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STIRLING SHPD7 Heat pump Clothes Dryer

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Please follow these steps before using the dryer.

  • Check the lint filter is clean and the water tank is empty before every load. Ensure both are replaced correctly before using your dryer. The lint filter indicator will be on when the machine is on as a reminder to check the lint filters.
  • Sort and load items into the dryer drum, ensuring no items are in the way of the door. Close the door (you will hear it click shut).

Moving Your Appliance

If the dryer needs to be placed at an angle for moving, only angle towards the right hand side (when viewed from the front). If the dryer has not been transported as described, leave it standing upright for at least one hour before turning on.

Operating Your Dryer

  1. Press ‘On/Off’ to activate your dryer.
  2. Select your desired drying cycle by turning the Program Selection Dial.
  3. Select your preferred drying options, using the buttons on the right hand side of the panel (if you wish to select options different from the default options for the cycle).
  4. Touch the ‘Start/Pause’ button to start the cycle.
Selecting the Program
  1. Press the On/Off button. The LED display will switch on to indicate the dryer is on.
  2. Rotate the drying program knob to select your desired drying program.
  3. As additional options, you can select Delay, or Anti-crease functions.
  4. To begin drying using your selected settings, press the Start/Pause button. The dryer door will lock and begin it’s program.
Anti-Crease Function

The Anti-Crease LED shall light when the function is selected. At the end of the drying cycle, the default anti-crease operation time is 30 minutes but 120 minutes can be selected. This function prevents the laundry from creases. The clothing can be removed during the anti-crease phase and all other drying programs (excluding: Cool, Refresh, Warm 30′ and Warm 60′).

Model Number SHPD7
Warranty 3years
Load Capacity 7kg
Drying Programs 16 stirling logo

Documents / Resources

STIRLING SHPD7 Heat pump Clothes Dryer [pdf] Instruction Manual
SHPD7, Heat pump Clothes Dryer

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