Sundstrom SR900 Half Mask Respirator

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Half Mask SR 900

General information

Use of a respirator must be part of a res-piratory protection program. For advice see EN 529:2005 or AS/NZS 1715:2009. The guid-ance contained in these standards highlights important aspects of a respiratory protective device program but does not replace national or local regulations.
If you feel uncertain about the selection and care of the equipment, consult your work supervisor or get in touch with the sales outlet. You are also welcome to get in touch with the Technical Service Department at Sundström Safety AB.

System description
The half mask SR  900 is used in combination with:

  • Filters from the Sundström range.
  • Remote filter holder SR  905 according EN 12083.
  • The SR  307 or SR  507 compressed air attachment which then serves as a breathing apparatus with continuous flow for connection to a compressed air supply according EN 14594:2005.
  • The fan unit SR 500/SR 700 and approved filters is included in the Sundström fan assisted respiratory protective device system conforming to EN 12942:1998.

The Sundström half masks provide respiratory protection against airborne pollutants, such as particles, micro-organisms, biochemical substances, gases/vapors and combinations of these substances to a user.

Note that there can be national differences in the regulations for use of respiratory protective equipment. Do not use the equipment in environments:


  • That are Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH).
  • where the ambient air is oxygen-enriched air or does not have a normal oxygen content.
  • where the pollutants are unknown.
  • Do not use the equipment:
  • if you cannot make the mask a tight fit during the fitting test. Note that beard growth, scars, or other physical characteristics may interfere with a proper fit of the respirator.
  • if there is no warning information regarding pollutants Stop the work immediately:
  • if you find that breathing is difficult.
  • if you experience dizziness, nausea, or any other noticeable physical effect.
  • if you smell or taste the pollutants. Caution must be taken when using the equipment in explosive atmospheres.

Delivery check
Check that the equipment is complete in accordance with the packing list, and undamaged.
Packing list

  1. Half mask
  2. Pre-filter
  3. Pre-filter holder
  4. Cleaning tissue
  5. ID-tag
  6. User instructions
  7.  Storage bag
  • Item Ordering. No.
  • Half mask SR 900 Small H01-3012
  • Half mask SR 900 Medium H01-3112
  • Half mask SR 900 Large 1. Mask body
  • 2. Head harness, single strap R01-3001
  • Head harness, cradle strap R01-3002
  • Inhalation membrane : R01-3002
  • Valve seat: R01-3002
  •  Exhalation membrane: R01-3002
  • Protective cap: R01-3002
  • Gasket : R01-3004
  • Filter holder: R01-3003
  • Gas filter: R01-3003
  • Particle lifter :R01-3003
  • Pre-filter, SR221 :R01-3003
  •  Pre-filter holder: R01-3003

You can identify the filter type by the color code on the filter. See the User instructions for filters. Note that a particle filter provides protection only against particles and a gas filter provides protection only against gases/vapors. A combined filter protects against both gases/vapors and particles.


  • Particle filter P3 R, SR 510 : H02-1312
  • Gas filter A1, SR 217: H02-1312
  • Gas filter A2, SR 218-3 : H02-1312
  • Gas filter A2AX, SR 298: H02-1312
  • Gas filter ABE1, SR 315: H02-1312
  • Gas filter A2B2E1, SR 294: H02-1312
  • Gas filter K1, SR 316: H02-1312
  • Gas filter K2, SR 295 :H02-1312
  • Gas filter ABEK1, SR 297 : H02-1312
  • Combined filter: H02-1312
  • ABEK1-Hg-P3 R, SR 299-2 H02-6512: H02-1312
Accessories  Spare parts


  • Protective hood SR 64, fig. 6 H09-0301
  • Protective hood SR 345, fig. 7 H09-1012
  • Protective hood SR 346, fig. 8 H09-1112
  • Storage box SR 230, fig. 9 H09-3012
  • Storage bag SR 339, fig. 10 H09-0112
  • Hose SR 951, fig. 11 T01-3003
  • Twin hose SR 952, fig. 12 R01-3009
  • Voice amplifier SR 324, fig. 13 T01-1217
  • Test adapter SR 328, fig. 14 T01-1202
  • Steel net disc, fig. 15 T01-2001
  • ID-tag, fig. 16 R09-0101
  • Storage bag, 50x, fig. 17 R01-0607
  • Cleaning tissues SR 5226,
  • box of 50, fig. 18 H09-0401

Compressed air attachment SR 307/SR 507
When the half mask is used with compressed air attachment SR 307/SR 507 the user instructions for the relevant equipment must be followed.

Fan unit SR 500/SR 700
When the half mask is used with fan unit SR 500/ SR 700 the user instructions for the relevant equipment must be followed.

Remote filter holder SR 905
When the half mask is used with remote filter holder SR 905 the user instructions for the relevant equipment must be followed.

  1. Fold flap away before writing your name.
  2. Seal the entry field.
  3. Insert the label half-way in the slot.
  4. Remove the protective paper.
  5. Stick the label together

Fit the filter in the mask

  • Check that you have selected the correct filter. See the User instructions for filters.
  • Check that the use-by date has not been passed. The use-by date is valid provided that the filter packaging is unopened.
  • Fit the filter in the mask so that the arrows on the filter point towards the user’s face. Fig. 19.
  • Check that the edge of the filter is sealed by the filter holder all around and that the filter is in the internal groove of the filter holder all around. Fig. 20, 21.
  • Fit the pre-filter in the pre-filter holder and press it into place on the filter. Fig. 22, 23.

