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Model: STR-FL80

STIRLING Washing Machine STR-FL80

Let’s get your new front load washing machine ready to use!

Installing the machine

CAUTION! This washing machine is extremely heavy – transport it with care! A team lift or mechanical aid is required when moving it.
WARNING! Before installing the washing machine, you must remove the transport bolts from the back of the housing and cover the holes with the transport hole plugs provided. The four bolts hold the drum in place during transport but they must be removed before use so the drum can move during the wash and spin cycles.
This washing machine must be installed by a competent person. Installation involves removing the transport bolts, leveling the machine, connecting it to your cold water supply, and installing the drain hose. Please refer to pages 10-15 in the instruction manual for comprehensive instructions.


STIRLING Washing Machine STR-FL80 - preparation

1 Plug in the machine.
2 Open your water tap.
3 Load your washing into the machine – page 23 in the instruction manual has useful hints to help you with this.
4 Close the door.
5.Add detergent to the drawer – find all the details on page 19 in the instruction manual


STIRLING Washing Machine STR-FL80 washing

6.Select a program – all program details are provided on page 20 in the instruction manual.
7.Press an option button if you want to adjust the water temperature, spin speed, number of rinses, or set a delayed start.
8.Press the Start/Pause button to start up.
*Nearly done! Just a bit more on the other side of this page…


STIRLING Washing Machine STR-FL80 - Afterwards

9.When the buzzer sounds you can open the door and take your washing out of the machine.
10.The machine will automatically turn to stand-by.
11.Unplug the power plug and close the water tap.
12.We recommend you leave the door slightly ajar so the drum can dry properly and prevent mold and odor development.

Wash programs

The washing machine is equipped with 15 programs, 1400rpm spin speed, LED display, delay start and an add a garment function.

STIRLING Washing Machine STR-FL80 - programs

Program dial: Turn the program dial to switch on the machine and select your desired wash program.
Stand-by position: The machine switches to standby automatically at the end of the program.
LED display: Shows the settings, estimated time remaining, options, codes, etc.
Temp. button: Press to adjust a program’s default temperature (if available). Press and hold this button to set the child lock function.

STIRLING Washing Machine STR-FL80 - programs2

Spin Speed button: Press to adjust a program’s default spin speed (if available). Press and hold this button for at least 3 seconds to mute the buzzer.
+Rinse button: Press to add an additional rinse (if available).
Delay Start button: Press to set the delay function (up to a maximum of 24 hours)
Start/Pause button: Press to start the program or to pause it.

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Well done, you made it! Now sit back and relax … your new front load washing machine is automatically covered by a 3-year warranty.

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