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Starlyf Mini Oven with Hob Air Instruction Manual

Starlyf Mini Oven with Hob Air Instruction Manual


Starlyf® Air Oven USER MANUAL For family use only

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed.
Do not use The Air Fryer Oven until you have read this manual thoroughly.

Starlyf® Air Oven uses the principle of hot air combining with high speed air circula- tion.
All food sides are cooking at the same time and most of the ingredients don’t need an extra oil adding.

Enjoy healthy, tasty food!
Read this instruction manual carefully be- fore using the product for the first time and keep it in an accessible place for future use.
Clean all the parts of the product that will be in contact with food, as indicated in the cleaning section, before use.

General and Safety Indications

  1. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given super- vision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  2. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children un- less they are older than 8 and supervised.
  3. Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years.
  4. This appliance is not a toy. Children being supervised not to play with the appliance
    The temperature of the door and other accessible sur- face may be high when the appliance is in use.
  5. Do not use the appliance if the cable or plug is damaged. Return your Starlyf® Air
    Oven to the nearest authori- zed service facility if the ca- ble or plug is damaged. Do not attempt to dissemble or repair the appliance by your- self to avoid electrical ha- zard.
  6. Appliances can be used by persons with reduced physi- cal, sensory or mental capa- bilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  7. This device is designed to be used for domestic appli- cations and other work environments: kitchen areas reserved for staff in shops, offices and other work envi- ronments, farms, by custo- mers in hotels, motels and other residential-type set- tings, in settings such as hotel rooms.
  8. Ensure that the voltage indicated on the rating la- bel matches with the mains voltage before plugging the appliance.
  9. The appliance’s plug must fit into the mains socket pro- perly. Do not alter the plug.
  10. Do not force the electrical wire.
  11. Never use the electric wire to lift up, carry or unplug the appliance.
  12. Do not wrap the cable around the appliance.
  13. Do not allow the connec- tion cable to hang or to come into contact with the appliance’s hot surfaces.
  14. Do not force the electrical wire. Never use the electric wire  to lift up, carry or unplug the appliance.
  15. Check the state of the power cord. Damaged or tan- gled cables increase the risk of electric shock.
  16. Do not touch the plug with wet hands.
  17. If any of the appliance ca- sings breaks, immediately dis- connect the appliance from the mains to prevent the possibility of an electric shock.
  18. Do not use the appliance if it has fallen on the floor, if there are visible signs of damage or if it has a leak.
  19. Only use Starlyf® Air Oven indoors and on dry surfaces.
  20. Do not touch hot surfaces without heat-resistant gloves or pads.
  21. Place the appliance on a horizontal, flat and stable surface that can support Starlyf® Air Oven weight.
  22. Do not cover the appliance as it will affect the hot air frying  result.
  23. Unplug Starlyf® Air Oven when not in use and before cleaning. Turn off Starlyf® Air Oven before unplugging it.
  24. Do not unplug Starlyf® Air Oven with wet hands.
  25. Keep the working area clean and well lit. Cluttered and dark areas invite accidents.
  26. To prevent damage and/or injuries, only use accessories recommended by the manufac- turer.
  27. The appliance’s plug must fit into the mains socket pro- perly. Do not alter the plug.

Product introduction

The air fryer oven uses the principle of turbo hot air combined with high-speed air circulation (rapid air exchange), and is equipped with a variety of baking accessories, which is convenient for you to cook a variety of delicious foods in a healthy, fast and simple way. It will provide all-round heating for your ingredients at once, so for most ingredients, there is no need to add oil for cooking. With the help of an additional roaster, there is a more convenient way to make French fries, chicken wings, egg tarts and other foods easily.

Parts & Accessories

NOTE: Some accessories may not be included with purchase.

  1. Main Unit
    The door can be removed from the Main
    Unit for cleaning
  2. Glass door
  3. Handle
  4. Digital Control Panel Allows you to control the functions of Starlyf® Air Oven
  5. Air inlet
    Do not cover it when cooking.
  6. Air outlet
    Do not cover it when cooking; be careful with the hot air.
  7. Rotisserie Shaft, Forks & Set Screws Use for roasts and whole chicken. Force
    Shaft lengthwise through meat and cen- ter. Slide Forks onto shaft from either end nto meat, and then lock in place with Set Screws. There are indentations on the shaft for the set screws. You can adjust the screws closer to the middle if needed but never outward towards the ends.
  8. Rotisserie Fetch Tool
    Use to remove cooked roasts and chicken that have been prepared using the rotisserie or skewer methods. Place under Rotisserie Shaft and lift then gently extract the food.
  9. Racks (optional) Can be used not only for dehydration but also to cook crispy snacks or reheat items like pizza.
  10. Drip Tray Cook with the Drip Pan in place for easy clean-up.

