CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy

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Digital User Manual

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To prevent risk of fire or battery explosion, keep away from ignition sources, heat and flame. Avoid mechanical or electrical abuse.
Lithium ion batteries provide high energy density, and can be recharged time after time. Storing large amounts of energy can be inherently dangerous as these batteries contain lithium ions and highly flammable electrolytes. Causes of lithium ion failure include puncture, overheating, overcharging, short circuit, internal cell failure and manufacturing deficiencies. See WARNINGS below… If your lithium-ion battery has any of the following signs stop using it immediately and call 702-982-6598. Keep away from anything flammable.

  • Čudan miris
  • Цури
  • Change in color or shape
  • Excessive overheating
  • Strange noises

It is important to be aware of the potential dangers of lithium ion batteries and follow good battery safety tips to prevent fires or explosions.


  • Do store battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and excessive heat or cold
  • Do not store or charge battery in temperatures below -10°C or above 40°C
  • Do charge in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not charge battery in a sealed container or upside down
  • Do not charge battery near heater, or where heat accumulates, or in direct sunshine
  • Do not leave charge battery overnight
  • Do not disassemble the battery or open the battery. Risk of electric shock or fire
  • Do not touch the electric poles of the battery
  • Do not keep battery connected to the grid during prolonged power outages
  • Do not splash or immerse battery in liquids
  • Do not use non-CaddyTrek branded charger to charge battery as it may cause battery damage or cause fire
  • Do not use battery if damaged
  • If disposing of battery, take it to a proper recycling center


What’s included with the CaddyTrek?
The CaddyTrek is shipped with the following items:

  • Главна батерија
  • Main Battery Charger
  • Слушалица
  • Handset Battery
  • Handset Battery Charger

Пуњење батерије
The CaddyTrek uses a Lithium-Ion battery to power the cart and should be fully charged before using. Approx. 6-8 hours.
You can charge the main battery and handset on any 110 volt outlet. Plug the charger into the charger port located on the battery inside the electronics box. Once fully charged, unplug.

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The following instructions will show you how to correctly charge the main battery using the provided battery charger and explain what the indicator lights mean.

Провера нивоа батерије
To check the battery level, press the RED button on top left of the battery (see photo).

CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig5

Green light indicators

  • 3-green lights: The battery is fully charged.
  • 2-green lights: The battery is 50-75% charged.
  • 1-green light: The battery is less than 50% charged.

Коришћење пуњача батерија

  1. Charge the main battery in or out of the unit.
  2. Plug the battery charger into the main battery’s charging port.
  3. Plug the other end of battery charger into a power outlet.
  4. The indicator light should turn RED to indicate battery is charging.
  5. If the charge indicator light does NOT turn RED:
    1.  Leave the charger plugged into the battery.
    2. Unplug the charger from power outlet, wait 5 seconds then plug it back in.
    3. Within 3 seconds the indicator light should now turn RED.
  6.  Charge battery for about 6 hours.
  7. Check the battery charge level again (refer to checking battery level above).
  8. If the indicator light is GREEN, the battery is charged.
    • Unplug the charger from the battery.
    • Carefully reinsert the battery back into the CaddyTrek and begin use.
  9. If the indicator light is not GREEN, charge for an additional 1-2 hours.

Handset battery and charger
The handset comes with a Lithium Ion 4.2V battery and battery charger. The battery takes about 2 hours for a full charge and will last about 30 hours.

Cell Phone Charger (USB Port)

CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig5

Unfolding the CaddyTrek

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CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig6

Folding the CaddyTrek

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Familiarize yourself with the handset layout.
Understanding how to quickly maneuver the unit is essential in avoiding an accident and getting maximum benefit out of the CaddyTrek.

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Powering up the CaddyTrek

  1. If using Remote Control (RC) mode, press the power button on R3 and handset at the SAME TIME.

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig9
    Note: If you DO NOT press the power button on R3 and handset at the same time, all four lights on handset will light up green and you then pair the handset manually. See instructions below.

