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SPT SO-2005 Digital Convection Oven

Please read the instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference.


When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:

  1. All instructions should be read thoroughly prior to first use.
  2. THIS OVEN GETS EXTREMELY HOT while in use. Always use with the base, being careful not to touch the hot surfaces.
  3. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse the cord, plug or motor housing in water or any other liquid.
  4. Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by or near children.
  5. Do not pull by the cord when disconnecting from the electrical outlet, as this may damage the cord.
  6. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  7. Do not operate this appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner.
  8. Do not use outdoors. This appliance is for household use only.
  9. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of table or counter or come in contact with hot surfaces.
  10. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner or in a heated
  11. Place on a heatproof surface. Do not place on top of plastic, vinyl, varnished wood or any surface that burns easily.
  12. Use extreme caution when moving this appliance if it contains hot oil or other hot liquids. Allow to cool off prior to disposing of hot grease.
  13. Ensure this appliance is OFF before removing the plug from the wall outlet.
  14. Do not use this appliance other than described in this manual.
  15. Unplug the unit from the outlet when not in use and before cleaning.
  16. Fire hazards may occur if the appliance is covered or touching flammable material (curtains, draperies, walls and the like) during operation.
  17. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads when cleaning the unit.
  18. Do not leave appliances unattended while in use.
  19. Do not operate in the presence of explosive and/or flammable fumes.
  20. This product is intended for household use only and not for commercial or industrial use.
  21. An extension cord should not be used with the appliance.
  22. Do not touch or stare directly into the bulb.
  23. Do not move the oven when in use.
  24. Do not place oversized food into the oven, the glass lid must be completely closed.
  25. Never place paper, cardboard, plastic or other flammable materials inside the unit.
  26. When using the unit for the first time, allow the motor to run for a few minutes in order to bum off any excess lubricants, which were used during the manufacturing of this item. You may see a small amount of smoke during the first few uses.


This appliance generates heat and steam may escape during use. Proper precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of bums, fires or another injury to persons or damage to property.


This appliance is hot during use and retains heat for some time after turning off. Always use oven mitts when handling hot materials and allow to cool before cleaning.


This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plugin anyway.


This versatile cooker combines heat and convection technology to keep foods moist on the inside yet browned and crispy on the outside -all without the use of added fats or oils.
Conduction heat targets the surface of the food for browning. Convection circulates the hot air to cook the food evenly and speeds cooking up to 3 times faster. Pre-programmed settings take the guesswork out of cooking: chicken, pork, beef, kabob, warm, and seafood. You can also manually set the cooking time and temperature.


  • Combines Conduction Heat & Convection technology
  • Digital display with adjustable time and temperature
  • 6 programmed settings for effortless cooking
  • Deep heat penetration and instant heating — no defrosting
  • Cooks and browns food evenly and quickly, retaining its nutrients
  • Meat sears quickly on the outside, sealing juices on the inside
  • Quick response to manual temperature changes
  • Two cooking racks (low & raised) for cooking multiple foods
  • No soot or unsavory smoke was produced.
  • Adjustable temperature: 100 – 450°F (in 25°F increments)
  • Timer: up to 2 hours and 59 minutes



SPT SO-2005 Digital Convection Oven-parts

  1. Glass Lid with Digital Control Panel
    1a. Time display
    1b. Temperature display
    1c. Adjustment buttons: Increase (+) and Decrease (-)
    1d. 6 one-touch program buttons
  2. Safety Handle — Automatically turns off the unit when the handle is raised.
    Extender Ring —Increases capacity to cook larger foods
  3. High Cooking Rack —additional rack for extra food
  4. Low Cooking Rack —main rack for cooking food
  5. Glass Bowl
  6. Bowl Base
  7. Tongs

Before initial use, remove all packaging materials and clean glass bowl, plastic base, cooking racks and tongs with hot soapy water and allow to dry completely!
WARNING: Do not immerse the lid with digital controls, cord or plug in water or any other liquid. Do not place lid in the dishwasher.


  • Place unit on a level and heatproof surface, where a 15-amp outlet is within reach.
  • Place the glass bowl onto the plastic base.
  • Place the low and high cooking racks into the glass bowl.
  • Place the glass lid on top of the glass bowl. The lid should sit on the inner rim of the bowl.
  • If using an extender ring, place it on top of the glass bowl, then place the lid on the ring.


Always have oven mitts ready to remove the lid and cook food. Any oven-safe pans, plates, cookware can be used inside this oven.


  • Open the lid and place the racks inside, use one or both racks, depending on the amount or type of food.
  • You may combine both racks to make a grid when cooking foods like French fries. Place the high rack in first, then layer the low rack over the high rack, align to form a grid.
  • Place food to be cooked on the rack — this will allow the hot air to circulate around the food for faster and even cooking.
  • If an extender ring is needed, place the flat part of the extender ring over the glass bowl. The ring has its own lip that will create a perfect seal with the lid.
  • Close the lid. Plug the power cord into the outlet. The LED displays will illuminate 0:00 and 000.


