SP-4211 Olympic Decline Bench Spirit



This manual will acquaint you with the assembly, operation and maintenance of your strength equipment.
SPIRIT Series OLYMPIC DECLINE BENCH manufactured by Spirit Fitness®
Be sure to read and follow the information and instructions before assembling, using or servicing your Spirit strength equipment.


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Customer Support

If any items need replacement contact the Spirit Fitness Customer Support Department. For international customers, please contact your local distributor.

Safety Instructions

This chapter inclu des precautions and fitness safeguard s for the installation and use of the OLYMPIC DECLINE BENCH manufactured by SPlT RTNESS ..
Please read this chapter carefu lly before installing or using your strength equipment.
Live area and Training area
The live area shall be not less than 60cm (24″) greater than the training area in the directions from which the equipment is accessed. The live area must also include the area for easy exit from machine.


These safety notes are directed to you as the owner of the Strength Equipment manufactured by Spirit Fitness. Please train all your users and fitness staff to follow these safety instruction s.

  •  Do encourage each of your users to discuss their health program or fitness regimen with a healthcare professional.
  • Do stop operating your Strength Equipment if you feel dizzy or faint.
  •  Do perform regular preventative maintenance.
  • Do exercise slowly until you reach a level of comfort.


  • Do not let un supervised children operate the Strength Equipment.
  • Do not use without proper athletic shoes.
  •  Do not use outdoors, or in an enclosed pool environment.
  • Do not drop or insert any object, hands, or feet into any opening or within the area of the product.
  • Do not attempt to remove any shrouds or modify the Strength Equipment.


  •  Your Strength Equipment manufactured by Spirit Fitness is designed for the exercise in a commercial or consumer environment.
  • Please check with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.
  • Do not push yourself to excess. Stop if you are feeling faint, dizzy, or exhausted. Use common sen se during workout.
  • Read the owner’s manual in its entirety before operating the Strength Equipment.
  • Failure to obey this warning can result in injury or death.

SPIRIT FITNESS® an d the Spirit Fitness logo are registered trademarks of Dyaco International.

Warning Labels and Communication Stickers

The following pages show examples of Sp irit Fitness® warning labels and communication stickers placed on the equipment as part of the manufacturing process. It is critical that owners maintain the integrity and placement of these stickers. If you find any stickers missing or damaged contact your local dealer or di stributor for a replacement.
If any instructions or information are not clear, and please contact to SPIRIT FITNESS customer service right away.


The following fitness safeguards and operating precautions are directed to purchasers and users of the Spirit Fitness strength equipment. Club Managers should ensure that members and fitness staff are trained to follow these same instructions. Failure to follow these safeguards may result in injury or serious health risk.


Proper Usage 

  •  Do not use any equipment in any way other than designed or intended by the manufacturer. It is imperative that SPIRIT FITNESS equipment is used properly to avoid injury.
  • Injuries may result if exercising improperly or excessively. It is recommended that all individuals consult a physician prior to commencing an exercise program. If at any time during exercise you feel faint, dizzy or experience pain. STOP EXERCISING and consult your physician.
  • Keep body parts (hands, feet, hair, etc.), clothing and jewelry away from moving parts to avoid injury.
  • Follow instructions provided in this manual for correct foot position and basic techniques.
  • The maximum weight for individuals using the Strength Equipment should not exceed 180kg (400 lbs).


  • DO NOT use or permit use of any equipment that is damaged and/or has worn or broken parts. For all SPIRIT FITNESS equipment use only replacement parts supplied by SPIRIT FITNESS.
  • Cables and belts pose an extreme liability if used when frayed. Always replace any cable or belt at first sign of wear (consult SPIRIT FITNESS if uncertain).
  • EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE – Preventative maintenance is the key to smooth operating equipment as well as to keep your liability to a minimum. Equipment needs to be inspected at regular intervals. Refer to the maintenance section of the manual.
  • Ensure that any person(s) making adjustments or performing maintenance or repair of any kind is qualified to do so.
  • Check all belts, pulleys and bungee cords regularly for signs of wear, and replace if needed.
  • Check regularly and follow all instructions for maintenance as specified in this manual.
  • Replace immediately any defective parts and do not operate unit until all repairs are complete.

Operating Warnings 

  • Keep children away from the equipment. Parents or others supervising children must provide close supervision of children if the equipment is used in the presence of children.
  • Do not allow users to wear loose fitting clothing or jewelry while using equipment. It is also recommended to have users’ secure long hair back and up to avoid contact with moving parts.
  • All bystanders must stay clear of all users, moving parts and attached accessories and components while machine is in operation. Live area and Training area.

Note: This Strength Equipment is not suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Assembly & Setup

Use the following procedures to unpack and assemble your Strength Equipment by Spirit Fitness.

Unpacking & Parts
  1. Position the shipping carton so the Heavy End is located at the bottom.
  2. Cut the straps then lift the box over the unit and unpack. Remove all parts from the shipping carton and foam inserts, and verify that all parts are included in your shipment:
  3. Locate the hardware package. The hardware is separated into 7 steps. Remove the tools first. Remove the hardware for each step as needed to avoid confusion. The numbers in the instructions that are in parenthesis(#) are the item number from the assembly drawing for reference.