  2. If only using Follow (FL) mode, no need to power on handset.

Pairing and Synching Handset to CaddyTrek

  1. TURN OFF the CaddyTrek and the Handset.
  2. TURN ON the CaddyTrek and within 5 seconds, TURN ON the handset.
  3. Immediately press and hold the STOP button while repeatedly pressing the UP button.
  4. When you hear beeps from handset, you have successfully paired your handset with your unit.


  • There may be times when the handset will lose connection to the CaddyTrek, usually after first powering on the CaddyTrek or after replacing the battery.
  • Should the handset and CaddyTrek lose connection with each other, they will need to be re-synched.
  • The entire re-synching process should only take about 10 seconds. It may be necessary to restart the process if too much time elapses between turning on the unit and the handset.

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Using the Anti-Tipping Wheel

  1. Use hand to pull out anti-tipping wheel assembly.
  2. Use foot to fold back in.

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Identifying the LED Lights on CaddyTrek

  • Solid white light = Camera warm up (apx. 45 sec – 2 beeps)

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig12

  • Flashing green light = Stand By (SB) mode

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig13

  • Flashing blue light = Remote Control (RC) mode

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig14

  • Solid green light = Follow (FL) mode

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig15


Additional Handset Commands
Note: All codes must be done from (SB) mode. The CaddyTrek powers up in (SB) mode and returns to (SB) mode upon exiting any other mode.

  1.  Mute the handset:
    • Press the DOWN arrow (4) times then press STOP
    • Repeat steps to disengage
  2. Check the handset battery charge level:
    1. Turn on the handset
    2. Press and hold the STOP button for 2-3 seconds
    3. Read LED light indicators left to right
      • 4 green lights = 100% charged
      • 3 green lights = 70% charged
      • 2 green lights = 40% charged
      • 1 green light = 10% charged
  3. Recalibrate handset
    If the unit veers to the left or to the right, you may need to recalibrate.
    • Укључите јединицу.
    • Press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, then press STOP.
    • The unit will beep twice.
  4. Engage free wheel mode
    • Hold down the UP directional button until you hear a beep.
    • Press STOP to lock the wheels.

Using the Directional Buttons

  • Press the Forward, Reverse, Left or Right directional buttons to move CaddyTrek in the desired direction.
  • To accelerate CaddyTrek to its maximum speed, hold down the Forward button or press repeatedly.
  •  To slow CaddyTrek down to a stop while moving forward, repeatedly press the Reverse or Stop button. Once stopped, pressing once more will reverse the unit.
  • To go back into Standby (SB) mode, press STOP, STOP.


Manual Push Mode (use on level ground)

  1. Make sure CaddyTrek and the handset are powered off.
  2. Guide CaddyTrek with the push/handle bar.
  3. CaddyTrek will not automatically brake when the power is off so use caution on hills and steep slopes

Remote Control (RC) Mode

  1. Power on the CaddyTrek and handset.
  2. Position yourself behind the large wheels of CaddyTrek with your chest facing the CaddyTrek.
  3. Hold down the “Left” directional (RC) button until the handset emits a short beep and RC light will be blinking on the handset. 30 yard max range.
  4. Blue light on CaddyTrek will indicate RC mode is ready.
  5. To stop the unit, press the STOP button once.

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Free-Wheel Mode

  1. With the CaddyTrek in Standby (SB) mode, push down on handle, till anti-tipping wheel is touching ground.
  2. CaddyTrek will beep indicating free wheel mode.
  3. LED on CaddyTrek will turn solid green
  4. To disengage, cup camera with hand as shown in video, DO NOT TOUCH THE CAMERA LENS.

