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  • Thermostat
  • Sensor

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The thermostat is an electronic PWM/PI thermostat for temperature control by means of an NTC sensor located either externally or internally within the thermostat. The thermostat is for flush mounting in a wall socket. A baseplate for wall mounting is also available. This thermostat can be used as a controller for electric room heating pursuant to EN50559.* * Only valid for RTF-TC (MCD5-1999)

Product program
RTF-TC (MCD5-1999) RTU-TC (MCC5-1999)  Clock-thermostat with two sensors: floor sensor and built-in room sensor. Clock-thermostat with built-in room sensor.

WARNING Important Safety Instructions

Disconnect the power supply before carrying out any installation or maintenance work on this thermostat and associated components. The thermostat and associated components should only be installed by a competent person (i.e. a qualified electrician). Electrical installation must be in accordance with appropriate statutory regulations.

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Mounting of sensor
The floor sensor contains a safety extra-low voltage (SELV) circuit, allowing it to be placed as close to the floor surface as possible without having to take account of the risk of shock should the sen-sor cable become damaged. The two wires connecting the sensor to the mounting box must be additionally insulated, e.g. shrink flex.

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To prevent loose wires in the fixed installation from coming into contact with the terminal block for the floor sensor, they must be restrained using cable ties. It is strongly recommended that the cable and sensor are placed in a non-conductive installation pipe embedded in the floor. The end of the pipe must be sealed and the pipe placed as high as possible in the concrete layer. The sensor cable must be led through a separate conduit or segregated from power cables. The floor sensor must be centred between loops of heating cable. The sensor cable may be extended up to 100 m by means of a separate two-core cable. Two vacant wires in a multi-core cable used, for example, to supply current to the floor heating cable must not be used. The switching peaks of such current supply lines may create interference signals that prevent optimum thermostat func-tion. If a shielded cable is used, the shield must not be connected to earth (PE). The two-core cable must be placed in a separate pipe or segregated from power cables in some other way.

Mounting of thermostat with built-in sensor
The room sensor is used for comfort temperature regulation in rooms. The thermostat should be mounted on the wall approx. 1.5 m above the floor in such a way as to allow free air circulation around it. Draughts and direct sunlight or other heat sources must be avoided.


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  1. Slide the power button down to Off “0”.
  2. Release the front cover ONLY by inserting a small screwdriver into the slot at the centre of the bottom side of the front cover to press and hold the catch securing the front cover.
  3. Then carefully pull the front cover away, initially from the lower part of the thermostat, then from the upper part of the thermo-stat.


Connect the wires in accordance with the diagram. The wires must be connected as follows:

STIEBEL ELTRON RTF-TC Temperature Controller 5

  • Term. 1: Neutral (N)
  • Term. 2: Live (L)
  • Term. 3-4: Output, max. 16 A
  • Term. X: Do not connect
  • Term. 5-6: External floor sensor (RTF-TC Thermostats only)


STIEBEL ELTRON RTF-TC Temperature Controller 6STIEBEL ELTRON RTF-TC Temperature Controller 7

  1. Mount the thermostat in the wall socket.
  2. Fit the frame and carefully press the cover onto the thermostat – starting with the upper part of the cover, then the lower part of the cover. Ensure that both the power slide button on the cover and the power switch pin in the thermostat are down.
  3. Click the cover into place by applying light, even pressure. Warning! Do not apply pressure to the corners of the display cover or to the display itself.

DO NOT open the thermostat by releasing the four fixing clips on the back.


STIEBEL ELTRON RTF-TC Temperature Controller 8There is an ON/OFF switch on the left side of the thermostat: up is ON – down is OFF. The resistive touchscreen requires a soft tap with your fingertip to register the touch.

Installer Wizzard:
The first time the thermostat is connected, push the power slide button to On “I” The Installer Wizard on the touchscreen will guide you through the set up of:

  1. Region
  2. Language
  3. Date
  4. Time
  5. Floor Type

See user manual.


If the sensor is disconnected or short-circuited, the heating system is switched off. The sensor can be checked against the resistance table.

STIEBEL ELTRON RTF-TC Temperature Controller 9

Error codes

  • E0: Internal fault. The thermostat must be replaced.
  • E1: Built-in sensor defective or short-circuited. Replace the ther- mostat, or use the floor sensor only.
  • E2: External sensor disconnected, defective or short-circuited. Reconnect the sensor if disconnected, or replace the sensor.
  • E5: Internal overheating. Inspect the installation.

CE marking
According to the following standard: LVD/EMC: EN 60730-1

Protection from electric shock must be assured by appropriate installation. Appropriate installation must meet the requirements of Class II (enhanced insulation).

Environment and recycling
Please help us to protect the environment by disposing of the packaging in accordance with national regulations for waste processing.

Recycling of obsolete appliances
Appliances with this label must not be disposed of with general household waste. They must be collected separately and disposed of in compliance with local regulations.


Purpose of control Electrical underfloor heating
Method of mounting. Wall mounting in a socket or mounting box
Supply voltage 100-240 VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
Max. pre-fuse 16 A
Built-in interupter 2-pole, 16 A
Enclosure rating IP 21

Wire size, terminals

Current ≤ 13 A – 1.5 mm2, solid core wire

Current > 13 A to 16 A – 2.5 mm2,

solid core wire

ELV limits realized SELV 24 VDC
Output relay Make contact – SPST – NO
Output, load Max. 16 A / 3600 W
Control principle PWM/PI
Standby consumption ≤0.5 W
Battery backup 5 years (storage)
Battery life, typical 5 years (storage) 10 years (powered)
Dimensions MxD5: H/84, W/84, D/40 mm
Build-in depth 22mm
Weight ≤200 g
Display 176×220 pixels TFT – resistive touch
Control pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category III
Type of action 1.B
Software class A
Rated impulse voltage 4kV
Ball pressure temperature (TB) 125°C
EU registered design DM/082270

Note: At very low ambient temperatues the display may respond slowly.

Documents / Resources

STIEBEL ELTRON RTF-TC Temperature Controller [pdf] Instructions
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