NOTE: All tools required to assemble the Strength Equipment are included within the packaging.
Take timenow to enter your Strength Equipment serial number in the space below.
(Serial number is located on the center tube, see page 16).
Serial No. ____________________ _
NOTE: If you are missing any of the parts listed above, inspect the packing material and the box for items that may have been overlooked.
If parts are missing, or if you have any operational questions, please call your local Spirit Fitness’s Service department or the distributor whom sold you the product. Please see page 4 for a listing of international corporate offices and locate the office nearest you. Have your serial number ready.
CAUTION: Damage to the Strength Equipment during assembly is not covered as part of the limited Spirit Fitness warranty. Take care not to drop or lean the Strength Equipment on its side. Carefully stand the Strength Equipment up in the normal upright position on a stable surface so it will not tip over during assembly.
Protect the environment by not disposing of this product with household waste. Check your local authority or approved waste center for recycling advice and facilities.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Training Weight 180 kg / 400 lbs
  • Products Weight 96 kg / 211 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions 2065*1720*1355

Parts List

SP-4211-001 1 Right Upright
SP-4211-002 1 Left Upright
SP-4211-003 1 Backrest Cushion Frame
SP-4211-004 1 Leg Pad Adjustment Bracket
SP-4211-005 1 Swing Span
SP-4211-006 1 Shaft
SP-4211-007 1 Back Pad
SP-4211-008 1 Seat Pad
SP-4211-009 4 Leg Pads
SP-4211-010 2 Metallurgy Cover
SP-4211-011 1 Fixed Axle
SP-4211-012 2 Rubber Bumper
SP-4211-013 1 Torsion Spring
SP-4211-014 2 Semi-sliding Sleeve
SP-4211-015 4 End Cap
SP-4211-016 1 Adjusting Handle
SP-4211-017 3 Rubber Mat
SP-4211-019 1 Handle Grip
SP-4211-020 1 End Cover
SP-4211-021 2 Lower Protecting Jacket
SP-4211-022 4 Left Hook Jacket
SP-4211-023 4 Middle Hook Jackett
SP-4211-024 4 Right Hook Jacket
SP-4211-025 2 Left Extend Jacket
SP-4211-026 2 Middle Extend Jacket
SP-4211-027 2 Right Extend Jacket
SP-4211-029 2 Upper Protecting Jacket
SP-4211-030 10 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M8*30
SP-4211-031 32 Cross Head Modified Truss Head Screw M5*12
SP-4211-032 4 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw M12*110
SP-4211-034 4 Countersunk Hex Socket Screws M8*30
SP-4211-035 1 Limiting Screw
SP-4211-036 1 Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Cone Point M4*5
SP-4211-037 10 Plain Washer <l>16*<l>8.4*1.6
SP-4211-038 8 Plain Washer <l>24*<l>13*2.5
SP-4211-039 10 Spring Washer MB
SP-4211-040 1 Spring Washer M10
SP-4211-041 2 Split Washer d=6
SP-4211-042 2 Circlip For Shaft d=25
SP-4211-043 2 Small Countersunk Head Rivet Nut M8*18
SP-4211-044 4 Nylon Insert Lock Nut M12
SP-4211-045 1 Reed Nut M6*<D27.2*15
SP-4211-046 6 Hexagon Rivet Nut With Flat Head M10*19.5
SP-4211-047 1 Aluminum Stop Ring <D42*<D33*13
SP-4211-048 1 Aluminum Ring <D39*<D30*14.5
SP-4211-049 1 Plastic Ring <D37*<D33*4.5
SP-4211-050 1 Aluminum End Cap <D45*<D6.5*14
SP-4211-051 1 Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Cone Point M5*5
SP-4211-052 1 Spring Washer M6
SP-4211-053 1 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw M6*25
SP-4209-OPT-01 2 Barbell Rack
SP-4209-OPT-02 4 Long Barbell Pipe <D38*3*414
SP-4209-OPT-03 2 Rubber Mat 203*135*17.5
SP-4209-OPT-04 4 Protecting Jacket <D46*<D38*212
SP-4209-OPT-05 4 Protecting Jacket <D46*<D38*114
SP-4209-OPT-06 8 Barbell Bushing <D76*<D45.5*35
SP-4209-OPT-07 8 Pipe Plug <D46*20
SP-4209-OPT-08 8 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M6*25
SP-4209-OPT-09 6 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M8*25
SP-4209-OPT-10 8 Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Flat Point M6*6
SP-4209-OPT-11 8 Large Washer <D18*<D6.4*1.6
SP-4209-OPT-12 6 Large Washer <D24*<D8.4*2
SP-4209-OPT-13 8 Spring Washer M6
SP-4209-OPT-14 6 Spring Washer M8
SP-4209-OPT-15 8 Reed Nut M6*33.8*15


