SUMMIT SCFM103SL 44 Inch Stainless Look Freestanding Chest Freezer


Installation Instructions for SCFM Freezers

Installing the Handle 

  1. Fix the handle to the door with the provided screws.SUMMIT-Stainless-Look-Freestanding-Chest-Freezer-1NOTE: There is a notch cut into the handle, designed to accommodate the freezer lock. The handle must be positioned with the notch on the right-hand side, facing down.
  2. Insert one side of the handle cover into the handle holder, then insert the other side.SUMMIT-Stainless-Look-Freestanding-Chest-Freezer-2
  3. Press the cover into the handle.SUMMIT-Stainless-Look-Freestanding-Chest-Freezer-3

Installing the Lock 

  1. Secure the lock assembly to the cabinet using the provided screws. The lock assembly is installed.
  2. Place the lock cover over the lock assembly and press it onto the lock. You should hear a clicking sound once the cover is attached.

Installing the Casters 

A screwdriver, casters, and wheels should be packaged with your chest freezer.

  1. Lay the packaging foam your freezer was packed in on the ground, and gently set your unit on the foam so the bottom of the unit is exposed.
  2. Install the wheels on the side of the unit with the with the control panel (typically the right-hand side).SUMMIT-Stainless-Look-Freestanding-Chest-Freezer-4
  3. Slide the casters into the slots on the opposite side (typically the left- hand side).
  4. Fix the casters to the freezer with screws.
  5. Set the unit upright.
    CAUTION: You must wait at least 2 hours before powering the unit on to allow for the refrigerant to settle.SUMMIT-Stainless-Look-Freestanding-Chest-Freezer-5

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SUMMIT SCFM103SL 44 Inch Stainless Look Freestanding Chest Freezer [pdf] Instruction Manual
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