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Series CS7 Standard Control Relays – 4 Pole

Sprecher Schuh CS7 Standard Control Relays - Figure 1

Contact Ratings (Per UL508/NEMA A600 & P600)

Other UL Ratings
Maximum Voltage 600 volts AC or DC
General Purpose Amps

CS7   25 amps
Auxiliaries (@ 40°C) 10 amps
Auxiliaries (@ 60°C) 6 amps

AC Coil Codes ➌

Coil Code
Voltage Range
50 Hz 60 Hz
24Z 24V 24V
120 110V 120V
208 208V
220W 208V-240V
240 220V 240V
277 240V 277V
380 380V-400V 440V
480 440V 480V
600 550V 600V

DC Coil Codes ➎

DC Coil Codes 12E Voltage
24E 12V
36E ➏ 24V
48E ➏ 36-48V
110E ➏ 48-72V
220E ➏ 110-125V

Ordering Instructions 

Specify Catalog Number
Replace (✱) with Coil Code See Coil Codes on this page
  1. Side mounted and/or top auxiliaries may be field installed to increase the number of available poles, limitations apply. Refer to page G14 for ordering and restriction  details. Please note that side mount auxiliary terminal markings may conflict with base relay and/or top mount auxiliary terminal markings.
  2. DC rating for CS7 base control relay.
  3. Other voltages available, see page G12.
  4. Positively-Guided/Mechanically-Linked Contacts per IEC 947-5-1 Annex L on 4 main poles.
  5. CS7E electronic coils are not interchangeable with non-electronic DC or AC coils.
  6. Not applicable with Electronic Timer accessories (CRZ_7).

Discount Schedule B7
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www.sprecherschuh.com/ecatalog – All pricing shown in US dollars – FY20

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