Assembly Instructions

No. Qty Description
SP-4211-001 1 Right Upright
SP-4211-002 1 Left Upright
SP-4211-003 1 Backrest Cushion Frame
SP-4211-032 4 Hex Socket Head Cap Screw M12*110
SP-4211-038 4 Plain Washer <1>24*<1>13*2.5
SP-4211-044 4 Nylon Insert Lock Nut M12


STEP No. Qty Description



SP-4211-007 1 Back Pad
SP-4211-030 4 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M8*30
SP-4211-037 4 Plain Washer <1>16*<1>8.4*1.6
SP-4211-039 4 Spring Washer MB


STEP No. Qty Description






SP-4211-005 1 Swing Span
SP-4211-006 1 Shaft
SP-4211-009 2 Leg Pads
SP-4211-010 2 Metallurgy Cover
SP-4211-015 2 End Cap
SP-4211-034 2 Countersunk Hex Socket Screws M8*30
SP-4211-042 2 Circlip For Shaft d=25


STEP No. Qty Description



SP-4211-004 1 Leg Pad Adjustment Bracket
SP-4211-009 2 Leg Pads
SP-4211-015 2 End Cap
SP-4211-034 2 Countersunk Hex Socket Screws M8*30


STEP No. Qty Description



SP-4211-008 1 Seat Pad
SP-4211-030 2 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M8*30
SP-4211-037 2 Plain Washer <1>16*<1>8.4*1.6
SP-4211-039 2 Spring Washer MB


STEP No. Qty Description


SP-4209-OPT-09 6 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M8*25
SP-4209-OPT-12 6 Large Washer <1>24*<1>8.4*2
SP-4209-OPT-14 6 Spring Washer MB
STEP No. Qty Description





SP-4209-OPT-05 4 Protecting Jacket <1>46*<1>38*114
SP-4209-OPT-06 8 Barbell Bushing <1>76*<1>45.5*35
SP-4209-OPT-07 8 Pipe Plug <1>46*20
SP-4209-OPT-08 8 Hexagon Socket Button Head Screw M6*25
SP-4209-OPT-10 8 Hexagon Socket Set Screws With Flat Point M6*6
SP-4209-OPT-11 8 Large Washer <1>18*<1>6.4*1.6
SP-4209-OPT-13 8 Spring Washer M6

Start Workout

Warning: Improper use of the product might cause injurySP-4211-Olympic-Decline-Bench-Spirit-8


A regular preventative maintenance schedule with all fitness equipment ensures that products are working at an optimal condition without affecting the end user exercise experience. To assist in the maintenance regiment, it is recommended to break service into: Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly activities.
Spirit Fitness strongly recommends performing regular preventive maintenance on your equipment. Without regularly scheduled maintenance, normal wear and tear may cause cumulative effects, such as misalignment or premature wear, resulting in downtime. For this reason, we highly recommend following the maintenance schedules. Additionally, unusual symptoms, such as excessive noise during use, stiffness or free play in moving parts, etc., should be investigated and necessary corrective actions
(adjustment or parts replacement) should be performed. If any components are found to be worn or damaged, the unit should be removed from service until repairs can be made. Only components supplied or approved by Spirit Fitness shall be used to maintain and/or repair the unit.


  • Wipe down and inspect the framework and other structural components
  • Check all attaching hardware for security. Tighten as needed.
  • Clean and inspect the upholstered cushions and the hand grips.


  • Check all labels and placards affixed to the unit for legibility and security. Replace illegible labels and placards as needed


  • Apply wax to powder-coated areas of the framework and other structural components.


CAUTION: DO NOT use lacquer thinner, acetone, or other solvents to clean powder-coated finishes on the framework or other structural components. Solvents will dull the finish, and contain components that may remove the epoxy-based powder from the frame.
Framework and other structural components should be wiped down on a daily basis using a moistened with water. This will increase the longevity of protective powder-coat finishes. The framework should be inspected while cleaning for evidence of fatigue cracks, scratches or chips in the finish, loose hardware, worn or damaged weight cable, and other areas that may require attention.
Apply easy-application car wax to all powder-coated surfaces quarterly. Regular waxing will aid in preventing premature rusting due to corrosives found in perspiration, and will allow loose particles to be removed more easily when performing the daily wipe­down.
Procedures to repair scratches and chips depend on the severity of the damage:

  • Surface scratches can generally be repaired by polishing with an automotive rubbing compound.

CAUTION: DO NOT use cleaners such as Lysol®, Armor All®, Windex®, or other abrasive detergents to clean upholstered surfaces. These products will remove moisture from the upholstery, resulting in premature cracking.
Upholstered cushions should be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent damaged due to corrosives found in perspiration.
Wipe the top and sides of upholstered cushions using a cloth moistened with a solution of one part lanolin hand cleaner to nine parts water. After cleaning, wipe down using a dry towel to remove any residue.

Documents / Resources

SPIRIT SP-4211 Olympic Decline Bench Spirit [pdf] Owner's Manual
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