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig17

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Follow (FL) Mode

  1. Activating “vision” follow
    • Position yourself in front of the camera.
    • Using “palm gesture” place your palm under the camera approximately 6-8 inches.
    • When you hear the beep (from handset and unit), turn around and start walking.
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  2. Disengaging “follow” mode
    • While walking in follow mode, stop, let the cart stop behind you, then take a step back.
    • Cart will beep when disengaged.
    • Now you are free to walk around.
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  3. Follow-pause
    You can pause follow without disengaging follow.
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    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig21



  1. DO NOT use gloved hand when activating camera.
  2. Block the sun using your body to avoid shadows on hand.
  3. Watch video below for alternate methods.
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Uphill / Downhill Pausing

  • Always keep camera in-line of sight.
  • While walking in “follow” mode up or down a hill, it is important to pause before proceeding to ensure the camera keeps line of sight.
  • Do not walking directly down a steep hill in follow mode. This may cause tipping.

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Sun Glare

  • You may experience “sun glare” when walking directly into the sun.
  • The unit will stop and beep when this this occurs.
  • To avoid this, it is suggested to walk in a zigzag method.
  • Watch Video – Scan QR Code

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig24

Широко отворени простори
CaddyTrek is designed for use in wide open spaces only. Do not operate CaddyTrek in enclosed or confined areas. Abnormal or erratic behavior can be caused by radio frequency signals interference Wi-Fi or similar electronic signals.

CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig25

The handle bar needs to AVOID interfering with camera. DO NOT BLOCK CAMERA.

In the Parking Lot
Use manual “Push” mode in parking lot to navigate around cars or other obstacles that can cause the signal to bounce.

User needs to be aware of obstacles and how they can affect the Ultrasound signals. Use caution and move slowly around obstacles including bodies of water, bunkers and other obstructions.
When in doubt, use RC or Push mode.

Интерференција сигнала
When encountering interference, use manual “Push” mode.
Будите свесни следећег:

CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig26

  • Надземни далеководи
  • Radio and cell phone towers
  • Nearby airports or air bases
  • WI-FI or similar electronic signals

RF (Radio Frequency) Interference
If you experience signal interference, while in RC mode, it’s probably due to cell phone towers nearby or the location of the golf course.
Should you encounter interference with handset, change mode to manual “Push” mode.

Вет Цондитионс

  • DO not use the CaddyTrek in wet conditions.
  • Turn off the unit and push cart to dry, safe area.


How to Register Your CaddyTrek

  1. Locate your serial number
  2.  Лог на www.caddytrek.com
  3. Click on the “Support” tab
  4. Click on “Warranty Registration”

    CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig27CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig28

  5. Усер Проfile
    • Попуните следећа поља:
      • Адреса КСНУМКС
      • Град и држава
      • Zip and Country
      • Серијски број
      • Purchase Date and Location
      • Comments (if applicable)
    • Кликните на „Пошаљи“

      CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig29


  • Укључивање:
    • If no response two minutes after powering on, reboot R3.
    • If after 45 seconds, if you don’t hear a beep and a green blinking light, reboot the R3.
    • To reboot the R3, turn off the unit and then turn back on.
    • Must have blinking green light to use camera for follow mode.
  • Упаривање:
    If you see 4 green lights on handset, then pairing was UNSUCCESSFUL. Re-do the process.
  • Sun glare:
    • Like any other camera, facing directly into the sun may cause sun glare.
    • When using palm gesture to activate follow mode, if after several attempts, and the CaddyTrek still isn’t connecting (responding) this may be due to sun glare.
    • We suggest blacking out the camera (without touching the lens) by cupping the camera using your hand.
    • Then attempt palm gesture again to activate the camera. See picture.

      CaddyTrek R3 Remote Control Electric Motorized Golf Caddy-fig30
      When using follow mode and walking directly into the sun, to prevent sun glare, it is suggested to use “zigzag” method.
      See video – refer to page 9, “Precautions.”
      САВЕТ: Clean camera lens with dry, soft cloth regularly.
      Мотор Бука:
      If continuous large motor noise under RC mode (pause on slope etc.), please change to SB mode to eliminate motor noise.