Product operation and use instructions

Using the Rotisserie function (BB)
Force the shaft length ways through the meat and center.
Slide the forks onto the shaft from either end into the meat. Then lock into place with the screws. There is an indentation point on the shaft for a screw. Ensure the other screw is fitted tightly to the stick. You can adjust the screws closer to the middle if needed, but never outwards towards the ends.

Ensure that the roast meat or chicken are not too large and are able to rotate freely inside the air fryer. Tie up the chicken or other roast meat with cooking string to hold it tightly around the rotisserie stick.

Before first use

  • Remove all packaging materials, inclu- ding plastic bags, labels, stickers, foam, etc.
  • Please read all the information befo- re use: user manual, warning stickers, warranty cards and labels.
  • Please wipe the inside and outside of the product with a damp cloth (do not spray de- tergent directly on the inside), and use mild detergent to clean the accessories.
  • Before using it for the first time, it is re- commended to adjust the temperature to the highest and burn it for 15 minutes to evaporate any residue and reduce the smell of the new machine.
  • NOTE: To avoid scratching your hands, please wear gloves to clean
  • If a little white smoke or odor is emitted during heating, it is caused by the protecti- ve material on the heating element. This is normal.

Preparation before use

  • Place the product on a stable and flat surface. Do not place the product on a sur- face that is not heat resistant.
  • Do not pour large amounts of oil or other liquids into the machine or any cooking container. This product can only be cooked with hot air.
  • Do not place objects on top of the pro- duct, which will block the airflow and affect the effect of hot air heating.
  • Select the necessary accessories and put them in correctly, then start the machine.

Instructions Operation

  1. Place the ingredients on the racks.
  2. Put the accessories containing the ingre- dients into the machine along the track, or insert the rotating hole and close the door.
  3. Press the power button to activate the touch panel.
  4. Select the menu required for cooking ingredients, or manually adjust the cooking temperature and time.
  5. Press the power button to start the pro- gram.
    NOTE: During the cooking process, you can open the door to confirm the cooking progress, but please use heat insulation to avoid burns.
    NOTE: Please refer to this manual or recipe book to determine the correct setting


To help you choose the correct settings for  the ingredients you want to cook, pleaserefer to the menu instructions.
NOTE: Please remember that these set- tings are for reference only. Due to the diffe- rent sources, sizes, shapes, and brands of ingredients, we cannot guarantee the best settings for your ingredients. Because this product’s rapid ventilation technology will immediately reheat the air in the product, when using this product, quickly open and close the oven door, it will not affect the coo- king process.


  1. Compared with larger-volume ingredients, smaller-volume ingredients require slightly shorter cooking time.
  2. When the amount of ingredients is large, increase the cooking time a little, and when the amount of ingredients is small, decrease the cooking time a bit.
  3. During the cooking process, turning over larger foods in the middle can improve the final cooking effect and help make the ingredients get even baking.
  4. It is recommended to add a little bit of oil to make the food crispier (for example: fresh potatoes). After adding oil, the ingredients should be left for a few minutes before baking.
    When baking cakes or pies, put a sui- table baking tin or baking tray inside of Starlyf® Air Oven.

Display Control Panel

Each number represents the function,

  1. Power switch,
  2. light,
  3. rotation function,
  4. temperature +,
  5. temperature -,
  6. temperature indicator,
  7. Time +,
  8. Time -,
  9. clock indicator,
  10. temperature display,
  11. temperature unit display (degrees Celsius).
  12. Clock display light,
  13. time unit display light (minutes),
  14. French fries,
  15. Steak,
  16. fish,
  17. shrimp,
  18. chicken leg (chic- ken),
  19. baking,
  20. whole chicken,
  21. dried fruit,
  22. heating,
  23. fermentation,
  24. work indicator light

Operating instructions

When the power is plugged in button 1 is on, and other display buttons are off. Press the power 1 button and all lights will be on. Without selecting any function button, press the power button 1 again and the machine enters the cooking mode process with the default temperature of 190 degrees for 15 minutes. In this mode, the lights of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 24 are on, in which the (10 / 11) temperature light and (12 / 13) time light are on alternately, At the same time, the digital display also shows the corresponding rotation between temperature and time. During any cooking mode, press the power button 1 to turn it off.

Button 2 is an internal light. You can press button 2 at any time during machine ope- ration. The internal light is on and button 2 flashes. When the door is opened, the light will also be on, and when the door is closed, the light will be off. Button 3 is a rotation button. In any cooking mode, you can press button 3, and the in ternal rotating shaft / potato chip cage will rotate. In the working mode, the 3-button light flashes.