When using both gas filter and particle filter, the particle filter shall always be snapped onto the gas filter and the gas filter shall always be inserted in the mask. Press the filters together with your fingers placed around the outer edges of the filters until you hear a click.

Separating filter

  • Place a coin between the lower lip of the particle filter and the small tab mounded into the side of the gas filter.
  • Push firmly and twist the coin until the filters separate.
Inspection before use
  • Check that the mask is complete, correctly assembled and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Check the mask body, membranes, and membrane seats. Replace if worn, broken, or in other way defect.
  • Check that you have selected the right filter and it has been installed properly.
  • Remove any hood, glasses or ear protection from head.
  • Put the mask on.
  • Take out any twists or tangles.
  • Adjust the harness.
  • Wiggle the respirator until it fits comfortably.

Fit check

  • Put the mask on.
  • Place the palm of your hand lightly over the hole on the pre-filter holder to make it tight. Fig. 32.
  • Take a deep breath and hold your breath for about 10 s.

If the mask is tight, it will be pressed against your face.
If any leakage is detected.

  • check the exhalation membranes, exhalation valves and the gasket,
  • adjust the straps of head harness,
  • switch to alternative size of the respirator.


Do not take off the mask until clear of the hazardous area.

  • Take the mask off.


  • Remove the filter, the covers for the exhalation valves, the membranes, the inhalation membrane and the head harness. The harness can be washed, but takes extra time to dry.
  • Clean the mask and all parts with Sundström cleaning tissues SR 5226.
  • If the mask is heavily soiled, use a warm (up to +40 °C), mild soap solution and a soft brush, followed by rinsing with clean water and drying in air at room temperature.
  • If necessary, spray the mask with 70 % ethanol or isopropanol solution for disinfection.
  • Inspect all parts and replace with new parts as necessary. Critical areas are the exhalation membranes and the membrane seats which must have clean and undamaged contact surfaces.
  • Leave the mask to dry, and then assemble it. NOTE! Never use solvents for cleaning.

The best way to store the mask is in the pro-vided storage bag, or Sundström storage box SR 230 or storage bag SR 339. Keep it away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.

A gas filter should be stored in a tightly sealed plastic bag.

 Maintenance schedule

Recommended minimum requirements on maintenance routines so you will be certain the the equipment will always be in usable condition

Before use  After use         Every


Visual check
Fit check
Change membrane
Change harness
Change gasket
Change filter         See User instructions for filters

Change parts
Always use genuine Sundström parts. Do not modify the equipment. The use of non-genuine parts or modification of the equipment may reduce the protective function and put at risk the approvals received by the product.

To change the inhalation membrane

  • Remove the membrane. Fig. 36.
  • Fasten the new membrane on the pin.

To change the exhalation membrane

  • Remove the protective cap and the membrane.
  • Press the new membrane onto the pin. Carefully check that the membrane is in contact with the membrane seat all round.
  • Press the new protective cap into place.

To change the head harness

  • Detach the head harness from the mask.
  • Attach the head harness to the mask.

To change filter holder

  • Detach the filter holder from the mask by turning it a ¼ of a lap. Fig. 42.
  • Attach the new filter holder. Fig. 43. Make sure the gasket is mounted correctly on the filterholder.

To change of gasket

  • Detach the filter holder, see 4.4.4 Change filter holder.
  • Release the gasket from the attachment on the filterholder.
  • Mount the new gasket.
  • Attach the filter holder, see

Technical specification

Inhalation resistance with particle filter ≈ 40 Pa at 30 l/min.
Exhalation resistance
≈ 73 Pa at 160 l/min.
The material and pigments of the SR 900 mask body are approved for exposure to provisions, which minimizes the risk of contact allergies. All plastic parts are marked with material codes.

Shelf life
The shelf life for SR 900 is 5 years from the date of manufacture, see the date clocks.

Size and weight

Fig. 46 C.

Temperature range

  • Storing condition. Fig. 47.
  • Using conditions. Fig. 48.

Key to symbol

Sundstrom-SR900-Half-Mask-Respirator-01See user instructions
Sundstrom-SR900-Half-Mask-Respirator-02Date clocks, year and month
Sundstrom-SR900-Half-Mask-Respirator-03CE approved by
Sundstrom-SR900-Half-Mask-Respirator-04INSPEC International B.V.
Sundstrom-SR900-Half-Mask-Respirator-05Relative humidity
Sundstrom-SR900-Half-Mask-Respirator-06Temperature range Material designation


The half mask SR 900 is approved in accordance with EN 140:1998. The PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 type approval has been issued by Notified Body 2849. For the ad-dress, see the reverse side of the user instructions. The EU declaration of conformity is available at

UKCA Type-examination by UK Approved Body No 0194, INSPEC International Ltd, 56 Leslie Hough Way, Sanford, Greater Manchester, M6 6AJ, United Kingdom. The UKCA declaration of conformity is available at

Australian StandardsMark
The half mask SR 900 is tested and certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012. The StandardsMark is issued under licence by SAI Global Pty Limited Lic No.766 (ACN 108 716 669) (“SAI Global”).

Documents / Resources

Sundstrom SR900 Half Mask Respirator [pdf] Instruction Manual
SR900 Half Mask Respirator, SR900 Half Mask Respirator, Mask Respirator


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