  • Use the adjustment buttons (+/-) to manually set the time (0:00 to 2:59) and the temperature (100 to 450°F)
  • Cooking time advances in 1-minute increments, the temperature is in 25°F increments. Press and hold the buttons to advance faster.


  • If using one-touch preset buttons, the time and temperature will display automatically.
  • The cooking time and temperature can still be adjusted with the adjustment buttons (SPT SO-2005 Digital Convection Oven-Buttons ).
  • When a program is selected, the indicator light next to the selection will start blinking. However, the unit will not start to operate until you press the confirm button.
Chicken High 450°F 30 min
Pork High 350°F 30 min
Beef High 425°F 12 min
Kabob High 400°F 10 min
Seafood Low 425°F 15 min
Warm Low 155°F 120 min

NOTE: The cooking time depends on the size and weight of the food. Most meats have recommended cooking times, those times should be used as a guide as this oven cooks faster than conventional ovens, you may need to adjust cooking time accordingly.


  • Be sure the handle is fully lowered. The handle must be flat down for the oven to operate.
  • Press the confirm button to start cooking.
    NOTE: the handle operates as a safety switch, as soon as it is lifted, the oven will stop operating. Once the unit is ON, the heating and fan will turn on. The heating will cycle on and off to maintain the set temperature — it will go off when the required heat setting has been reached.
  • If at any time you need to check the food, simply lift the handle up to stop operation. The cooking time and temperature displays will pause.
    CAUTION: Before removing the glass lid, be sure the handle is in the upright position as this will activate the safety switch and stop the oven’s operation. The oven will be very hot. If using the extender ring, be extra careful as it will get very hot during the cooking process. Use oven mitts when removing the glass lid.
  • When done checking, lower the handle until it snaps in and presses the Confirm button to resume cooking.
  • If at any time you need to turn off the unit before the timer is up, simply press the Confirm button.
  • When the timer counts down to 0:00, the oven will beep several times and will turn off automatically.
    NOTE: The heating will turn off immediately once the timer counts down to 0:00, while the convection fan will stay on to allow the unit to cool off (approx 1 to 3 minutes).
  • Remove lid and check to make sure food is fully cooked. NOTE: to ensure food is cooked, use a cooking thermometer or pierce the food with a fork to check for uncooked juices on meats and poultry. When cooking vegetables, check for desired tenderness Moisture may build up inside the oven when cooked food is not removed soon after the timer has gone off. The steam/moisture build-up can be avoided by removing the food as soon as cooking is done.
  • Use provided tongs to lift out the food and/or racks


  • Make sure the racks are placed inside the oven prior to pre-heating.
  • If pre-heating is required, set the required temperature using the adjustment buttons. Set the time to 10 minutes. Once the temperature is reached, the conduction heat light will turn off. You can now open the lid and place food inside.


  • Make sure oven is turned off and unplugged.
  • Always wait until the unit cools down completely.
  • Thoroughly wash the glass bowl, plastic base, extender ring, cooking racks and tongs in hot soapy water and allow to dry completely. Glass bowl and cooking racks are dishwasher safe.
  • When washing the cooking racks, do not soak in water for long periods of time. Once washed, best to dry with cloth or paper towel. This will preserve the surface and will extend the life of the racks.
  •  Once unplugged, the glass lid surface can be wiped clean using a damp cloth or sponge.

WARNING: Do not immerse the lid, cord, or plug in water or any liquid. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Do not place the lid in the dishwasher. All parts must be dry before next use When storing the unit, be sure ALL parts are dry, to avoid any moisture collecting in the lid.


If food particles are stuck on the bottom or sides of the glass bowl, you can perform self-cleaning.

  • Pour approximately 1 to 2 inches of water into the bowl, add a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid.
  • Place lid on and plug into an outlet.
  • Press the Warm preset button. The time and temperature will display automatically.
  • Change the cooking time to 10 minutes using the adjustment buttons.
  • When the timer counts down to 0:00, carefully open the lid and wait for the glass bowl to cool down before emptying the liquid inside.
  • Rinse the glass bowl in clean warm water to remove soap residue.


Model: SO-2005
Capacity: 12 Litres Glass bowl / With Extender ring: 5.0L
Rate: 120V / 1300W


Please refer to the below cooking times as a guide only. Time may vary according to the weight of food, adjust to your preference.
You can use your favorite conventional oven recipes with this unit and decrease the cooking time by approximately 25 to 35%. Because this oven cooks faster than conventional ovens.

