STIRLING STR-H158W 158L Bar Fridge User Guide
STIRLING STR-H158W 158L Bar Fridge

Let’s get your new 158L bar fridge ready to use!


CAUTION! The fridge is heavy – transport it with care! To avoid back or other injury, we recommend you ask someone for help or use a mechanical aid when moving it.

1. Getting it ready for use
Before you start installing the fridge, wipe the interior surfaces and accessories with a well wrung out cloth moistened with lukewarm water with a little baking soda added. This will remove any dust from transit and storage and help remove the typical smell of a brand new product. Dry thoroughly.

2. Where to install
The fridge is designed for freestanding use. The floor must be strong, sturdy and level — adjust the levelling feet, if necessary. Avoid areas where the fridge would be exposed to direct sunlight, heat, extreme cold ambient temperatures or excessive moisture and high humidity. Installing it in the coolest area of the room will save energy consumption and running costs. Allow at least 10cm clear space at the back and sides so air can circulate freely around the fridge. For comprehensive installation instructions, please consult the manual.



3. Settling
Before plugging in your new bar fridge, let it stand upright for at least 4 hours to allow the refrigerant gases to settle into the compressor.

4. Power connection 
Plug in the fridge and secure the power supply cord behind the unit, making sure the plug is accessible after installation.

5. Cool down 
When first starting up, and after a period out of use, allow the unit to cool down on the coldest setting (5) for at least 4 hours before placing perishable food in the fridge.
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Thermostat control

Thermostat control

6. Location
The temperature control and defrost button 6 are located on the upper right hand side of the cabinet. The higher the number on the dial, the colder the temperature.

7. First use 
The first time you turn the fridge on, set the control to the coldest position (5). After approximately 4 hours, adjust it to the setting that best suits your needs ­ a middle setting should be appropriate in most cases.

8. Switching off 
To turn the fridge off, first turn the thermostat control to the minimum position (0), which will cut off power to the compressor, then disconnect the power supply cord from the wall outlet in order to shut off the power to the unit.

The bar fridge interior

Fridge Interior

9. The refrigerator compartment is suitable for short-term storage of fresh food. The walls of the fridge are equipped with a series of runners so you can position the glass shelves to suit your storage needs.

10. The door balconies are suitable for storage of food and drink bottles, cans and jars.

11. The chiller compartment is designed for short-term storage of some commercially frozen foods, keeping them at a temperature of around -6°C. This storage area is not a true freezer; it works best when the food is already frozen.

12. The drip tray under the chiller compartment is designed to catch melting ice during defrosting. The defrost water will eventually evaporate.

13. The easy-to-pull-out crisper drawer is covered with a glass shelf for practical fruit and vegetable storage.

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What? You mean this Quick Start Guide didn’t have ALL the answers? The manual has more comprehensive instructions, or speak to us. Call our After Sales Support on 1300 886 649.

Well done, you made it! Now sit back and relax … your new 158L bar fridge is automatically covered by a 3 year warranty.


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