Button 4 is temperature +, button 5 is temperature -, during operation, press temperature + or temperature -, and the temperature can be set to increase or decrease

The button 7 is time +, the 8 button is time -, each time you press, time + or -, you can set the cooking time.

LED digital display, during operation, the LED number displayed is switching bet- ween temperature and remaining time.
Button 24 is the working indicator light. In the working state, button 24 light is always on.

Buttons 14-23 are cooking presets as fo- llows:
14. French fries: 200ºC 15 minutes.
15. Steak: 185ºC, 25 minutes.
16. Fish: 200ºC, 15 minutes.
17. Shrimp: 160ºC, 12 minutes.
18. Chicken leg / Chicken: 190ºC, 20 minu- tes.
19. Baking: 175ºC, 30 minutes.
20. Whole chicken: 200ºC, 30 minutes.
21. Dried fruit / dehydration: 80ºC, 4 hours.
22. Heating: 115ºC, 12 minutes.
23. Fermentation / thawing: 40ºC, 1 hour.
Buttons 14-23 cooking presets modes can be adjusted through time + – and temperature + – for secondary settings.

Overheating protection

If the internal temperature control system is abnormal, the overheating protection sys- tem will be activated and the product will stop working. If this happens, please unplug the power cord. Please allow time for the equipment to cool down before restarting or saving the machine.


  • When using this product, it should be pla- ced on a stable and heat-resistant desktop.
  • This product is only suitable for ordinary household use, not for any commercial, re- tail, or outdoor use.
  • Make sure to unplug the product after use.
  • After use, before handling or cleaning the product, make sure the product has cooled down for about 30 minutes.

Cleaning & Storage


Clean the Air Fryer Oven after each use.  Accessories are made of durable stainlesssteel and are dishwasher safe.
Never use abrasive cleaning materials or utensils on these surfaces.
Caked-on food should be soaked for easy removal in warm, soapy water.
Remove the power cord from the wall socket and be certain the appliance is tho- roughly cooled before cleaning.

  1. Wipe the outside of the appliance with a warm, moist cloth and mild detergent.
  2. To clean glass, open the door of Starlyf® Air Oven. Push the button on the bottom side of the door to push the glass through the top of the door. Grab the tab at the top of the glass and carefully remove the glass from the door.
  3. Clean the inside of the appliance with hot water, a mild detergent and a nonabrasive sponge.
  4. If necessary, remove unwanted food resi- due from the upper screen with a cleaning brush.
  1. Unplug the appliance and let it cool tho- roughly.
  2. Make sure all components are clean and dry.
  3. Keep it in a clean, dry place.


Problem Possible Cause Solution
The Starlyf® Air Oven does not work
  1. The appliance is not plugged in.
  2. You have not turned Starlyf® Air Oven on by setting the preparation time
  1. Plug power cord into wall socket 2. Set the temperature and time. Check that door is closed.
Food not cooked Too much food The temperature is set too low The cooking time is too short Use smaller batches for more even frying. Set a higher temperature Set longer cooking time
Food is not fried evenly Some foods need to be turned du- ring the cooking process Some foods need to be turned du- ring the cooking process
Display shows E1 Short circuit Contact service center
Display shows E2 Short circuit Contact service center
Some white smoke from Starlyf® Air Oven during the cooking The food you are cooking is with much fat/oil
There are some oil/fat left in the oven from last use
When cooking the food with much oil/fat, it’s normal there will be some smoke, it will not affect the cooking result. Make sure clean the oven after usage
Fries are not crispy Raw fries have too much water. Soak for 30 mins at least, and then dry.

Technical Specifications

Voltage AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power 1700W
Capacity 12L
Temperature 65°C-200°C
Display LED Display


This product is covered by a warranty against manufacturing defects subject to the time periods stipulated by the legislation in force in each country.
This warranty does not cover damage resulting from inadequate use, negligent commercial use, abnormal wear and tear, accidents or improper handling.

Australia & New Zealand only

This product has the benefit of certain Consumer Guarantees. These are prescribed by the Australian Consumer Law & the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 both of which provide protection for consumers. There is no express warranty for this product in Australia or New Zealand. The above paragraph refers to other countries.



A symbol of a crossed-out wheeled bin means you should find out about and follow local regulations about disposing of this kind of product. Do not dispose of this device as you would other household waste. Dispose of this product in accordance with the corresponding local regulations. Electrical and electronic appliances contain hazardous substances that can have harmful effects on the environment and/or human health and should be recycled properly.


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