Bacon Low 400°F 10116 Crisscross racks. Turn after 5 min.
Hamburger (1/41b) High 400°F 10/12 (rare)
12/15 (med)
15/18 (well)
Turn once
Hot dogs High 400°F 8/10 Crisscross racks
Sausage links (11b) Low 400°F 15/22 Turn once
Lamp chops (1 1/2″ thick) High 400°F 20/30 Turn after 5 min
Meatloaf (2lbs) Low 350°F 40/60 Frozen: cover w/foil halfway through
Pork chops (1/2″ thick) High V 16-18/30 Turn after 10 min
Pork roast (3lbs) Low 360°F 60/95 side down. Turn Fat she


Shish kabob Low 400°F 10-12/15-18 Turn and baste
Spare ribs Low 400°F 30/45 Turn, baste
Steak (1″ thick) High 400°F 10/15 (med
Turn after 7 min
Breaded fish High 400°F 10112 Crisscross racks
Shrimp High 400°F 10/12 Crisscross racks Turn, baste
Salmon steak (4oz) High 400°F 15-18/25 Turn once


SEAFOOD (continued)
Scallops (6oz) High 400°F 15-18/20 min Crisscross racks
Fish fillet (4oz) High 400°F 14/16 Crisscross racks
Whole fish (11b) Low 400°F 30/35 min
Chicken breast (boneless thick) High 400°F 13-15/15-18 Crisscross racks
Chicken breast
(boneless thin)
High 400°F 10/13 Crisscross racks
Chicken breat(bone-in) Low 400°F 20/40 Breast side down Turn halfway
Chicken legs / thighs / wings Low 400°F 20/30 Turn halfway
Cornish hen(3 1/2 lbs) Low 450°F 45/50 Breast side down Turn halfway
Chicken quarter Low 400°F 35/45 Turn halfway
Turkey breast(31b) Low 450°F 60/120 Breast side down Turn halfway
Whole chicken(41b) Low 450°F 45/90 Breast side down Turn halfway
Whole turkey Low 350°F 15/23 min/lb Use extender ring
Squash Low 400°F 30 Cut in half
Baked potatoes Low 450°F 45
Corn on the cob(4) Low 400°F 8-10/12/15 Cook in 1 inch of water in the bowl
Eggplant (1/2° slices) Low 400°F 8-10 Turn halfway
French fries High 450°F 12/15 Crisscross racks
Roasted garlic High 450°F 45 Wrap in foil
Steam broccoli High 400°F 25 Wrap in foil. Add lisp of water
Sweet potatoes Low 400°F 35
Vegetable medley High 400°F 10 Wrap in foil. Add lisp of water


Baked apples or pears Low 400°F 25 Cook in a shallow casserole dish
Pizza High 400°F 10 Crisscross racks
Popcorn Low 420°F 9 Use a shallow pan. Do not use oil
DEHYDRATING (soak fruit slices in 1:1 lemon/water solution for 10 min)
Apples / pears /              High

peaches / plums

260°F 60 Crisscross racks.
1/16″ thick slices
Bananas                         High 260°F 60 Soak 5 min
Parsley                            Low 260°F 5 Crisscross racks
*s                                         High Tomatoes
50-60 racks.
1/16″ thick slices


This is a list of the internal temperature that different food must reach to kill bacteria. These are NOT the temperature to use to cook the food.

Beef, Iamb or veal (med rare) 145°F
Beef, lamb or veal (med) 160°F
Beef, lamb, pork or veal (well done) 170°F
Chicken breast 170°F
Chicken thighs or wings 180°F
Fish and shellfish 145°F
Ground beef or pork 160°F
Ground chicken or turkey 165°F
Pork 160°F

When cooking poultry, always cook to the internal emperature of 170­180°F. Another sign of cooked poultry is when the juices run clear. Fish is done when it looks opaque and flakes easily with a fork. Shellfish (shrimp, crab or lobster) will turn reddish-pink on the outside and opaque on the inside.

SPT logoYour Guarantee

This guarantee is subject to the following terms:

  • Sunpentown must be notified of the fault.
  • Proof of purchase must be presented to Sunpentown’s nominated representative.
  • The warranty will be void if the product if modified, misused or repaired by an unauthorized person.
  • The warranty after repair will not be extended beyond the original one-year period.
  • All replacement parts will be new or reconditioned.
  • Parts, which are replaced, become the property of Sunpentown.
  • The warranty applies for the use of the product in the USA


  • Damage due to installation error, product abuse, and/or misuse.
  • Incidental or consequential damage caused by possible defects with this product.
  • Damage to the product caused by improper power supply voltage, accident, fire, floods, or acts of nature.
  • Failure of the product resulting from unauthorized modifications to the product.
  • Improper installation or failure to perform the necessary
  • Normal wear and tear on pads or replacement of pads designed to be replaced.
  • Damage to personal property from the use of the product.
  • Replacement or repair of household fuses, circuit breakers, wiring or plumbing.

This GUARANTEE is in addition to your Statutory Rights

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