SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder
Instruction ManualTIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder


1. General information
The chapter “Operation” is intended for appliance users and qualified contractors.
The chapter “Installation” is intended for qualified contractors.
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - Symbol 4 Note Read these instructions carefully before using the appliance and retain them for future reference. Pass on the instructions to a new user if required.

Safety instructions

1.1.1 Structure of safety instructions
warning 2 KEYWORD Type of risk Here, possible consequences are listed that may result from failure to observe the safety instructions.

 Steps to prevent the risk are listed.
1.1.2 Symbols, type of risk

Symbol Type of risk
Risk of burns ICON Burns (burns, scalding)

1.1.3 Keywords

KEYWORD  Meaning
DANGER Failure to observe this information will result in serious injury or death.
WARNING Failure to observe this information may result in serious injury or death.
CAUTION Failure to observe this information may result in non-serious or minor injury.

1.2 Other symbols in this documentation
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - Symbol 4 Note
General information is identified by the adjacent symbol. f Read these texts carefully.

Symbol Meaning
Material losses (appliance damage, consequential losses and environmental pollution)
Danger Appliance disposal

This symbol indicates that you have to do something. The action you need to take is described step by step.
1.3 Information on the appliance

Symbol Meaning
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - Symbol  Supply / Inlet / Flow
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - Symbol 1 Drain / Outlet / Return
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - Symbol 2 Heat pump
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - Symbol 3 Central heating

1.4 Units of measurement
Note All measurements are given in mm unless stated otherwise.


2.1 Intended use
This appliance is designed to extend the operating time of the heat generator and to bridge power-OFF periods. The heat pump buffer cylinder also provides hydraulic separation of the flow rates in the heat pump circuit and the heating circuit.
Observation of these instructions and of instructions for any accessories and other system components used is also part of the correct use of this appliance.
Any other use beyond that described shall be deemed inappropriate. Using the appliance for heating fluids other than water or for water supplemented with chemicals, such as brine, is also deemed inappropriate.

Appliance description

The steel cylinder with directly applied foam insulation is equipped with a protective cover, connections for ventilation and draining, and a sensor pipe. The hydraulic connections are routed through the top.


Call your qualified contractor.
To facilitate and speed up your inquiry, please provide the serial number from the type plate (000000-0000-000000):
TIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - figSafety

Only a qualified contractor should carry out the installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of the appliance.
5.1 General safety instructions
We guarantee trouble-free function and operational reliability only if original accessories and spare parts intended for the appliance are used.
5.2 Instructions, standards, and regulations
Note Observe all applicable national and regional regulations and instructions.

Appliance description

6.1 Standard delivery
The following are delivered with the appliance: – 3 adjustable feet


7.1 Installation site

  • Always install the appliance in a room free from the risk of frost.
  • Ensure the floor has sufficient load-bearing capacity and evenness (see chapter “Specification / Data table”).
  • Observe the room height and height when tilted (see chapter “Specification / Data table”).

Minimum clearancesTIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - fig 1


8.1 Positioning the equipment
Use the adjustable feet provided to compensate for any unevenness in the floor.

  • Undo the 3 screws from the non-returnable pallet.
  • Tilt the appliance and screw the 3 adjustable feet provided into the appliance.
  • Lift the appliance off the pallet.
  • When installing, observe minimum clearances (see chapter “Preparations / Installation site”).

8.2 Heating water connection
Material losses
Carry out all water connection and installation work in accordance with regulations.

  • Observe the heat pump operating and installation instructions when making the heating water connection.
  • Connect the hydraulic connections with flat gaskets.

Oxygen diffusion

Material losses
Avoid open heating systems and plastic pipes in underfloor heating systems which are permeable to oxygen.
In underfloor heating systems with plastic pipes that are permeable to oxygen and in open vented heating systems, oxygen diffusion may lead to corrosion on the steel components of the heating system (e.g. on the indirect coil of the DHW cylinder, on buffer cylinders, steel heating elements or steel pipes).
Material losses
The products of corrosion (e.g. rusty sludge) can settle in the heating system components and can result in a lower output or fault shutdowns due to reduced cross-sections.


9.1 Initial start-up

  • Fill and bleed the appliance (see chapter “Specification / Dimensions and connections”).
  • Carry out a tightness check.

9.1.1 Appliance handover

  • Explain the function of the appliance to users and familiarise them with its operation.
  • Make the user aware of potential dangers, especially the risk of scalding.
  • Hand over these instructions

9.2 Recommissioning
See chapter “Commissioning / Initial start-up”.
10. Shutdown
f Drain the appliance. See chapter “Maintenance / Draining the appliance”.
11. Maintenance
No special maintenance is required for the appliance. A regular visual check is sufficient.
11.1 Draining the appliance
Risk of burns ICON WARNING Burns Hot water may escape during draining.
If the appliance needs to be drained for maintenance or to protect the whole installation when there is a risk of frost, proceed as follows:
Drain the appliance using the appliance drain connection (see chapter “Specification / Dimensions and connections”).


12.1 Dimensions and connectionsTIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - fig 2

SBP 100 classic
d03 Heat pump flow optional Male thread G 1 1/4
d04 Heat pump return optional Male thread G 1 1/4
e03 Heating flow optional Male thread G 1 1/4
e04 Heating return optional Male thread G 1 1/4
d46 Ventilation mm
d47 Drain Female thread G 1/2
h02 Sensor heat pump return Diameter 14

Optional connectionsTIEBEL ELTRON SBP 100 Classic Heating Buffer Cylinder - fig 3

12.2 Details on energy consumption

SBP 100 classic
Model-identification of the supplier SBP 100 classic
Energy efficiency class C
standing loss S………………w 50
storage volume V 99

12.3 Data table

Energy data Energy efficiency class Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C Hydraulic data Rated capacity Application limits, Max. permissible pressure Test pressure Max. permissible temperature Dimensions Height Width Depth Weights Weight (wet) Weight (dry)

SBP 100 classic
KWH 235200
Energy data C
Energy efficiency class 1,2
Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C 1 100
Hydraulic data kWh 0,3
Rated capacity l 0,45
Application limits MPa 95
Max. permissible pressure MPa 877
Test pressure °C 510
Max. permissible temperature mm 510
Dimensions mm 120
Height mm 21
Width kg 510
Depth kg 510
Weights kg
Weight (wet)…………………………………………kg 120
Weight (dry)kg,………………………………………………kg 21


The guarantee conditions of our German companies do not apply to appliances acquired outside of Germany. In countries where our subsidiaries sell our products, a guarantee can only be issued by those subsidiaries. Such a guarantee is only granted if the subsidiary has issued its own terms of the guarantee. No other guarantee will be granted.
We shall not provide any guarantee for appliances acquired in countries where we have no subsidiary to sell our products. This will not affect warranties issued by any importers.
Environment and recycling
We would ask you to help protect the environment. After use, dispose of the various materials in accordance with national regulations.

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