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STEAMERY Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer User Manual

Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer

Welcome To Steamery

Let’s make it even easier for you to take care of your clothes.
Cumulus No.3 is developed by Scandinavian fashion professionals, engineers and industrial designers with the aim to create the perfect home steamer. With a minimalistic design Cumulus No.3 fit into a fashionable environment. Cumulus No.3, our best home steamer yet.
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Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer

Box Content

  1. Steamer and water tank
  2. Steam head and hose
  3. Hook (for hanging the steam head when not in use)
  4. Hanger
  5. Rod set (in three parts)
  6. Fabric Brush
  7. Heat Protection Glove

Assemble Your Steamer

  1. Assemble the rod set. The thinnest rod part is the top part
  2. Attach the assembled rod to the center of the steamer
  3. Attach the hanger and hook at the top of the rod.
  4. Attach the steam head to the hose
  5. Hang the steam head on the hook
  6. Attach the hose firmly to the steam outlet on the top of the steamer in front of the rod.

Start Using Your Steamer

Using Your Steamer

  1. Place the steamer on a flat wet-protected surface where you plan to use it. Take out the water tank and unscrew the cap.
  2. Fill the tank with 500 – 1800 ml of water. Replace the tank. If you tilt the steamer it may leak water.
  3. Turn on Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer by switching the on/off button to level one for light steam power (30 g steam/min) and to level 2 for max steam power (38 g steam/min) notice the green light indicator. Wait 45 seconds.
  4. Start steaming (avoid starting the steamer with an empty tank).
  5. Turn off Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer by switching the on/off button to level zero (the green light indicator goes off).
  6. Do not leave your steamer filled with water. In rare cases, it may leak. Steamery does not take any responsibility for any wet damaged floors or interior.

Steam Your Garments

Steaming your clothes is easy and you will find your own way. Here are some of our recommendations.

  1. Hang your garment on a separate hanger.
  2. Push the steam head firmly against the fabric while steaming.
  3. You may stretch the fabric while letting the hot steam pass through it.
  4. For sensitive fabric such as silk or wool, we recommend you to attach the fabric brush to the steam head (included in the package).
  5. To keep the fabric straight you may want to hold the fabric while steaming. Use the heat glove to avoid burning yourself (included in the package).

Empty And Clean Your Steamer

When water is converted into steam, residues of calcium and magnesium gather in the boiler inside your steamer. When the steamer has been used for a while, these residues form a coating, which may reduce the efficiency of or even break your steamer. Therefore, it is important to clean your steamer. We recommend that you descale it after every 20th used water tank.
Descaling liquid is an acid that dissolves magnesium and calcium. By pouring descaling liquid (or any other similar acid as ex white distilled vinegar) and hot water inside the boiler you will clean your steamer from these residues.

Clean your steamer by following the elements below:

  1. Remove the tank and the hose.
  2. Empty the steamer through the steam outlet.
  3. In the cavity under the tank, pour 50 milliliters of white distilled vinegar and 100-200
    milliliters of hot water.
  4. Tilt your steamer back and forth. When you tilt the steamer you will see brown pieces of
    magnesium and calcium in the water.
  5. Pour out the water through the steam outlet or tilt the steamer to the side.
  6. Follow this procedure a couple of times until the water is clear and no more brown pieces
    can be seen in the water.

Safety Instructions

  1. When the steamer is in use the front of the steam head becomes very hot. Therefore, avoid touching the steam head when the steamer is in use.
  2. Do under no circumstances point the steam towards people, animals or plants etc.
  3. The steam hose shall be held vertically and preferably 1,2 meters over the steamer to avoid water assembling in the hose.
  4. Use the steamer on flat floors. Otherwise, the steamer may risk leaking water.
  5. Do not fill the water tank with any other liquid than water.
  6. Do not use the steamer if the cable is broken.
  7. Remove the steamer from the electricity when not in use.
  8. Children should not use or maintain the steamer.
  9. The steamer should not be used as a toy.
  10. Never place the steamer directly on a carpet.
  11. Always keep Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer on a wet-protected surface when using and storing it. Alternatively, empty your steamer when it is not in use. In rare cases, the steamer may leak, keep watch over your steamer. Steamery does not take responsibility for water-damaged floors and the interior.


Origin: P.R.C.
Certificates: CE/RoHS
Model: Cumulus No.3 Home Steamer
Importer: The Steamery AB
Power Voltage and Frequency: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 900-1750W
Water Tank Capacity: 1800 ml
Auto Power Off: Supported (when the temperature is too high due to a shortage of water)
Control: Button with 3 levels (Off, 900 W, and 1750 W)
Weight: 5 kg
Start-up time: 45 seconds
Steaming operation: 60 minutes of continuous steaming

Steamery One-Year Limited Warranty Summary

Steamery warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original retail purchase. Steamery does not warrant normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or damage caused by accident or abuse. To obtain service, please call or mail Steamery. Call charges and
international shipping charges may apply depending on location. If you submit a valid claim under this warranty, Steamery will repair, replace, or refund your Steamer at its own discretion. Warranty benefits are in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws. You may be required to furnish proof of purchase details when making a claim under this warranty.

© 2022 Steamery. Designed by Steamery in Stockholm. Printed in P.R.C

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