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    Remove stock AM4 / AM5 mounting hardware by loosening the four screws, and removing the two plastic pieces. Keep the backplate in place.
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    Orient collars based on the motherboard platform being used. Collars will have “AM4” or “AM5” printed on either side. Place collars over the posts on the backplate. For AM4 motherboards, the “AM4” print should be facing up. For AM5 motherboards, the “AM5” print should be facing up.
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    Screw standoffs onto the backplate while holding it in place. Tighten firmly.
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    Secure retention ring to the pump / block combo. Attach from the side that will contact the CPU. Swivel and click into place. NOTE: For Asetek Gen4 pumps, use the plastic retention clip to secure the pump to the retention ring after it is placed in the desired orientation.
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    Install fans to radiator and install radiator in case. Orient the fans as intake if you want the best performance.
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    Align the holes of the retention ring with the stand-offs on the motherboard. Place the pump/block onto the CPU.
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    While holding the pump/block combo on your CPU, tighten down the four (4) thumbnuts with your fingers and then tighten them down with a screwdriver.
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    Connect the fans to appropriate headers on the motherboard. Connect the pump to CPU_FAN header on your motherboard.

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