SPEED-X IP Wifi Camera Wireless dual 3Antenna Camera


Product Introduction

Packing list: Smart Camera x 1, Manual x 1, USB Power Cordx 1,
Power Adapter x 1,Screw Accessories Packagex1 SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-1

Basic Parameters

  • Product Name: Smart Camera
  • Pixel: 1.0Mp/2.0MP
  • Video Compression: H.264 High Profile
  • Image Enhancement: Digital Wide Dynamic 3D Noise Reduction
  • Local Storage: MicroTF card
  • Wireless Encryption: WEP/VWPA/WPA2 Encryption
  • Power Input: 5V 1A(Min)
  • Total Power Consumption: 5W (Max)
  • WirelessStandard: 2.4G 802.11 b/g/n
  • Support Platform: Android/iOS

Component Description:
Reset Button: Long press “reset’ hole 5sec, reset success.
It is recommended to insert 8-128GB high-speed Micro TF card, otherwise, it will not be able to store, view historical video and support Important functions such as firmware upgrading.

Install APP

Download APP: scan the QR code below to download and install.
Register and log in: open the “Smart Life” APP to register and login according to the prompts. SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-2

Add The Device-Scan QR code mode

Make sure Wi-Fi is available and connected to the Internet.
Connect the camera to the power, then system startup completed.
Open “Smart Life” APP, press the’+” in the upper right corner of the main screen (Figure 01); choose “Security & Sensor’, click “Smart Camera” (Figure 02) to add camera; and then click “Next step” (Figure 03); SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-3

Please note that only 2.4 GH VWi-Fi network is supported;

  • If the mobile phone is not connected to wi-fi, please click “Connect to Wi-fi” (Figure 04);
  • It will jump to the WLAN interface and connects Wi-Fi (Figure 05).
  • If the phone is connected to Wi-Fi (Figure 06);SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-4
  • A QR code will prompt on your screen and you need to scan it with the Smart Camera. (the camera is about 20-30 cm away from the mobile phone lens). Then click “hear the prompt sound” (Figure. 07.
  • “connecting” (Figure. 08); SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-5
  • connection completed (Figure 09), and click “Finish”;
  • Then jump to the preview interface (Figure 10)
  • After closing the device preview interface, the interface returns to the APP home page. At this time, the connected device will appear on the APP home page (Figure 11). Then you can click directly to the device interface to see the monitoring situation without re-adding afterward.  SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-6

Add The Device-AP Mode

First set the machine to the hot spot distribution network mode

  • Locate the RESET button on the machine and press it for about 1 second, After about 1 minute, the sound will ring and the hotspot will start successfully. SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-7
  • Select “AP Mode” (Figure 12)
  • Click Next (Figure 13)
  • Enter the account and password that can connect to WIFI (Figure 14)SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-8
  • Click “Go Connect” (Figure 15)
  • Go to “Smartl IF-XXXX “and click Connect (Figure 16)
  • Connecting (Figure 17) SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-9
  • Click to complete the connection (Figure 18)
  • Video screen (Picture 19) SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-10

Other connection methodsSPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-11

Matters Need Attention

Try to keep away from the metal space:
Avoid the furniture, microwave oven blocked;
Avoid the space where the audio, video and data lines are wound, and keep the space away from them as large as possible; Ensure that as close as possible to the coverage of wire less Wi-Fi signals. Switching network environment;
In the new network environment, please press the res et hole about 5 seconds, then connect to the network.

The name and content of the harmful substances in the productSPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-12

His product conforms to ROHS environmental protection requirements. At present, there is no mature technology in the world to replace or reduce the lead content in the electronic ceramics. porcelain, optical glass, steel, and copper allow.SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-13SPEED-X-IP-Wifi-Camera-Wireless-dual-3Antenna-Camera-14

Documents / Resources

SPEED-X IP Wifi Camera Wireless dual 3Antenna Camera [pdf] User Manual
IP Wifi Camera Wireless dual 3Antenna Camera, dual 3Antenna Camera, 3Antenna Camera, Camera

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