FTR Systems warrants the product against manufacture design and defects in materials for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from date of purchase.
The following is covered under the terms of the limited warranty:

YEAR 1: motors, electronics, battery, and mechanical parts.
The manufacturer is not responsible for damage or part failure due to normal wear-and-tear or misuse of the product.

FTR System’s Warranty Obligations
If a defect arises and a valid claim is received within the warranty period, at its option, FTR Systems will either:

  • Send parts for replacement at no charge; or
  • Repair the defect at no charge, using new or refurbished parts in cases where service work is required

Customer’s Warranty Obligations

  • Customers must first register their CaddyTrek for warranty and service work at www.caddytrek.com.
  • Customers must keep the original shipping box including all packaging material supplied with it.
  • Customers should follow a regular maintenance program to keep their unit in top performance. Refer to maintenance and care section of the User Manual.
  • Customers should follow recommended use guidelines when using the product. If using in areas or in a manner not defined as normal operating standards, can void any future warranty claims.
  • Maintain sufficient charging on the battery at all times. Charge battery using supplied charger for product.

Please note: If your CaddyTrek needs to come in for warranty or service work, the unit must be shipped in its original shipping box. If the original box is not available, please use a box with the following dimensions:
Failure to comply with this policy may result in additional shipping costs.


Повратак политика
If for any reason customer wishes to return their item, the item must be returned within 30 days after receipt, in its original packaging, for a complete refund. Returns will not be accepted after 30 days. The 30 day return allotment begins on the delivery date of the item.
All returns to FTR Systems must be authorized prior to shipment. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is provided solely by FTR Systems to authorize the return.

Return Guidelines:

  • Product must be shipped in its original shipping box.
  • Use original packing materials to prevent damage during shipping transit.
  • Returns must include any accessories (if applicable) and documentation that came with the original shipment.
  • Customer pays for return shipping.
    If customer fails to adhere to FTR Systems Return Policy, the returned shipment will be refused at time of delivery.
  • To receive a RMA number, please contact FTR Systems at (702) 982-6598 x2.
  • All returns are evaluated at time of FTR Systems receiving the package and subject to a 15% restocking fee. Damage incurred during the shipping transit will be the responsibility of the customer including any additional fees.
  • Before a refund can be issued, FTR Systems reserves the right to make a final assessment to determine the condition of the returned item(s) and to refuse the return if guidelines listed above are not met.
  • CaddyTrek Warranty, Return and Shipping Policies
    Иоу цан view all our policies at https://www.caddytrek.com/policies/


Даљински управљач Range up to 30 yards
Моторни Dual motors (250 watt each)
Погон: Follow: Front wheel drive Remote: Rear wheel drive
Тип батерије Литијум-јон

Weight: 6 lbs / 2.7 kg Average Charge Time: 6 hours Lifetime: >500 cycles Warranty: 1 year

Пуњач батерија: Input: 100/240V AC

Output: 29.4V 1.8A DC Trickle Charger

тежина 28 lbs. (without battery) 36 lbs. (with battery)
Убрзати Up to 4 miles or 6.5 km per hour
Stopping Distance “Follow” 1.1yd / 1 m (from golfer)
Max. Detection Distance “Follow” 5.5 yd / 5 m (from golfer)
Максимално оптерећење КСНУМКС лбс / КСНУМКС КГ
Нагиб 20 degree straight uphill
Driving Range (holes) 10 miles (27 holes)
•  Folded L 11 x W 24 x H 21
•  Fully Expanded L 38 x W 24 x H 35
Точкови Полиуретан (ПУ)
Фраме Материал Aluminum Alloy (Aerospace Grade)
Боја оквира црн
Cover Color Options Red, Black and Blue
Handset Battery Type Литијум-јонски полимер
Operational Time КСНУМКС сати
Време пуњења 2 hours / DC

Visit our YouTube page to see all our CaddyTrek R3 Videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/caddytrekgolf

FTR Systems, Inc., CaddyTrek 6402 Montessouri Street



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