this work with a standard CB. radio?
    Yes, it would set up very much like using it for 10 meters. If you are only using it on 11 meters there are MANY cheaper options including a standard 108″ whip with a similar length counterpoise.
  • Can this antenna be used with a pofung bf-f8hp radio? 
    Yes, it can be used with the pofung bf-f8hp. But, only on the VHF band.
  • Why isn’t the mp1 dxmax available anymore? 
    The MP1DXMAX is in production, and it will be restocked again soon on Amazon and Ham Radio Outlet. When in stock, it sells quickly, so please watch for it.
  • How can one obtain a quote for multiple buys of these antennas? The customer support email has not responded in a week?
    Amazon usually limits the purchase of a product to the quantity available in its stock on hand. For other business arrangements, you can contact a Super Antenna Authorized Dealer or Distributor, such as “Ham Radio Outlet” in the USA.

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